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Hey!! I'm an Independent Grammy-Nominated Artist and I would love 4 you to be apart of my next self-released video production.
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Tamar Davis

81 backers pledged $30,002 to help bring this project to life.

We Have 20 More Days, thanks 2 U...

It is the beginning of a new week and the countdown has begun. We have 20 more days and $16,071 left to fund the project. I am excited and humbled at you for believing in me, the purpose, and the indie movement. We are getting the details on where we will be shooting the video: CANADA. And with reaching this goal, I will not be in debt. I really want you to hear the new project as well so because you chose to be the one to sew into this project, I will make sure that you experience this ride with me.  So if you know anyone else who may have some change lying around, tell them to just pledge it. No pledge is too small or more important. It all ends in the same place: A SUCCESSFUL PROJECT. From what we have raised so far, we are officially changing the ways in which indie artists can be heard nationwide. We no longer have to wait on others, but now we are able to pioneer our own roads in FREEDOM. So I just wanted to say thank you and from the bottom of my heart, God Bless You 100 times over because you gave from your heart. I pray whatever you are in need of, God meets that need back to you because you did it for me, without hesitation! Let's go #TAMFAM!


    1. Creator Grace Oliver on January 9, 2012

      Awww Im So Happy 2 Just Be Apart Of This Movement. I Am Excited Abt Where God Is Taking You n TamFam in 2012. #Taking 2012& TheNationByForce

    2. Creator destiny on January 9, 2012

      Thanks for letting us be apart of thhis...I appreciate it :) hope u achieve great things

    3. Creator Janisha Holmes on January 9, 2012

      U r so welcome Tamar!! I will keep increasing my pledge until the last day!!

    4. Creator Jasmine Sallins on January 9, 2012

      #LetsGooooooo #WeOn