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Where art intersects life, a cherished tradition continues...all of your contributions directly fund the build and burn of Temple 2012

The Temple 2012 @ Burning Man

In the midst of the Black Rock Desert where art intersects life, each year the Temple is the emotional centerpiece of Burning Man. Erected solely for, and burned at the event, it is a spiritual refuge where thousands gather to reflect and to mourn their loss. The Temple is a unique, special work of art given to the community for all to engage in their own way. Marriages are made; love, refuge and deliverance are found. The ritualistic, silent and solemn Temple Burn on the final night of Burning Man is indeed a rare and unforgettable experience.

"We are honored to create a temple which we believe will address those community needs."- David Best

The Temple will be in David Best's classic style, that the community has come to appreciate. A stunningly exquisite temple set within a walled courtyard will afford numerous contemplative spaces for reflection and private meditation. A sacred environment to share. Somewhat smaller than recent temples, this will be the most detailed temple Best and his Temple Crew have ever built. Intricately cut wooden panels will cover the courtyard walls, interior space and altars.

"Burning Man's concept is to blend life and art so you can't tell the difference," said Larry Harvey, the festival's founder and director. "We want you to interact not only with art, but with the society that convenes art around itself. The [Temples are] just that...David had people out there, thousands of people mourning in the most sincere way."

The tradition of The Temple at Burning Man was started by David Best, who along with The Temple Crew return this year to build. Please see our past work:

There are many ways to contribute, and we absolutely rely on and truly appreciate your generosity to make the temple become a reality in 2012. Our first kickstarter will help to pay for materials for the Temple.


You make it happen!


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    For your donation you will receive a wooden hand stamp prayer block from the Temple.

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    A Temple 2012 silk-screened t-shirt. Wear it. Love it. Burn it. Thank You!

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    Director Laurent LeGall’s stunning documentary VOYAGE ‘D UTOPIA dvd is yours. Signed and personalized by Dir. LeGall and artist David Best. Larry Harvey, founder of Burning Man says about the film, "VOYAGE ‘D UTOPIA is a remarkable piece of story telling. It does what our event is said to do: it evokes the inexpressible; it invites imagination to inhabit the unknown."

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    A beautiful poster of the Temple of Juno suitable for framing is your gift signed by David and The Temple Crew

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    A beautiful print study of The Temple-hand colored and signed by David Best for your generous contribution.

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    An Invitation to a Celebration! Enjoy a once in a lifetime feast--dinner on the Playa with David, The Temple Crew and Rev. Billy Talen, Savatri D & the Church of the Stop Shopping Choir-- a night to remember.

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    An Inner Circle Pass. Witness the Temple of Juno burn close-up with David and the Temple Crew-- plus you'll be stylin' a Temple of Juno T-shirt

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    A limited edition, 3-D laser study of the Temple of Juno signed by David Best. This work of art is well worth this generous contribution--for which we and all Burners who experience the Temple of Juno will be ever so grateful.

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    A Mystery Package will include ALL the above rewards, as well as additional works of art that David will generously donate. This remains a true mystery, but could very well include original drawings and prints of past temples.

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