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I've been writing music since 1992 and am keenly interested in publishing it. It's not what you'd expect. I'd love to send it to you.

I have written, mixed and recorded a great deal of interesting, unique music that almost no one has ever heard. It just needs to to be professionally mastered, protected and published! I hope to take my music online through various digital distribution services such as iTunes, and the like. I also plan to offer downloads from my web site. The overarching goal is to get the music into the hands of the people that might enjoy it while meeting my own high standards.

What's the big deal with mastering? In the right hands - it's the difference between muddy and clear, fresh spring water. It's not just loudness - it's clarity, fresh ears and adding that last bit of polish that makes music really stand out on your speakers.

To hear an example of my music pre-mastered and mastered go to: This sample was a section of a larger piece that was mastered by a great team in Florida. I plan on doing most of my mastering with them.

Professional Mastering for each individual track costs between $25-80. Not so bad when you're doing 1-2 tracks, but I've got over 100 that need this in order to meet industry standards and my own expectations. Copyrighting, UPC generation and publication costs $100-200 per "CD." Producing physical CDs costs around $200 for 100 CDs these days. I won't be creating many physical CDs, but there are people who still want to buy music in this format, so I will have some manufactured.

You can hear my works in their pre-mastered state at I hope you like it enough to consider donating $1, because even that will help get these compositions out to the public.

Here's a few new compositions I've been toying with:

In addition, to writing my own music, I am the (non-resident) Resident Composer for NYC's Nicu's Spoon Theater Company. You can check out their work here.

As I mentioned earlier, the music is done, the artwork is complete (I'm a graphic designer by trade) for each CD and I'm really more than ready to launch this project out to the wide world.

Atheneaum (20 tracks)

theStark (15 tracks)

What Might Have Been (14 tracks)

IIII (14 tracks)

Music For Theatre (17 Tracks)

Unreleased (20 Tracks)

Thanks for taking the time to check out my project. I hope you like what you hear enough to make a contribution.

theStark . Damon Law


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    INTERN – You will receive access to downloadable copies of the music.

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    JUNIOR PRODUCER – In addition to the above rewards, your name (if so desired) will be credited on my web site indicating that I couldn't have done it without you.

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    PRODUCER: In addition to the above, you will get a Special Edition CD, custom booklet and I'll even autograph it for you.

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    SENIOR EXECUTIVE – In addition to the above rewards, I'll compose a new musical selection specifically for you and you'll have the opportunity name it. The piece will include one of a kind, signed artwork. ALTERNATIVELY – If you are a composer or in a band already, I will create a dance or experimental remix for you. I'll need high quality WAV or AIF files (Preferably Individual tracks - or stems) from you in this case.

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