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Designed in 1974 by Danne &
Blackburn, rescinded in 1992 by NASA, reissued in 2016 as a hardcover book.
Intro by designer Richard Danne, essay by Christopher Bonanos, and the
exclusive never-before-released original presentation.
Designed in 1974 by Danne & Blackburn, rescinded in 1992 by NASA, reissued in 2016 as a hardcover book. Intro by designer Richard Danne, essay by Christopher Bonanos, and the exclusive never-before-released original presentation.
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Your NASA Standards Manual has shipped!

Posted by Jesse Reed & Hamish Smyth (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We have great news: your order of the NASA Graphics Standards Manual Reissue is now on the way!

Today, all 9,240 books left shipping facilities in the US, UK, and Australia.

Today you will receive an email from
containing your tracking number. 

If you don't get the email, please check your junk folders.
If you still can't find it please send us a message through Kickstarter, or email

If you have not received your book within 10 business days please send us a message through Kickstarter, or email

Thank you all so much for supporting this project. We hope you love the book as much as we do. Please let us know what you think in the comments

Stay tuned for more projects and updates from us in the future.

Our best,
Jesse Reed & Hamish Smyth

To thank you for your support, here's a $10 off code
for our second book, the NYCTA Compact Edition
Enter this code in checkout: NASA10

Here's a sneak peak of what to expect. Enjoy!

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    1. mrphoenix on

      Received my copy here in the UK last week - delivered on a Sunday morning (by some dude in his own car, evidently a contractor). The book is perfect. Thanks.

    2. Hiromi Maeo | enhanced Inc. on

      Mine arrived last weekend.
      This book itself is really good and beautiful so I'm satisfied :-)
      I'm looking foward to your next project. Great guys!

    3. Missing avatar

      Quentin Cole on

      Why are people complaining about the sleeve? You're not going to keep this fantastic book stuck in that sleeve, are you?

    4. Missing avatar

      Quentin Cole on

      Received mine yesterday. Another amazing book guys! Thanks. Loving this book.

    5. Jesse Reed & Hamish Smyth 4-time creator on

      @Paul Hainsworth:
      Sorry to hear that. Please send us a message on Kickstarter and we’ll get you a new copy.

      @Drew Schorno + @Kim A. Boe + @Brad Barrish
      Same as above, please send us a message.

      @Glenn Copeland: :)

      @Alexander Rea: Hope you finally opened it! The NYCTA compact edition is available at

      @Gobion: Gobion. Sorry you’ve had a bad experience with the shipping company. Did you get the book?

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Hainsworth on

      Received mine today and on first glance I'm a bit disappointed. Foil cover has lots of black streaks and dents running down it and has holes in the corners where it has been folded over, some of the fold out pages are damaged too.

    7. Drew Schorno on

      The binding on mine is very messed up... is there any way for me to exchange or replace it?

    8. Missing avatar

      Kim A. Boe on

      Well, now the shipping company claims my package is undeliverable due to a bad address, which is nonsense unless they mangled the survey response.

      Sadly, since the tracker is useless, I cannot see who the local courier is in order to contact them directly, nor can I see if they have the right address. I am leaving the country for two weeks tomorrow morning, and I fear my book will be returned to sender as a result of me not being able to collect it at whatever warehouse it ends up in.

      How should I get in touch to resolve this?

    9. Glenn Copeland

      Got mine today. Same dark streaks on bag. Don't care.

      My wife had no idea it was coming. As she is a NASA and design nerd, I think I might get lucky tonight.

      [Note: I am lucky *every* day I am with her.]

    10. Alexander Rea on

      I can't open the foil – because I'm taking a moment! We are such nerds of an extraordinary degree. With the consistency of the foil marking I wonder if it's not intended? It appears in the promo photos which could have been taken out in post. Like it's a visual quote to a long lost NASA foil bag somewhere? That would be just the type of charming story you want to hear right? I missed out on the NYCTA book which is distressing because I am an amateur subway historian living in the city. Though seeing an original along with an entire Vignelli tribute at the MoMA was pleasure enough.

    11. Missing avatar

      Gobion on

      I have to agree with Kim Boe, below. The UK shipping company "Asendia" is abysmal (also I've never heard of them before!) - their emails are missing information, the shipping numbers are incorrect and as far as I can tell my book has been sitting in a warehouse for 4 days. Given I paid $44 for shipping two books I would have expected better :)

      No sign of my books yet...

    12. Brad Barrish on

      I received mine today and it was pretty banged up and the book itself has damage. Where can I send photos of the book to get a replacement?

    13. Pamela J Goodwin

      Wow. Wow. I love it. I'm totally geeking out on this book ... Question, does the book have an ISBN number? ( I'm trying to catalog it ). Thanks!

    14. Tom Muller on

      Copy received. Same streaks on the foil sleeve — but thats to be expected unless you put the sleeve in a sleeve. Amazing object!

    15. Missing avatar

      AMS on

      Like Andrew and Alexander below, mine has arrived, and while the book is great the foil sleeve has dark streaks along it too.

    16. Andrew Lent on

      Received mine yesterday! The production is fantastic! Like Alexander, I too have some marring on the foil sleeve from the box, which is unfortunate. Otherwise, this is amazing!

    17. Alexander Meseguer on

      Just received mine and I adore it. Thank you for making this a reality. I only have one quibble. The cardboard box it came in seems to have marred the foil sleeve leaving long dark streaks. Photos available upon request. Would I be able to get an extra sleeve shipped to me?

    18. Missing avatar

      Kim A. Boe on

      About that shipping partner you're using in the UK for European shipments, it is not very good... the site is poor and tracking info sorely lacking. Considering the extremely high shipping costs, ($50 is 63% of the book's cost, to ship from the UK to Norway, a country with no import tax/VAT on books, is crazy) I would have expected something more... mainstream.

      I expect it will arrive in due time, and be of excellent quality. But next time you do a kickstarter, please try to keep those shipping costs down.

    19. Gary Burke

      I got mine today and it's phenomenal. Love it. Everything is great, and it's proudly going on my shelf next to the NYC Subway styleguide. I can't wait to see what you guys do next - might I suggest the 1970s Parks Canada styleguide, while maybe not as iconic to Americans, it's a superb example of high Modernism.

      Now we just need NASA to switch back to this logo. :)

    20. Jesse Reed & Hamish Smyth 4-time creator on

      ALL: Thank you all for the great feedback! It makes us so happy to hear.

      @Duane King: We had some problems with the tracking numbers for a small percentage of backers. You should have received the correct one by now, but if you haven;t please sent us a note to

    21. Dr Mark Bivens

      Mine arrived yesterday, very impressed with the book - the presentation, quality of paper and printing and the layout are all of the highest quality. I'm particularly pleased with the gate-fold pages, they are cut short enough that they can't become caught in the gutter and folded. Colour reproduction is flawless and the packaging for the book suits it perfectly.

      Great work and my thanks to you all for a marvellous effort.

    22. Hiromi Maeo | enhanced Inc. on

      I'm looking forward to receiving this book at Japan.

    23. Missing avatar

      Scott Battaglia on

      I actually received mine today! Haven't had time to go through all of it yet, but what I've seen so far as very nice!

    24. Duane King on

      Can't wait! As an FYI, I've received two FedEx shipment notifications—neither of which are for me.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ken Taniguchi on

      I just got it now from the post office. I am in Brisbane, Australia. Thanks!

    26. Kayla Halleur

      How funny to have received this update - I received my copy in the mail yesterday! (I'm in Melbourne, Australia, if that helps anyone).

      It's stunning! Well done on a perfect Kickstarter campaign!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Gobion on

      Cool! I can't wait to receive my copies. Hopefully the tracking link you sent will start giving some tracking info at some point soon :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Dom Prevost on

      Thank you, really looking forward to receiving it!

    29. Ellen Weiss on

      Jesse and Hamish, you make my day!

    30. Missing avatar

      Heyman Smulders on

      Looks sooo awesome!

    31. Liam Daly on

      Fantastic news! Can't wait to read