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Limited edition reissue of the 1970 New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual, by Unimark's Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda. Exclusive to Kickstarter.The Compact Edition 10 × 10" version of the book is now available:
Limited edition reissue of the 1970 New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual, by Unimark's Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda. Exclusive to Kickstarter.The Compact Edition 10 × 10" version of the book is now available:
6,718 backers pledged $802,812 to help bring this project to life.

A special thanks to our early adopters.

Posted by Jesse Reed & Hamish Smyth (Creator)

Dear backers,

When we first received permission from the MTA to reissue the Standards Manual, we began tweeting a page a day on Twitter @standardsmanual, offering the world a delicious preview of pages and pages of book porn.

(Still doing that, so feel free to indulge.)

Around that time, type designer Nick Sherman reached out after a “weekend experiment” of recreating the font from the Standards Manual, using the photographs we posted on Nick has allowed us to use this recreation—a custom version of Standard Medium—on the reissue cover, introduction, and essay headings. Since the beginning of our campaign, Nick has also been working with high-resolution scans that we supplied to further refine the typeface.

In the weeks up to launching this campaign, we were trying to delineate just who and how many people would be interested in this reissue. Of course we were incredibly excited, and incredibly biased–we are bonafide design nerds. Still, we worked out that the best possible situation was to make a campaign goal of producing 1,000 books.

Then we hit that goal in mere hours—which has brought us to where we are now.

We realize we could not have gotten to where we are now without our early adopters. And we truly thank you for that. To properly recognize your support, each of the first 1,000 backers will receive an 8 x 8" specimen sheet of Nick’s typeface, letterpress printed with black ink in the United States. (See below!)

Nick isn’t the only person who has come out of the woodworks since we began this journey, and we have more exciting announcements to share in the coming days.

Stay tuned, 

Jesse and Hamish

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    1. Laird Popkin

      Cory that's cool! I'm hacker #51. Woot! (OK, backer numbers are silly to get excited about. But I was born in NYC and am a font/design geek, so I often get excited about "silly" things).

    2. Colin Williams

      All I'm saying is that I backed the project from day 1. So I've seen the waves of early backers (first 500 and second 500) get upset that the edition got extended beyond what the original goal was, and a fair number of people said they were backing out of the project.

      Now I'm seeing later backers complaining that they aren't getting the same thank you note that the first 1000 backers are getting.

      Keep in mind, when the project launched originally there were only ~1250 available copies. So the fact that they have opened this up is very generous.

      I suspect the creators weren't anticipating the demand would be this high, and were planning on this being a much smaller, and easier to manage project. Obviously the demand is quite high, and they've had to change things just to make a larger edition possible.

      It's easy to see that the project is at 600k, and still going up, but a project like this went from being something that was I imagine originally anticipated "easy" to manage an edition of 1500 books to now an edition of 5000+. It's not like they're pocketing 600k and calling it a day. They have their day jobs and have been kind enough to do the leg work to be able to share this book with backers on kickstarter.

      Don't mean to be rude about it, just saying we should all just be thankful we're able to get a copy at all.

    3. Missing avatar

      Flavio Alvarez on

      I feel like this should be given to the first 2725 backers, or so...

    4. Cory Evan Wright on

      So a quick FYI for other curious backers: after satisfying my own curiosity the hacker way (running some quick console scripts on the backers page) to check my position in the list, I realized that you can just visit and click on your pledge to view your backer number. (#980 here!) Hope that helps.

    5. Cory Evan Wright on

      Ditto Larkin below; I only count 750 in the "Early Backer" pledge groups... I was excited to think that my pledge (in the first $118-level group) would be in that 1,000, but now it seems as if that's not the case, which is a bummer. I do think it was a great idea to offer something to the earliest backers, however.

    6. Missing avatar

      Larkin Werner on

      Yeah, you should have just sent this email to the early adopters, cause you're giving the rest of us sad face. :-( ...quite the tease. Esp considering we're paying more for the book. Also, where did 1000 come from, I count 750 in your pledge list (500 US and 250 EU). Regardless, excited for the book. Great project.

    7. Eric Hsia on

      Colin, we've all been chill here. I haven't read a single comment that's been out of line or accusatory. We're just asking a legit question. As far as the cost for making a font available, the creators are $500,000 over their goal and counting...

    8. Missing avatar

      Rick on

      Another vote for making the print available to all backers, either gratis or for a reasonable price. While it was clearly a boneheaded move to send the email to all backers (rather than just the first 1,000) you're free to give the prints to whomever you please. Just know that there are probably a few thousand others who pledged their money to your project and would be interested in the print. (Apologies for the redundant sentiment -- I just want the powers that be to know that it's not just a small minority who feel this way.)

    9. Missing avatar

      corey on

      add me to the "how do i know if i was in the first 1,000?" and "could we get the typeface in a digital format?" and "is there any way to get the specimen if we were not in the first 1,000?" club.

      i have no issue with you giving a gift to the first 1,000. nice gesture. making it available to the rest of the backers somehow (even for a reasonable price) would be great too but i understand it's just additional work so may be difficult.

    10. Missing avatar

      Samuel Lim on

      How do we know if we're amongst the first 1000? I, like most of us, backed this project the moment I knew about it. I didn't even wait for a few days to consider for whatever reasons. I'm just not sure why the 'first 1000' are being seen as backers of an exclusive club.

      + many of the early backers even got a discount on this

    11. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Bobu on

      By definition some folks clicked sooner than others. In this case I'm with Eric and Babak... since you've done so phenomenally, isn't there a way to extend that to everyone somehow?

      There seems little doubt that the project has truly struck a nerve among those of us passionate about the City, and the MTA... Why not ping us all and see just how many would like the printout, and then see how feasible it would be to make it available to all who want...

      Absent that option, may I suggest that next time you do a project, if you're going to separate the first 1000 people from the group, you might want to only send the mail to that first 1000 instead of pumping everyone up, only for most of us to realize we're not in the first 1000... :-(

    12. Colin Williams

      Backers - Everyone needs to chill.

      First it was early backers who were complaining that what felt limited was suddenly opened up to a much larger edition (but still small).

      Now it's the later backers complaining that they don't get the cool special treat that the early backers get.

      Just be thankful that they're able to print this book, and that you're able to back it.

      And as wonderful as distributing a font would be, a whole lot goes into making a font fully usable. You're asking the creators to give away something they likely put a great deal of time into, and would likely need to put even more time into to make it production ready.

      Happy to be receiving a copy of this, thank you for going through the effort to print it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Moritz Resl on

      Does receiving this via email mean I am one of the first thousand?

    14. Jowy Romano on

      A digital download of the font would be a fantastic "stretch goal" reward addition.

    15. Missing avatar

      dancharvey on

      Add me to the list of peeps dying to have that available as a font.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gordon Werner on

      I too would really like the font in TrueType (or OpenType) format for my computer as well.

      Regardless, thanx!

    17. Antonio Carusone on

      Awesome. Thanks so much for the gift.

    18. John on

      If I got this via email, does that mean that I am one of the first 1000? (I am not sure if I am or not)

    19. Carlos J. Hernandez on

      Not knowing the intellectual property issues involved, how awesome would be to have this typeface on electronic forms so we could make our own NYC Subway style signs.

    20. Eric Hsia on

      I wasn't one of the first 1000, but I would have if I had known about the project sooner. How can the rest of us get a print?

    21. Babak K.

      You are $500k over your goal and growing, which is great. Why not share the love with all of your backers who got you to this point?

    22. Bridget Sumser on

      If I wasn't in the first 1000, is there still a way to receive a copy of this print? Thanks!

    23. Laurence Freedman on

      Thank you so much for this gift, it will be framed and mounted for any and all guests to appreciate. This is truly a wonderful project both for the aesthetics and sentimentality it brings with it. I am proud to be a backer!

    24. Andrew Shuttleworth on

      Love it. I want that font!

    25. Missing avatar

      Wally Krantz on

      You guys are amazing. Thank you, and thanks to Nick Sherman.