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Hey!! I'm an Independent Grammy-Nominated Artist and I would love 4 you to be apart of my next self-released video production.
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Tamar Davis

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45 Hours 2 Go...

Hello Everyone. I just wanted to say again how appreciative I am to share this experience with you, the select few. I am grateful and I cannot say how much to you: I pray that whatever you need God will honor it because you have made a pledge. Thank you, thank you, thank time to start on this video and your rewards. I will make sure that your exclusive reward is EXCLUSIVE...Love, Tamar


    1. Creator Markeitta Jordan(blacconblacc) on January 21, 2012

      I finally heard the rest of ur interview wow do u no hw mny tyms I try n tel womn
      If u dnt no who u r as a womn hw cud u luv r wnt sum1 2 luv u if u dnt no who u r as a womn get 2 no yaself I thnk we r sis 4real cuz me Omg who made me, im off the chain(smh) i hv 3 bro(n thm cats rite thr) ervrthng i need 2 no thy 2 honest gurrrl (I love 2 read also APF by ZaneWow)wer thy @ lol

    2. Creator Otische Enjoysfallinfor Godslovedaily on January 19, 2012

      What she said! ^ ^ ^ I love it! CHEA!!

    3. Creator Grace Oliver on January 19, 2012

      Your So Welcome Ms. Davis. Although the rewards are great I personally look for NOTHING In return, bc I sewed out of obedience to God. You are an AWESOME Woman of God and im Honored that you allowed us to be apart of your dreams, vision n tbis God movement. I will support you til the VERY END. Not just this but anything else God moves you to do. Knw that I love you sis and this is just the surface of what God is unfolding for you. #TamFam4Life