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The Steps is a contemporary noir Web series critics have hailed as 'thrilling' and 'immersive'. Donate now to make Season 2 a reality.
131 backers pledged $17,475 to help bring this project to life.

Two Weeks to Go

Hey everybody -

With two weeks to remaining to our Kickstarter campaign, we are very very close to meeting our funding goal for Season 2 of 'The Steps'!

A whole bunch of people stepped up in the past 24 hours to show their support, many of them in relatively small dollar amounts - which, believe it or not, WE LOVE.


Because the more people we have behind this series, the greater the likelihood more people will SEE IT.  Don't get me wrong, we love the money - and we hope to EXCEED our funding goal of $17,000 (which, when you consider it, is not a lot of money for 6 episodes of this kind of series).  But we don't want anything to keep you or your friends from joining with us in making a really special web series.  Even a contribution of $1 is worth so much more than that to us.  It's true!

If you haven't yet had a chance to spread the word, RIGHT NOW would be a great time to do so. Just copy this link: and send it along, tweet it, facebook it, text it.

One amazing Kickstarter (cuz that's who you people are, now) even DOUBLED her original contribution.  Did you know you could do that if you wanted?!  Now, Jill is getting her very own copy of the limited edition FIRST SEASON DVD of 'The Steps' - featuring never-before-seen behind the scenes extras, commentary from creator Dylan Kussman and cinematographer Tim Cofield and exclusive interviews. (pictures of the dvd in my kitchen, below)

We hope you'll back up your investment by spreading the word. 

Have a great weekend!

- Adam

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