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Update #9


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We did it! OMG...thank you everyone for all of your amazing support! I am so overwhelmed with happiness and immense gratitude!

I can't believe my dream is finally becoming a reality. YOU all helped me get to the finish line and beyond! There are no words to describe how much I appreciate your faith in me, as well as your generosity.

I will be updating shortly with opening news, as well as first shipments of buttery deliciousness!


XO -Kir

Update #8



Today, I'm thinking of my mom. She was the first to teach me to love, enjoy and respect good food. Most importantly, she taught me the value of community and sharing with others. This is why I bake. I bake to remember my roots and to honor this woman who taught me so much. I bake for YOU, because it makes me happy and I feel like I've got a lot to give!

My belly is grumbling....I would kill to have one her hot out of the oven apple crisps, coffee mallow meringue pie, boozy Harvey Wallbanger bundt cake, French crepes with gobs of fresh whipped cream, apple kuchen, raspberry layer cake, lemon bars, Mexican wedding cookies, candied orange sables....

My mom had a lot of SUGAR LOVE to share. I am anxiously awaiting to do the same with you.


PS. 48 hours to go! Let's keep pushing until the very end! We've got a whole lotta sweetness n' sass waiting for YOU! XO

Update #7

71 Hours To Go!



I can't believe we are down to the last 71 hours of our campaign...time sure does fly by fast!

I am thrilled and beyond that we have reached our goal early and we still have a few days to spare. Lot's of exciting things have happened in the past few days. I now have lighting in the front area, above the pastry display and seating. Our floors have been finished and my office is set up (thanks Emily and Lindsay!). It looks super cozy in here. I'm still waiting for my glass display to be installed, sign work to be finished, coffee station to be finished, website to be launched and about a zillion, tiny tasks to be completed. There are so many moving parts to opening up a business!

Every day it takes on a new form and I'm so happy how things are turning out. The only bummer news, I've received so far is that city will be doing sewer construction right next to my shop about a week after I open. Perfect timing! Well, we will just make the best of it. I'm hoping that it won't take more than a few weeks to complete. Sidewalk will be open so that's a sliver lining to some not so awesome news.

So with 71 hours to go, my hope is that we can keep pushing to raise a little extra funds. Especially, with the construction going on it might hinder our jump start, so every little bit counts! If you can please keep sharing this or bump up your donation, it can make all the difference. I truly appreciate all of your generosity.

It's been so amazing to watch this transformation and receive all of this love from friends, supporters and total strangers. I'm so blown away by it. I just know it's going to be a special kind of place, where YOU can sit back and enjoy all kinds of dreamy, buttery goodness. We are so excited to share our kind of SUGAR LOVE with all of you. We are aiming for September 4th as our opening date. I will keep you posted. Fingers crossed!



Update #6



We made it! OMG....I don't even know what to say. THANK YOU!

We've still got another 5 days to go and even though we've reached our goal, let's keep pushing! Anything extra will be put to good use with start up costs, much needed kitchen equipment, store front signage, smallwares and re-building our website. It's crazy how no matter how budget conscious you can be, everything adds up so quickly!


My heart is overflowing with gratitude from all of your AMAZING support! What a crazy ride this has been. I am excited to refocus my energy back to what I do best and bake my little heart out! YOU helped make this happen and I will never forget it.

I will be seeing you my new shop!


XO -Kir

Update #5

GAAAAAH...6 Days!


Happy Sunday!

I spent the morning planting flowers in front of the shop with one of my dearest friends, Julia Pugh. She has been my sidekick for many events and she was the most amazing assistant during my cookbook photo shoot. I love her dearly and I am truly grateful to have such supportive friends like her.

So many friends and people in the neighborhood have been stopping by to say hello. I really can't wait to build our own, sweet community of friends on Alberta Street and beyond. YOU are also apart of this awesomeness and it means so much to me that you believe in our success!

So we've got 6 days to go and $3,716 to raise! Just 149 more contributions of $25 or 75 of $50 and we will successfully fund. If we are even one dollar short, NO MONEY will pass through our hands. Even if you can bump up your contribution by $10 it can make a huge difference for us. 

We are ready to make some SUGAR MAGIC! Please help us get there!


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    Twisted Toll house Level: What does this mean for you? Only the BESTEST, buttery deliciousness...that's what! We took the classic Toll house chocolate chip cookie and gave it a sweet makeover. Rich, bittersweet, chocolate chips collide with our favorite local roasted hazelnuts, from Freddy Guys. If you are sweet enough to donate at this level you will receive a half-dozen box of these babies. AND, because we heart you so much we will also throw in a Sugar + Love = Happy! sticker. *Shipping not included.

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    Triple Threat Level: If you've never experienced one of our famous Triple Threat cookies, now is your chance! Our triple chocolate chunk, espresso and pecan sandwich cookies are loved so much that they were even featured in Sunset Magazine. These chocolate bombs will kick you in the a good way of course :) If you are generous enough to donate at this level, you will receive a baker's dozen of these devilishly good cookies and a jar of our house made, super deluxe salted caramel sauce. Made with LOVE and with our favorite, local sea salt from Jacobsen Salt Company. You will also receive a lovely Sugar + Love = Happy! sticker. P.S. Dip those bad boys into the salted caramel sauce...OMG! *Shipping not included

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    Magic Box of Goodies Level: Now were gonna have some fun! Imagine a beautiful box, full of of all kinds of delectable's?! If you are awesome enough to donate at this level, you will receive the following: One jar of our super deluxe salted caramel sauce, 1 jar of our house made hot fudge sauce, a Sugar + Love = Happy! sticker, a bag of our amazing black + white sesame brittle, a dozen of our irresistible Rosemary's Baby cookies (citrus, rosemary shortbread) and your very own signed copy of my first cookbook, The Sugar Cube: 50 Deliciously Twisted Treats From The Sweetest Little Food Cart On The Planet, by Chronicle Books. Holy box of shenanigans! *Shipping not included

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    Golden Ticket Level: If you are FANTASTICAL enough to donate at this level, we know you don't mess around and neither do we! At this level, this gets you a trip to our shop and a full tour of the Wonka factory. We will also send you home with a giant box of goodies from the bakery, so much so that you'll probably have to share with someone you love. It's really all about sharing the SUGAR LOVE anyway!! You will also take home, a signed copy of my cookbook, The Sugar Cube and two jars of our super deluxe salted caramel sauce. Swoon! If you're out of state, no worries! We will hook you up!

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    Super Gooey Awesomeness Level: WOW! We can't even begin to thank you enough for your generosity! If you donate at this level, it's time for you and I to spend a little one on one time about a private baking class with yours truly! At this level, I would love to invite you and a friend back into the kitchen for a 2 hour baking class, where we can have all kinds of fun, making some butter, sugar and flour magic! I will also send you home with a signed copy of my cookbook, The Sugar Cube, a box of goodies from the bakery and a 1 year subscription to our CSA program. YES! Community Sweets Alliance has officially been established and now you can enjoy a years worth of sugary awesomeness! Each month we will send you (if local- pick up only please) a box of lovingly made, seasonally fresh pastries. Every month you will be dazzled by our inspiration and we sincerely can't wait to spoil you! XOXO

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