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Designed in 1974 by Danne & Blackburn and rescinded by NASA in 1992. Reissued as a hardcover book.
Designed in 1974 by Danne &
Blackburn, rescinded in 1992 by NASA, reissued in 2016 as a hardcover book.
Intro by designer Richard Danne, essay by Christopher Bonanos, and the
exclusive never-before-released original presentation.
Designed in 1974 by Danne & Blackburn, rescinded in 1992 by NASA, reissued in 2016 as a hardcover book. Intro by designer Richard Danne, essay by Christopher Bonanos, and the exclusive never-before-released original presentation.
8,798 backers pledged $941,966 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ro Olufunwa

      Guys it's the principle NOT the amount!

      I'm still waiting on the PayPal rebate of $10 For the American Revolutions Bicentennial Standards Manual....

    2. Missing avatar

      Kim A. Boe on

      @christopher You shouldn't feel cheated... you should feel silly for not taking the time to read the text of the campaign and look at the photos provided, which show the formatting of the pages quite clearly, and have done so from the start.

    3. Christopher Swainhart on

      I finally got to see this product as I had given it as a Christmas present. The kickstarter project said this was a re-issue of NASA logo standards book. Unfortunately it was just a photocopy of the book, in a nice binding, etc., but not a re-issue of the guide. Very disappointed. I feel cheated.

    4. Stuart Brown on

      Belated love the manual. Pleased to have backed.

    5. Jesse Reed & Hamish Smyth 4-time creator on

      Dear backers,

      As this campaign ended in 2015, we are no longer regularly checking these comments. If you have any questions please email us at Thank you!

      Jesse & Hamish

    6. Siegfried Rumpfhuber on

      I still haven't received my 2 copies. Thanks for letting me know what the issue is.

    7. Pablo Noel on

      Hi guys!

      Thanks for solving my problem! The book is amazingly beautiful and the packaging is just as awesome.

    8. GoodWatch on

      @Jesse Reed & Hamish Smyth. A a couple of backers have asked the same question I will ask now but seem to be ignored: why I, as a backer, have paid $101 for a book that can be bought by non-backers for $70? Backers take a risk with their pledge but regular customers don't. This is, by the way, the first time in 10+ KS projects that I have paid (much) more for a reward than regular customers. All in the game?

    9. Jesse Reed & Hamish Smyth 4-time creator on

      @Hlfx: Happy to help! We are very glad it all worked out.

      @Alvin: We have reached out to you about your shipment.

    10. Alvin Lord on

      Hi guys,

      I still haven't received my book. Can you please let me know when my book i can get the book?thank

    11. Missing avatar

      hlfx on

      Hey guys I sincerly want to thank you for doing almost the impossible in order to me have the manual, you went further and beyond!!!, I got it yesterday and it's amazing!!!, again THANKS A LOT, you guys rocks!!!

    12. Jesse Reed & Hamish Smyth 4-time creator on

      @Nigel @Pablo We have reached out each of you individually about your shipments!

    13. Missing avatar

      Nigel Sielegar on

      Hi guys,

      I still haven't received my book. I know I sent my response a bit late for address confirmation. Can you please respond and let me know when my book will be sent out?

    14. Missing avatar

      troy on

      Well no communication about the slap in the face that was the immediate price drop for non-backers, which is tantamount to penalizing early supporters. I will not support future projects by this team. That said, the book is great. The respect for supporters isnt. Kickstarter is a community and this wasn't, in my opinion, an acceptable way to treat backers who bore the risk here.

    15. Pablo Noel on

      Hi guys, I'm still waiting for the book to arrive. The tracking system show the last activity was on 12-Apr-2016. I sen't an email too, but still no response, can I get some help?

    16. Jesse Reed & Hamish Smyth 4-time creator on

      @Ben Thompson @hlfx @andrew we have reached out to each of you directly!

    17. Ben Thompson on

      Still not received my book! please can you drop me a line

    18. Missing avatar

      hlfx on

      Im still waiting for my book, also not happy about the reissue, very inconsiderate regarding we the original backers, can you AT LEAST help me in getting my manual?

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Having now posted my last comment I've now seen the comments from others to see that I'm not the only person who's been very poorly served as I having paid and funded a product they still haven't received.

      For those of you trying to contact them the email and the person Cameron Kerst is the contact I have, albeit I have had no contact from them since April 1st when I was informed that , to quote

    20. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      I still haven't received my manual. I have contacted you 6 times since the attempted delivery when I was on holiday, and you still haven't had the courtesy to reply to my emails even though 4 weeks ago you stated that you would be reposting a copy for me. Really bad customer service and attitude .

    21. Missing avatar

      A on

      I'm very happy with my book. It's beautiful and the quality is fantastic. Unfortunately one book had some slight wrinkles on a couple of pages, but I received a new one extraordinarily fast. Thank you for doing this project.

    22. Missing avatar

      Martin Diering on

      i thought the book is limited and now you can buy it much cheaper?? good buy, i mean bye

    23. Missing avatar

      kirk atkinson on

      Appreciate everything Team NGSM! And congrats on the highlight from Wired! Great publicity for you.…

    24. Missing avatar

      Spencer Saunders on

      Really enjoying the book. Was disappointed to find out that the public release is identical, but with free shipping.

    25. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Poreba on

      I haven't received the book or a response to any of my two emails. The package tracking level of detail is amazing. It says "somewhere in transit" since March 14th.

    26. Michael Quiapos on

      I absolutely love the book!

    27. Andrew Z on

      I'm happy with the book, but I'm not happy about the reissue. This book cost me $161 USD, but now I can buy it for $117.50. It's not a cool thing to do to the original backers.

    28. Missing avatar

      troy on

      I received my book and love it!
      it is a bit of a slap in the face to see shipping is now free so that if i had waited I could have kept my money, ordered the same product, spent less and received it at about the same time.
      Like others, I too thought this was a limited edition print and was confined to the orders on the kickstarter, this was the motivation for me funding it. That said, i like the idea of more people having access to this. I feel no need to horde it.
      I think the prudent thing to do, since the capital to execute this was built on the backs of the original supporters, would be to have had some type of incentive for the support.
      What does it say to the community when everyone is not only were they out their money for months, but they spent more than people who jump in after the wait and get the exact same thing?
      I am glad this project happened, but the creators would be wise to honor the investment they took from all the original backers of this. Also think of how people view decisions like this.
      I will for sure think twice about backing the next project from the same people. Why would i front them the money when i can just wait and get it cheaper and with no risk?

    29. Sinisa Radnovic on

      Actually paper inside the book is only thing worth. As you can read at the back of the book it is a Yuppo! That is a synthetic PP paper which can't be tear. Meaning this book will last! Rather expensive solution.
      Everything else, as I complain many times in the comments, is not worth the money (as actually they show to all of us by putting the real price on the book in their store). Bad scan, bad concept, only original idea for preserving something like this a "NASA standard" was good.
      Since I have NYC traffic standard book as well, which was performed the same way as this book, I now know that those guys are not capable to make anything worth admiring.

      Sorry guys, but you had a chance to execute something really valuable but greed win again!

    30. Jesse Reed & Hamish Smyth 4-time creator on

      @Kelly @Yoshito @Horea @hlfx: We have reached out to each of you personally via messages about your books!

      @Jens @Dave @Justin @Graeme @Paul @Michael: Thanks a ton! We are very glad you are enjoying your books.


    31. Missing avatar

      Kelly Parks on

      Hi there, same here… I haven't received my book yet or any information where it got stuck. I would appreciate your update. thanks

    32. Yoshito Hasaka on

      Hi, I haven't received my book yet.
      How can I ask you for delivery? It's shipped? not shipped? If shipped, where is it stacking? trackable?
      It's really sad to see the news that it's sold to public before I haven't made any touch of it.
      Please make the status of my book clear.


    33. Missing avatar

      Nick Eaton on

      Adding to the chorus ... it was very frustrating to see this book is now available for less money than the Kickstarter campaign. I was excited to back the project when it was a limited edition and I was actually paying for exclusivity, but now that anyone can buy this for CHEAPER, I am disheartened. I also will not be backing another one of their Kickstarter endeavors.

    34. Missing avatar

      Eric Holzhueter on

      I'm also saddened this was not a limited single print only for backers and is also available $15 cheaper for anyone. This will bode poorly for future endeavors as I surely will not be backing through kickstarter.

    35. Missing avatar

      Dave Larsen on

      Never-mind, I found it. Thanks

    36. Missing avatar

      Dave Larsen on

      I ordered two books and they look great. I was hoping to view this on my tablet so I could zoom. Do we get a PDF?

    37. Jens Niemann on

      Have received the book - it's beautiful! Hope you had a lot of fun doing this project, it certainly makes a lot of fun to read it!
      Greetings from Germany

    38. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      This is crap. I swear they said they would not print any more after the initial kickstarter run. Which is the only reason I backed the project. Also, now it's cheaper if I would've waited. Bullshit. This was the first project I ever backed on Kickstarter. And it's this kind of bullshit that always made me hesitant to ever support anything on kickstarter. Lesson learned.

    39. Missing avatar

      Abdul Taiyeb Doctor on

      What a joke. Firstly, my books arrive scuffed. Secondly, the paper quality of these books are far from what I expected. I run a sign and printing shop, and I was wondering what made them think the book was worth $80 considering the quality of the paper used. Thirdly, I thought these were limited edition books - guess not!!!! And lastly, the shipping now is actually cheaper than what I paid....Pathetic.

    40. Jimmy Chen on

      Lack of response from Jesse and Hamish is very disheartening. So many enthusiastic backers with legitimate questions / concerns and not a single word from the creators. Sad.

    41. Rom on

      Seeing this is already available on the site for pre-orders and with free shipping, I'm having kickstarter shipping-remorse :)

    42. Sinisa Radnovic on


      Try to send them email on

      I had problem with receiving my book and after I send email on above address they forward it to their shipping agent in UK and they resolve the issue.
      Hope I help!

    43. Horea Scalat on

      please check your messages.
      I didn't get my copy of the manual, I have no tracking number (mail with it might have landed into the junk folder, sadly there's no way to check that now) and I'm at a loss about how to proceed from here.

    44. Missing avatar

      hlfx on

      I've reaching you by all the media and I had not get any answer (sent several emails and trying to reach you on twittern....nothing), can you please help me? more than 10 days has passed and I still dont get my manual, the tracking number is USELESS, please check your email!!!!

    45. Stuart Brown on

      Really enjoying book.

    46. Missing avatar

      Dave Larsen on

      Just received, this is a super cool book. I love it. I got one for my Dad, and my wifes step dad. They were both my age when this was first released and totally love it too. Good Job!

    47. Missing avatar

      ed nelson on

      Nice book folks well done, my foil cover however is scuffed up and marked, please can you arrange for a new one to be sent

    48. Sinisa Radnovic on


      Now it is too late for complaining. They deliver it in the way they think is good. Lame!

      I was complaining on that matter couple of months ago (you can find my comments somewhere bellow) but didn't succeed in pushing them to make good product. They simply think that this is good enough. Sadly!

      I must say I like the Yuppo synthetic paper on which they print!!

    49. Missing avatar

      Charles Morgan

      I am with Ryde Ripps, why would I look for the small print about how the 'book' was going to be bound given how the video presented it. Photocopying of the pages and printing then like that is incredibly disappointing. Either produce as per original or re-format and make a good looking book. Very disappointing for a space fan. I could do the same with the Apollo manuals I have!
      Charlie Morgan

    50. Missing avatar

      Kim A. Boe on

      Greame, shoot them a message directly, they were able to sort out my shipping problems in a day. I'm sure they'll furnish you with a replacement :)

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