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$133,018 pledged of $500,000 goal
By TheVan Keyboards
$133,018 pledged of $500,000 goal

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    1. Johnathan Butterworth on April 23

      Thanks for that information. I'm definitely going to be getting one then!

    2. Missing avatar

      Evan Sailer Collaborator on April 23

      @Johnathan Butterworth we have the minivan stuff pretty much ready to run and will be working on a stand-alone campaign for the MiniVan. Stay tuned!

    3. Johnathan Butterworth on April 23

      I understand the reasoning for cancelling.

      I'm just hoping I can get my hands on a Minivan still!

    4. Myhang on April 23

      Super bummed the campaign was cancelled but I look forward to updates and taking part in what you guys do next. I still am in love with those colorways so I look forward to having them on my board one day. Good luck!

    5. Marcin W. Dąbrowski on April 23

      Oh noes! There goes my chance for early bird MiniVan. :( I'll try harder next time!

      Best of luck Evan & Co. - it's sad to see the campaign go down, but on the other hand if the next iteration will be better and have all (most?) of the community feedback included, it's for the best.

      Any idea when we could expect the campaign to rerun?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jake Perrine on April 23

      What just happened?

    7. Missing avatar

      Remy on April 22

      Everyone needs to man up and drop the 3OO I think.

    8. Blaire F
      on April 21

      I really really want this campaign to succeed... I know the tooling and all that goes into something as precise as a keycap isn't cheap. That said, I still feel like $500k goal is a bit of a stretch in this kind of niche community (vs something like bags and photog gear that regularly raise hundreds of thousands).

      Either way I backed immediately when the campaign launched. And if it doesn't meet the goal for some reason, I hope the colorways can be made in a profile already available or... A lower goal possibly?

    9. Ruel Franco on April 21

      One reason why it's not catching on as much as it should is because it is an entirely new profile that would be totally incompatible with the keysets that people already have and I know a lot of people who like to mix and match keys from different keysets, which works well as long as the profiles are the same. Also, I was hoping the profile was symmetrical like DSA or XDA. Perhaps this would have a wider appeal if it came in one of those profiles, which are more versatile for customization.

    10. Missing avatar

      Steven on April 21

      I hope this project gets some new supporters the coming month, still a long way to go.

    11. Missing avatar

      Juta C. on April 21

      @Draic I knew that, but it doesn't mean a better package can not be offer.

    12. Jonathan L on April 21

      @Draic Yea... except I will already have 3mm LEDs on a board I'd like to put a set of these caps on, that's why I wanted to clear up if there would be clearance issues or not.

    13. Draic
      on April 20

      @Jonathan. Comparing Hubs to Cherry their heights are nearly identical. Just stick to 1.8mm LEDs. Not worries then

    14. Jonathan L on April 20

      Do you know if there will be enough room under the keycap to fit in different LED sizes and clips?
      I know some GMK Cherry rows have trouble with 3mm LEDs so I'm hoping this profile fixes that problem.

    15. Draic
      on April 20

      @Juta: You realize that a minivan without plate is usually 200 by itself, right?

    16. Ruel Franco on April 19

      Evan, what keyboard was the 1.5u R2 Del intended for?

    17. TheVan Keyboards Creator on April 19

      Hey there @ALL

      Please check this strawpoll and vote in regards to DEL>>BSPACE 1.5U R2


    18. Missing avatar

      Juta C. on April 18

      @Evan sorry to be a bit of a penny-pincher. I mean 6 set tier is $200, and based on 3 + minivan tier price, I assumed the minivan is around $125. Was hoping for something less than $375 for 6 + minivan tier.

    19. Missing avatar

      Evan Sailer Collaborator on April 18

      @Kyle N if you are adding an additional three it would just be that reward tier so 125 additional

    20. Kyle N on April 18

      @Evan how much per set though? If you back for just the 6 set they are like 33 bucks each instead of 50 each. or the 3 set is around 41 bucks per set.

    21. Missing avatar

      Evan Sailer Collaborator on April 18

      @Juta C. Just get the 3set + minivan and then increase the pledge amount for the extra 3 sets. Simple!

    22. Missing avatar

      Juta C. on April 17

      Waiting for 6 set + minivan tier. Will increase my pledge.

    23. Ruel Franco on April 17

      @Eric Strathmeyer. Ha! I have the same issue with my WhiteFox. I was toying around with the idea of flipping the Delete key 180 degrees to turn it into a Backspace. Unfortunately the profile is not vertically symmetrical so the key would end up sticking out a bit and also the glyph would end up on the other corner. I hope a stretch goal would address this.

      @Starius. That would have been a good idea but the Whitefox has both a BS and Del key next to each other.

    24. Missing avatar

      Logan Gilley on April 17

      Maybe a Kickstarter only case color(s) (hex codes) could be something similar to:
      1) Crimson Red (#ce0000) - My personal favorite since you don't see crimson often
      2) Elf Green (#166E56)
      3) Siren Blue (#005b96)
      4) Stardust Grey (#868F98 or B2BCC0)
      5) Cosmic Purple (#7A1A57)
      6) Kickstarter Green (#096017)

      Either way I'll be looking forward to the finished product. Maybe colored cases could be offered later in the future if they are not feasible at this time.

    25. Starius on April 17

      @Eric Strathmeyer
      You know, on most Apple/Mac keyboards since the 80s (with a few exceptions) the "traditional" Backspace key is called the Delete key anyways. So you have a viable precedent there!

    26. Missing avatar

      Eric Strathmeyer
      on April 17

      Ah crumbs… I realized I’m a “Why isn’t layout XYZ supported?” person. I’m trying to find keycaps for the WhiteFox True Fox layout which uses an R2 1.5U Backspace. D:

      I guess a 1.5U Delete key will suffice! :)

    27. Marcin W. Dąbrowski on April 17

      Kickstarter exclusive green would be sooooooooooooo nice! :)

      Also, I'm all aboard ditching Caps Lock in favour of Ctrl and Fn keys.

    28. Missing avatar

      Eric Strathmeyer
      on April 17

      @Evan - I’d suggest swapping the R3 1.75U stepped Caps Lock and the R5 1.75U Caps Lock for an R3 1.75U Ctrl and a n R3 1.75U Fn.

      I think it’s worth keeping a Caps Lock key in the standard layout, but we don’t need so many extras. I love a stepped Caps, but the Fn or Ctrl would be more useful to more people – and they both seem more widely used than an R5 Caps Lock.

    29. Missing avatar

      Evan Sailer Collaborator on April 16

      @Draic we can look at adding a kickstarter exclusive color, we could do a backer vote for the color.

    30. Draic
      on April 16

      still more options would be nice :(

    31. Missing avatar

      Evan Sailer Collaborator on April 16

      @Draic we chose silver for a couple reasons.
      1) cheap to do
      2) compliments all the sets really well
      3) easier to get a really nice finish

    32. Draic
      on April 16

      kickstarter coloring for items is usually black with green accents.

      btw why was silve chosen as color? I guess it is because it's a bit cheaper to produce than the black version?

    33. Christopher Hou on April 16

      Is it possible to include a R4 2u Left Shift for some of us 60%ers ?

    34. Missing avatar

      Evan Sailer Collaborator on April 16

      @Logan Gilley the MiniVan case will be silver anodize. I like the idea of a limited edition KS color though. What color would you like to see if that were added as an option?

      @Draic Thanks for the feedback, it's incredibly useful. USPS removed their cheapest rate earlier this year. I will investigate other carriers for international shipments.

    35. Missing avatar

      Logan Gilley on April 16

      I’m not sure if this has been asked yet but what material/color will the case be for the minivan in the Kickstarter campaign? It may be neat to offer a limited edition case color or something for the people who buy a minivan in this Kickstarter campaign. Let’s hope we reach 500k!

    36. Draic
      on April 16

      Agree with @Kasper. USPS could do a better job, if they would provide proper information sharing with our national carriers, but they do not (Unlike canada post for example). So every USPS package that has a declared value above threshold (25€), will get stuck in customs, be delayed and is a hassle to receive.

      DHL works much better in that regard, but depending on the items and value they will still hand it over to customs, but the process is more streamlined in my experience. And it depends on what services and options you take when using DHL.

      Also UPS and fedex of course, which will always handle customs themselves, but their service is of course much more expensive.

    37. Kasper R. A. S. on April 16

      I've had the best experiences with DHL. Any fees or tax are announced via SMS/E-mail and can be paid immediately.

      When USPS handles shipping the package gets handed over to our national carrier as soon as it enters the country and then it usually gets stuck in customs for a week or two.

    38. Missing avatar

      Evan Sailer Collaborator on April 16

      @Raul R. I think there are not quite enough to support the ergodox. The keys that we do have wouldn't all be correct profile/legend. It's tough picking what should and shouldn't be included.

      @Draic thanks for the feedback, I did not think about the issue in that way. Duncan did seem to be coming from the cheaper point of view, but I'm glad you added what you did. I was not aware that USPS was not a good method for EU folks (I've never had any complaints about them). What is the best carrier that you've dealt with?

    39. Draic
      on April 15

      You could still offer ways for EU-friendly shipping, as a lot of other kickstarter projects do via warehouse distribution. Or atleast offer optional different carriers, as USPS is the worst you could do to anyone in the EU. EU-friendly does not mean cheaper or tax-avoiding, but simply less hassle for the consumer.

    40. Raul R. on April 14

      Hi, just double checking, but the current set looks like there are enough 1.5u keys to support Input Clubs’ Infinity Ergodox. Am I correct or are there any keys missing that can be considered.

    41. Missing avatar

      Evan Sailer Collaborator on April 14

      @Ruel Franco they are the kailh sockets and all MiniVan layouts are supported (standard, arrow, southpaw)

      @Duncan Sample unfortunately we have no control over import taxes. You will need to take that up with your government.

    42. Duncan Sample on April 14

      Is there any chance there will be EU-friendly shipping? At the moment I'm looking at the $200/250 pledge, but after $35 shipping and ~£40 (~$55) import duty, the $200 pledge turns into nearly $300. I don't know how many other backers are in the EU though, so maybe I'm in a minority.

    43. Ruel Franco on April 14

      Evan, what hot swap sockets do you use for the MiniVan, and does the board allow to be reconfigured to arrow layout?

    44. Missing avatar

      Evan Sailer Collaborator on April 12

      @foxfluff I'll be doing a run of plates before the kickstarter fulfills so sometime between now and October (probably June or July)

      @Margarita Vasileva the J and F keys are deep dish and do not have bumps.

      @tanvir175 thank you so so much. We really appreciate the support!

    45. Missing avatar

      tanvir175 on April 12

      Just pledged for the $500 tier. Hope this succeeds!

    46. Missing avatar

      Margarita Vasileva on April 12

      Hey guys. I wanted to thank you for the hard work. I was wondering if J and F keys will have bumps?

    47. foxfluff on April 12

      Saw somewhere that the minivan would be PCB mount only and would need a plate to be manufactured, and then purchased separately on thevan's site. Is this still planned to happen? and if so when might we be able to purchase the plate?

    48. Max Sutters on April 12

      I agree with Eric.

    49. Missing avatar

      on April 12

      I agree with Eric. Would prefer CTRL/FN in R3

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