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Posted by The Warning (Creator)

Hello dear Kickstarters! First of all Happy New Year!!!! May 2019 be an amazing year for all of you and your loved ones! We had a very nice family Christmas and New year surrounded with family and enjoyed our time off, although we always keep working on our craft ;)

So we wanted to give you a quick update on your rewards. Some of you have already received yours, but because of the complicated Christmas and New Years season some a packages are a bit behind. Don’t worry they will get to you very soon!!

On the Vinyl front, we had a small production hiccup by the manufacturer, but we have solved it, it sounds amazing and looks beautiful, those should start shipping January 30th!

Have a great weekend guys, and again, thank you so much for all of your support.

Rock on!

D. P. A.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Leonel Vilchis on

      Thank you so much for addressing this! Even though I already have the digital version of the album, can't wait to receive the physical copy!

    2. Missing avatar

      Manfred Brosche on

      Don't worry! It's better for you to accept a little delay than to send out a version, that you think isn't as good as it could be. It's your project, your baby. :-)

    3. Bill Lynch on

      I received my gift on Christmas eve. It was awesome! Thank You Warning, love Ya

    4. Missing avatar

      John Evans on

      Sorry, my apologies. That last comment was neither considerate nor respectful. Just a bit of disappointment. I of all people should know how much work you ALL have put into this project, so what will be will be.

    5. Missing avatar

      John Evans on

      Oh bummer. I have both LPs ordered to go to a California address as I had hoped to bring them back to the UK with me when I return on 7th Feb. I can only hope mine are out in the first lot of shipping.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alexander Murray on

      Thanks so much for the update. Like Christmas, the wait makes the arrival that much sweeter. So disappointed that I cannot make the Whisky show. I know it will be great and I wish everyone a wonderful time.

    7. Kevin Weddell on

      You make the wait worthwhile. Happy New Year. The Year of The Warning.

    8. Donald Kirk on

      Love you girls!! You three a re e so awesome glad you had a great Christmas and new year's. Can hardly wait for The Whiskey show!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew Fraser on

      No problem, it will be worth the wait.

    10. Missing avatar

      Luis Torres on

      No tengo problema, mi reward me la dieron en el Dakota en el concierto privado ;P

    11. Craig Bennett on

      Finally received the CD and it’s fantastic. It took a long time to arrive, no doubt because of the Xmas, NY craziness but there was also an entire line of my address missing. Mine was to be sent care of my workplace so I entered my name, the company name, street address, state, postcode and country. When I saw the label I noticed the street address was missing. Now it did get here of course (took all of December to reach Australia). Anyway just a heads up. Otherwise thanks so much to everyone and especially the talented ladies of The Warning for sharing and blessing us with their music. A very happy new year to you all. Look forward to seeing what 2019 brings. Cheers from a fan.