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Mysteriet is the new concept album by veteran CHR alternative rockers The Waiting.
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The Waiting

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Blog by Todd about the name Mysteriet

  At first brush I'm sure the name of our new record "Mysteriet" must be mistaken for a superhero or supervillain from one of the many comic books that have been made into movies by Hollywood recently. But thats not the case- its a Norwegian word that means "the mystery". We felt like "the mystery" captures what we were going after on the record since it is a concept album based on The Trinity. So, we were thinking of calling it "The Mystery"- but then we found the Norwegian word. Norway has alot of meaning for Brad and I- our grandparents on my fathers side were immigrants from what my grandma called "the old country". I remember her as a kind and good woman- my father followed suite. You couldn't do any better than my father- he was universally loved and good to his family. He was especially supportive of The Waiting as he funded our demo album Tillbury Town. Not to mention that my parents opened their home to band members of The Waiting and Smalltown Poets who needed a place to live at different times early on in our careers. He was as good as it gets as far as fathers go, and since he passed on several years ago we wanted to honor his memory in some way as well acknowledge our Norwegian heritage. So thats why we chose "Mysteriet". We appreciate your support and friendship as we endeavor to make a record that would make our father proud.



    1. Creator Rodney Wilson on May 16, 2012

      Good to know some bio and origins for the title. Keep the muse (in the case of Christians, the Spirit) nearby.