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The Startup Kids is a documentary about young web entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Europe.
The Startup Kids is a documentary about young web entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Europe.
364 backers pledged $23,573 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. The Startup Kids Creator on

      Hi guys!

      A new update:

      We're sending you the digital link on 2nd of April.

      Sesselja and Vala

    2. Boris Stock on

      I have to agree. Do not forget your Kickstarter backers and please send the promised download link!...

    3. Rob Brazier on

      Any ideas when we'll get the download, still waiting... It's up on iTunes and we haven't had our download...

    4. Daniel Hour on

      What Gaz said... Can we still get a download link please? Thanks.

    5. Gaz Evans on

      did I miss the digital copy and the poster delivery?

    6. Dennis J. Jackson II on

      Where is the Digital Download link? Should we have received it yet?

    7. Eric Nakagawa on

      Any chance I can get a digital download? I hate being a bother, but many of us have waited 1.5 years.

    8. GoldFire Studios

      Yes, I was able to watch it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The production values and all of the interviews were great. Awesome work, can't wait to get the digital copy. We are going to have a watch party back at the office.

    9. The Startup Kids Creator on

      Hey Eric. The video was only available online for a week like we told people in our message. We'll send you another message when our backers receive a digital copy.

    10. Eric Nakagawa on

      Was anyone able to view the video on Vimeo? I just visited and it has been taken down/made private.

      Curious what your thoughts are on the video.

    11. Peter Hellberg on

      One day left of March 2012 ;)

    12. Eric Nakagawa on

      Ok here's another reminder for a reminder. Where's the video folks?

    13. The Startup Kids Creator on

      Thanks guys for your reminder. We need to do a better job in updating our backers.

      We're waiting for some answers we'll get next week. We'll send an update then and update you on everything that has been going on !

      Thanks for the patience.

      Sesselja and Vala

    14. Oo Nwoye on

      I am sure half of the people interviewed in this documentary would have had their companies acquired by the time this comes out.

      The type of behavior by you guys has most certainly prevented be from sponsoring another Kickstarter project. It will also make it harder for "1st acts" to have necessary backing. The established guys will not have a problem but people needing a first chance will most certainly do.

      Your backers deserve an update. it is the proper thing to do.

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    16. GoldFire Studios

      Any updates from the film festivals this was submitted to? A little more transparency would be greatly appreciated by all backers I'm sure.

    17. M. Christopher Johnson on

      I admit I didn't put in a lot of money but that doesn't mean I'm any less interested in seeing the movie. Hope we get an update soon!

    18. Sam Shafie on

      Yeah. The last update or if you want to call it an update was on Dec 1 when you mentioned about submitting the documentary to some film festival. Other than that, I have no idea where we are with this documentary. Is it done? And when can we (the backers) actually see it?

    19. Missing avatar

      Gene Clark on

      It has been 8+ months since this was funded, and you have since tripled what you claimed to need to fund this project. Why has it not come out yet? What is taking so long? I am not sure why no one else has commented on this fact yet, but as an investor, whose money you already have, I want to know what you are doing with it, and when I will see the fruits of your labor (and my investment).

    20. The Startup Kids Creator on

      Thanks. Sure!
      Good luck on your project!

    21. Missing avatar on

      I too am very grateful for the existence of such inspirational people like you girls! Maybe one day you'd be kind enough to submit a short inspirational story about yourself to my site... it's still being developed and is somewhat tightly narrowed to just the impact of brainwave entrainment on changing our lives day by day, but I plan on making it more general and include beautiful, inspirational stories such as yours!

      OK. Well, sorry for the long ramble - I wish you, your friends, families, the backers and everyone else all the very best in life and may happiness be with us all!

    22. The Startup Kids Creator on

      Thanks Shamrock! :)

    23. Shamrock on

      Sesselja and Vala, I think your OWN story is inspiring. In the midst of ecomomic ruin (iceland), it would be easy to just give up.

    24. ThinkExist Productions on

      Way to go girls! Love this idea!

    25. Brandy Suppi on

      Cant wait to see it!

    26. The Startup Kids Creator on

      Thank you Boris. We certainly hope so! :)

    27. Boris Stock on

      Great idea. I can not wait to see the final movie :) I bet it will be very inspiring!

    28. Cristhian Ferrufino on

      Full support great work..looking forward to see you on the big screen!

    29. Yoshitada Hirobe on

      I'd like to watch this movie with friends in Japan&China.

    30. Karl Makepeace on

      I'm really excited to see the finished project! Very happy to be able to help back it - thank you for creating this!

    31. Naveed Lalani on

      Looking forward to it!

    32. The Startup Kids Creator on

      Thank you Matt for your kind words! :)

    33. Matt Auckland on

      As a someone who is in the early stages of building a startup, and has already helped build and support a community radio project, I'm more than happy to back this documentary in any way I can. Thank you for making this film, it will bring so much insight to so many entrepreneurs like myself, for years to come.

    34. Elís Mar Einarsson on

      Wow! Way to go to go from ~1k to ~13k in 19h since I was here yesterday!! :)

    35. Edi Budimilic

      Great job! I hope to see my Startup in this kind of documentary one day :)

    36. The Startup Kids Creator on

      Thanks! :)

    37. Andrew Cornett on

      Congratulations on making your goal! Can't wait to see the finished documentary.