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THE TOUR is an indie film following a group of tennis players on the minor league circuit chasing points, dreams and the Pro Tour.

THE TOUR is an indie film following a group of tennis players on the minor league circuit chasing points, dreams and the Pro Tour. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on July 29, 2012.

About this project

Well folks it looks like our time has expired here on Kickstarter without reaching our goal. Do we wish we'd made it? Of course. Will we give up? Never. Over the course of this campaign we've been met with so much inspiring feedback and enthusiasm that we know The Tour is a movie that has to be made. So to everyone that has donated, shared, or even just watched, THANK YOU!. The Tour is about embracing the journey on the road to the top. We're on The Tour, we're never going to give up, and we're never going to get off it. 

We'll soon be putting up another campaign using all that we've learned, and we'll keep pushing until we reach our goal. Since kickstarter won't allow us to update once this campaign ends, please check our website at or our Facebook: or Twitter: to find out where the new campaign will be put up. Thanks and we'll see you at our next Tour stop! - Jeremy and Brad

We hear that many people are missing the second half of the video so check out the support we have from John Isner and many other top pros:

Our goal is to make a feature length independent film, "The Tour." Why? Lovers of tennis know there is never a loss for tennis analogies on life and its lessons. Our goal is to create a commentary that mirrors what we all face in life, through a story that explores the human condition and the sport simultaneously. "The Tour" intends to take us on a journey to experience the anxiety of being a competitive athlete and the emotional catharsis of attempting to fulfill not only one’s own dream, but a dream shared by a dying father.

"The Tour" is also a movement and calling for tennis, a quest to revitalize the sport through an authentic tennis film.

How Can I help?

  • Donate – support the project by donating to our Kickstarter campaign
  • Communicate – spread the word by telling everyone you are “On The Tour,” and encouraging them to visit our Kickstarter site so they too can be "On The Tour"
  • Follow – us on Facebook and Twitter.

Why Kickstarter?

Jeremy Mitchell and Brad Benedict invite you to participate in making this film possible. Through advances in digital media technology, the art of independent film is now more financially accessible than ever. However, despite the fact that you no longer need a multi-million dollar budget to create a quality film there's still a significant investment required. In order to make this film possible we need to raise an additional $100,000 through Kickstarter as part of our overall production budget. For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it operates on an all-or-nothing funding model where projects must be fully funded or no money changes hands.

After learning his estranged father, and former coach, is terminally ill, a broke young tennis coach sets out on the minor league circuit vowing to repair their relationship by winning the US Open. Journeying city to city with an eclectic mix of aspiring pros, sharing expenses and climbing the ranks, he competes against his most challenging opponent: a paralyzing sports anxiety manifested by his need to be great and to make his father proud.

"The Tour" is based on personal experiences and characters Jeremy Mitchell met on the Futures tour. Like many young tennis players Jeremy spent the better part of his youth dreaming of becoming a professional tennis player. Unfortunately, talent and drive are not always enough and Jeremy struggled to finance his dream. Jeremy believes that tennis is a great American sport but inaccessible to certain demographics and often has an elitist stereotype associated with it. One of the major driving forces behind the vision of "The Tour" is to draw attention to the need for player development that creates greater access to the sport. It is the goal of the film to make an authentic movie about competitive tennis as it exists today, with the hope of inspiring a new generation of players and promoting greater access to the sport in the future. It is for this reason that "The Tour" is dedicated to making an authentic film that draws attention to the need for player development and the thrill of the sport.                                   

Goal Of The Film:

From a business perspective, it is our hope that the film has a successful theatrical release and reaches the broadest audience possible. However, the basic goals of the film are:

  • To Entertain – make a quality feature film that takes you on a journey into the mind and spirit of a competitive athlete, and learn a few life lessons along the way
  • To Promote – draw attention to the sport of tennis and the competitive tennis circuit
  • To Support – nonprofit organizations to ensure future players have the opportunity and means to pursue the sport of tennis

Jeremy Mitchell, Writer / Producer:

Jeremy began playing tennis at the age of 3, in a small Texas town called Keller. It was clear early on that he had talent and a drive for the game and at 12 he moved to Florida so he could attend Seguso-Bassett academy, in Boca Raton, run by former Andre Agassi coach Fritz Nau. Shortly thereafter the head coaches split up and Jeremy was left scrambling, a theme repeated throughout his tennis life. However, one theme remained constant, his passion for the game and Jeremy bounced around different academies, including Everts, ITA, and Rick Macci's until those opportunities would run their course. Despite lacking the financial means to pursue the ideal training, Jeremy was persistent and maintained a whatever it takes attitude. Through his perseverance he managed to train with highly regarded coaches such as Robert Seguso, Rick Macci, and Stanford Boster and players such as Andy Roddick, the Williams sisters, Nenad Zimonjic, among many others. Finally, at 18 Jeremy went on tour on the U.S. Futures circuit and traveled with a colorful cast of characters. It is no secret to those on the circuit that living this particular dream comes with a price tag, one that Jeremy could not afford without a lot of hustle. After running out of money more than a few times, Jeremy looked for alternative means of funding his dream of being on the Pro Tour, which led him to utilizing his athletic skills as a commercial actor as a means to support his dream. Soon his film career would take on a life of its own and what was intended to support his passion for tennis became a passion of its own.

In addition to playing tennis in several notable commercials, Jeremy began writing, producing and broadening his acting repertoire to include more dramatic roles. Jeremy can be found in the Oscar nominated "A Single Man" starring Colin Firth and his writer/producer resume includes "Harder They Fall" and "Know Thy Enemy.” Both feature films were released for distribution through Lionsgate and his third feature "The Shift," a medical drama that stars Danny Glover is in post-production. He also is the founder of the artistic collective "9 Lives," a writing/producing collaborative project that helped develop "The Shift" and has numerous other projects in development. He is currently represented by Evolution Entertainment. “The Tour” brings us to the culmination of Jeremy’s journey, the moment when his two passions collide: tennis and film making. Jeremy has spent seven years developing this project, waiting for the right moment to bring his vision to life. “The Tour” will mark the realization of a lifelong dream for Jeremy to make it in tennis. Instead of the Pro Tour Jeremy hopes to make the definitive movie about the sport and in the process have a greater impact than he ever could have had as a player.                    

Brad Benedict, Producer: 

Growing up in Norcross, a suburb of Atlanta, Brad’s connection to tennis runs deep. His father played collegiate tennis at Duke and has been a tennis professional for over 30 years. Brad’s personal tennis journey began in diapers and continued through college, at the University of Georgia (UGA), where he was a teammate of ATP # 10, John Isner, for 3 years. At UGA, Brad's team won 2 national indoor championships and were the 2007 NCAA Division I National Champions going 32-0. Brad continues to remain active in the tennis community including playing charity events and working with nationally ranked juniors. Brad holds a Bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Georgia, where he was named the Joel Eaves Scholar Athlete, an award honoring the athlete with the highest GPA at the university. Brad was also Vice President of the SAAC (student athlete advisory committee).

Upon graduation he was recruited by the investment firm, Lehman Brothers, and offered a full-time position on Wall Street. Brad graduated college early in 3 1/2 years, and with the Lehman Brothers job waiting in August he came out to Hollywood to pursue his interests in acting and filmmaking. However, when August came he decided that Hollywood was his calling and turned down the offer to pursue his aspirations for acting and filmmaking fulltime. Brad has enjoyed success since his arrival in California landing multiple national commercials and appearing alongside notable actors such as Colin Firth, Danny Glover, C. Thomas Howell, James Denton, Kat Dennings, Burt Reynolds and Bailee Madison. Brad’s acting resume includes film and television such as: "Make it or Break it," "Letters to God," Lifetime movie "Walking the Halls," "Wedding Day," "Karaoke Man," as well as producing and starring in "3 at the Tree." Brad is also a member of the artistic collective "9 Lives." He is mentored by Suzanne DeLaurentiis and represented by Thruline Entertainment.

It is no surprise that Jeremy would approach Brad Benedict about producing “The Tour." Brad and Jeremy met while filming an NCAA tennis commercial where they immediately connected over their shared passion for tennis. Jeremy told Brad about “The Tour” that first day and they have been developing the project ever since, quickly becoming friends, creative partners, and acting together on films such as “A Single Man” and “The Shift.” Brad shares Jeremy’s strong desire to bring the truth of tennis to filmmaking. He sees “The Tour” as an opportunity to pay tribute to the passion for tennis that he shares with his father.


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