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A gallery and studio space in South Minneapolis focused on bringing young, contemporary artists into the Twin Cities' community.


We are an artist collective located in South Minneapolis. We are artists who've all moved to the Midwest from our various home states. 

Alanah Luger-Guillaume

Alexis Stiteler

Kate Sheldon

Rebecca Spangenthal


As a collective, our goal is to open a studio and gallery space in South Minneapolis by the end of August 2013. 

We have chosen the city of Minneapolis for it's accessibility, arts community and resources. We are so impressed by the art scene in the Twin Cities, we want to participate by showcasing young and emerging artists from around the country. Bringing them here will both introduce artists to the Midwest and introduce the Midwest to other creative minds. Minneapolis is a great city to be an artist in, and we want our global community to experience it.

As a group of young artists, our goal is to create a space for our residents and artists of Minneapolis, as well as The White Page Collective. We would like to create an area to work individually and collaboratively to further our skills and bodies of work. 


One of the main focuses for this unique space will be to act as a link between Minneapolis artists and artists from other cities.  The White Page is excited to reach out to emerging artists and thinkers, bring them to Minneapolis for short-term residencies, and provide them space to work in this vibrant community.

The White Page needs your support so we can help other artists locally and nationally by maintaining a residency program, studio and gallery space. This will also assist the collective in continuing our own individual growth as artists, and connecting with our local neighbors and community. 

The White Page will provide our community with opportunities to participate in artist lectures, workshops, performances and many exhibitions.  


With help from Kickstarter funds, The White Page will:

-Help artists come to Minneapolis to work for short-term residencies. Some travel expenses, room and board, and specific exhibition materials are just some of the responsibilities we will face. The White Page would love to provide visiting artists with as much financial help as possible.

-Provide the community with interesting events to attend. Events will include exhibitions, workshops, artist talks, and performances (just to name a few).

-Maintain a beautiful space! The White Page will use donations to pay rent, utilities and to maintain the gallery and studios. It will also help us on our way to provide resources like a computer, wood tools, and ceramic kiln. 


3109 E 42nd street is the space we've chosen in south Minneapolis for this project. It is a beautiful storefront in a mainly residential area, next to us there is a small gym and a restaurant. In the back there is a nice backyard where we plan on maintaining a sculpture garden. The full basement will be used as studio space; providing enough room for the collective members and one rotating artist in residence. The White Page plans on providing: wood shop equipment and tools, kilns, drafting tables (one or two), work space and a little kitchenette. 


The resident artist will be someone who has proposed a project to The White Page. They will have considered a timeline for staying in Minneapolis, working with us in our studios, and exhibiting at the end of their stay. They will also have to give an artist talk, workshop or performance. It will be a very individualized program, with most artists staying one week- six weeks (with exceptions of course.) The White Page is excited to open the program up to many young and/or emerging artists who may not otherwise get the chance to come to Minneapolis. Securing money will help us pay to bring these young, emerging artist's to Minneapolis to collaborate and create work.


We've chosen to live in south Minneapolis because it's a diverse and affordable area. Due to it's affordability the arts and creative industries are able to start new ventures. Because the neighbors and residents are encouraging of new businesses in the area, we feel as though south Minneapolis would be a good support system for our space and project.  Honestly, we just love it here.


Alanah Luger-Guillaume grew up in Waterbury, Connecticut. She went to Alfred University for art and education. She's currently a lead toddler teacher at People Serving People.

Alexis Stiteler grew up in a few different locations, mostly Waterford Pennsylvania and Frisco, Texas. She went to Alfred University and studied ceramics. She's currently working on a food truck down town. Before The White Page she maintained a studio at The Northern Clay Center.

Kate Sheldon is from Upstate New York, she studied painting at Alfred University. After school she spent a year in Sydney, Australia and then came back and settled into Minneapolis.

Rebecca Spangenthal grew up in Western Massachusetts, and studied sculpture at Pratt Institute in New York City. After working in New York she moved out to Minneapolis on a whim, and found herself in love with the city.

Thank you for your interest and contributions! 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Spending years in art institutes has educated and enabled us to take on a challenging project such as this one. Individually and as a collective, we are all motivated to take on any obstacles that come along.
As young professionals, we are still educating ourselves on aspects of small-business ownership. We are learning as we build up. With these donations we will successfully dominate the obstacles of running a gallery. Obstacles include paying insurance, purchasing updated equipment, acquiring licenses for serving and providing events, and getting our name and ideas out into the world.

Maybe our biggest challenge will be collaborating. As a team, we will work with many artists. That in itself will be a unique challenge for everyone involved. However, each one of us has worked collaboratively within previous projects. We possess the skill-set necessary for problem-solving with other artists, mediating any group issues, and following through with successful results!


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