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It’s like opening a dusty old desk drawer and finding an undiscovered LucasArts adventure game you’ve never played before. PRESS: PLEASE DON'T USE OLD OUT-OF-DATE IMAGES FROM OUR KICKSTARTER. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR NEW ONES.
It’s like opening a dusty old desk drawer and finding an undiscovered LucasArts adventure game you’ve never played before. PRESS: PLEASE DON'T USE OLD OUT-OF-DATE IMAGES FROM OUR KICKSTARTER. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR NEW ONES.
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Happy Second Thimbleversary!

Posted by Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick (Creator)

Happy Two Year Anniversary of our launch, lovely Kickstarter backers and other Thimbleweed Park fan-a-renos.

It’s been two years since we launched Thimbleweed Park!

We’ve done so many things in that time, including:

  • Launched on PC, Mac, Linux with Steam, GOG, Humble and Epic Games.
  • Launched on Xbox One with Xbox Play Anywhere so you can switch between playing on your PC or Xbox.
  • Launched on PS4 and Switch.
  • Updated the game to include the much-loved in-game hint line system.
  • Added playable arcade games.
  • Released the Ransome *Unbeeped* DLC.
  • Sent out physical rewards to all our backers, including 1012 signed big boxes.
  • Launched big boxes for PC/Mac and PS4 and Switch, each with their own unique feelies.
  • Created a great range of cool swag with Fangamer, including 4 T-shirts, the ViewTron, mugs, and a metal sign.

Fangamer has restocked the PC/Mac big box (for the third time!) and has a crazy deal where you can get the Cast-a-Reno shirt for just $10 when bought with a big box! They’ve also released a cassette tape version of the soundtrack - previously only available in the PS4 big box.

To celebrate two years of Thimbleweed Park, we’re doing something a bit special. We want to show our gratitude for coming with us on this strange journey to a pixelated world of adventures. We’re giving away rare physical swag. Including free shipping anywhere in the world!

Four lucky people will get a rare big box version of the game. They can choose whether they want the PC/Mac, PS4, or Switch big box version.

50 other lucky people will get one copy of the physical phonebook. Originally included in the sold out Switch big box, and only available via this prize drawing.

All you have to do is create an original tweet using the hashtag #visitThimbleweedPark. Tell everyone why they should spend some time in Thimbleweed Park. And if you haven’t been there, tell us why you’re keen to go.

Key Rules:

  • Tweet using the hashtag #visitThimbleweedPark by 9am (Pacific) April 2 2019.
  • Your tweet must include a statement as to why people should #visitThimbleweedPark.
  • Don’t reply to our tweet, make your own tweet.
  • Tweet must not be offensive or inappropriate (we reserve the right to judge this on an individual case).
  • Don’t violate Twitter's rules: only one account per individual can be used to enter the contest. Anyone caught using multiple accounts to enter a contest will be ineligible. Maximum one tweet (entry) per day of the competition. Must be over 21 to enter.
  • 4 randomly chosen people will win one big box of their choice (either PS4, Switch, or PC/Mac), including postage anywhere in the world.
  • 50 randomly chosen people will receive a voucher to redeem on Fangamer for the physical phonebook, including postage to anywhere in the world.
  • Winners will be drawn using Once chosen, winners will be checked for validity using above requirements.
  • We’ll get in touch with winners via Twitter direct message with details on how to redeem your reward. You must respond within 48 hours to be eligible to get your reward, otherwise we’ll draw another winner.
  • All winners will be notified by April 16 2019.

New Games from Team Thimbleweed

Posted by Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick (Creator)

Many Team Thimbleweed members are busy working on their own games. Here’s a roundup of recent releases and updates.

Edible Games by Jenn Sandercock

Thimbleweed designer/coder/producer, Jenn Sandercock has launched her Edible Games Cookbook on Kickstarter. Her edible games are a series of fabulous and delicious food experiences to play with friends and family. Get twelve unique games in a beautiful, 300 page hardcover cookbook.

Midnight Scenes & The Librarian by Octavi Navarro

Thimbleweed artist Octavi Navarro has released two adventure games: Midnight Scenes and The Librarian. Both are available on If you love pixel art and adventure, you should check them both out.

In Midnight Scenes, Claire Barnes is about to discover what kind of horrors lurk in the darkness of a deserted road. In The Librarian, Liz's temple and safe place is threatened by the unknown, by ghosts from her own darkest dreams. She must go investigate. She's the Librarian, after all.

Master Pyrox Wizard Smackdown by Lauren Davidson

Thimbleweed writer Lauren Davidson has released an arcade-style game about pyromancy with Master Pyrox Wizard Smackdown on Steam. It’s a fast-paced arcade-style multiplayer game for up to 8 players. Avoid the fireballs, knock your opponents down, collect power-ups and cast spells.

Rube Works by David Fox

Thimbleweed designer/coder David Fox continues work on “Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game”. He recently updated the iOS version to be 64-bit compatible, as well as adding the Italian and French translations.

Rube Works features Rube’s cartoons, contraptions, and irreverent humor and animates the iconic invention cartoons in a way never seen before. The game combines the puzzle genre with slapstick humor and creative problem solving. Kind of like a collection of mini-adventure games. 50% off on Steam until July 5th. Also on iOS and Android.

New Shirt from Fangamer

Our collaboration with the awesome people at Fangamer continues: you can now get a shirt with all five of the main characters! Check it out here.

Happy Thimbleversary!

Posted by Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick (Creator)

Wow! Can you believe one year has passed since we launched our little game into the world with your help?!

Thank you to all the backers who have been with us since the get-go. Your support over the years has been awesome.

We've just posted an update to our blog where we talk about our big Anniversary sale, our Switch & PS4 physical releases and our team members tell you about what they're doing now:

If you want to stay up to date with what Ron's up to now he's quit Twitter, you should follow him on his blog:

And if you want to chat with like-minded adventure gamers, head to our forums:

Physical Backer Rewards Shipped!

Posted by Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick (Creator)

95% of backers have been shipped their physical rewards!!

The other 5% are people who haven't got in touch with us to complete their order or confirm their shipping address. If you're in the 5%, ie someone who should have got physical rewards and hasn't got them yet, read the guide at the bottom of this email about what steps you need to take.

 Art Book PDF

We finished the art book and the physical versions have been shipped out. Now we've also finished the digital version!

If you got the digital PDF version, you should have an email from PledgeManager now saying you can redeem your code.

On the PledgeManager "order complete" page, scroll down and on the right is a section "My Codes", click "Claim My Codes" at the bottom of that section to get the art book download code. Note that it’s a code for Bandcamp. Bandcamp normally does music and soundtracks, but it turned out to be a super easy way to send you a digital reward!

Connecting to other Fan-a-renos

Did you love Thimbleweed Park and want to talk to other people who like it to? Want to find out about other adventure games that people love? Want to talk nitty gritty details?

Visit our forums!

Released on More Platforms

Play on your favorite device!
Play on your favorite device!


We completed our final stretch goal to release on iOS and Android!! We also released on PS4, Switch!! That means Thimbleweed Park is now on all major modern platforms! Tell your friends!

Please note that due to the way other platforms work, we can’t give backers keys to any of these platforms. The only platforms available as backer rewards were Mac, Windows and Linux.

If you got a digital copy of the game as a reward, your Steam key is valid for PC, Mac and Linux and is accessible via PledgeManager. If you want a DRM-free GOG key and haven't got one yet, please sign up on the Google form.

I want some (more) physical goodies!

Don’t want to unwrap your backer edition box? Or did you miss out on the physical reward tiers? Or do you want something more for your awesome Thimbleweed Park collection?

Check out our amazing stuff on Fangamer...

We’ve got mugs, a solid metal city limits signs, ThimbleCon posters and shirts, magnets AND the non-backer version of the big box!
We’ve got mugs, a solid metal city limits signs, ThimbleCon posters and shirts, magnets AND the non-backer version of the big box!


Note: The big box was much more popular on Fangamer than expected, so it’s in pre-order status and will be getting shipped in late November.

Where are my physical rewards?

Everything should be shipped now, except the postcard. If you’re due to get the postcard, hold tight, they’ll be coming within a month.

For everyone else who is missing rewards, if you don't follow the steps below you will not get your rewards!

Our shipping process got more complex than we wanted, but we hope it means that your rewards won’t end up getting sent to those chumps living at your old house.

1) Complete your order in PledgeManager:

  • Log in here
  • Get it into a state that says "order complete" on the final page.
  • If you have issues completing your order or it’s not as you expect, get in touch with us at

2) Get email from Fangamer:

  • If you completed your PledgeManager order after 6th September: wait another 2 weeks then look out for an email from Fangamer.
  • If you completed your PledgeManager order before 6th September: you should already have email from Fangamer.
  • Search for an email from Fangamer in your inbox or junk mail or spam or promotions folders.

3) Use the email from Fangamer to confirm your shipping address:

4) Wait at your mailbox until rewards arrive!

  • Ok, well... you don't have to wait there all the time, but be on the lookout for them.

You MUST make sure you've done all the steps above by the end of the year or you will not get your rewards!!

Urgent Message about Physical Reward-a-renos

Posted by Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.