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$47,317 pledged of $200,000 goal
By The Skin Deep Team
$47,317 pledged of $200,000 goal

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    1. The Skin Deep Team Creator on

      Thank you all for your beautiful comments. It means a lot to us,
      {THE AND} is bigger than us. It belongs to all of you. We're gonna take some time to re-strategize but we promise, we'll find another way to keep it going.



    2. Emma Craig on

      I love you're project so much I can't wait to see what other ways you make this project happen : )

    3. Missing avatar

      Debra Hertz on

      I am sorry that you didn't reach your goal. Perhaps the time for this important project is not today. But don't give up. What you are doing is important and impactful. We need more real conversations.. at times painful, at times joyful, at times playful. The And matters.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nikolina Dukić on

      Please don't give up, make another campaign or something, please don't close this project!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Gina on

      Sorry to hear that you didn't reach your impact. The And has touched me in so many ways its unbelievable please do another campaign so all your supporters can still be able to donate. I hope to buy The And game soon as support. God bless

    6. Missing avatar

      Samreen Shah on

      Very disappointed to wake up this morning and see that you didn't reach your target. I've been following The And from the beginning. Amongst all the online pollution, this project speaks a very brave truth. It cuts away at layers we as people and society have created and allows people to do what we really need to. It carves the way for love, empathy and dialogue. We are our own greatest resource and this is what the project allows us to be. I've taken a lot from these videos and on some days when I want to reignite dialogue with my partner, we ask each other 4 questions from the game. I've shared videos, cried over them and watched them again to really learn and hear from the people on them.
      I hope this isn't the end for this beautiful project. It's a unique and creative project, and I hope you find a way to keep effecting lives.

    7. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      Really disappointed you couldn't reach the target. But by any means please keep doing what you do! This is very important to show the depth and strength of the connections that bind 2 people together - gives everybody (gives me) hope and reassurance that true love is out there and we should strive to find and nurture it. Keep it on!

    8. Mickaela Marie Scarpedis-Casper on

      I am so sad to see this not hitting it's goal, but I threw a pledge in anyway. I'll be buying the card game in the near future for sure.. I love {THE AND} <3

    9. Missing avatar

      Ahouley Amandine Laure Dago on

      I've been following {THE AND} from the begining! I don't clearly remember how I ended up on your Youtube channel but the first video I watched was Norma and Cecilio, and I cried ( tears of hapiness of course) while watching it! The project is very powerful, I even got one of your sentence as my laptop screensaver: Look me in the eye and tell me something in silent :-)
      I love what you are doing! I just wanted you guys to know that and I hope that you will be able to keep on going with the project because this world needs it!

    10. Missing avatar

      Fai West on

      I'm a student and I've been following your project since you guys started it and I love it. i tell everyone about your videos!! You really get me thinking in a different way and have totally impacted me with your content. Thanks for making and i hope my $5 helps !!!

    11. carla tramullas Collaborator on

      The fact is that we need funding to keep doing {THE AND}, either in New York or anywhere else. We were leading the Kickstarter campaign to take it global and to continue on. We focused on Global because it felt like the natural next step that everyone was requesting, and that adds value to the project. Leading with the positive versus the reality of needing financial support to stay In operation. We felt that the desire to go global would be enough, but we learned that it isn't and we are set with certain financial realities.

      The campaign has been a great experience for us in learning the best way to communicate with our audience and we've learned that it's important to not only communicate the desire and the goal but also the urgency and need.

    12. Missing avatar

      Incongruity on

      So I guess what I don't quite understand from the last update is I thought this kickstarter was to take THE AND global, but now it sounds like a lack of funding ends it completely? Why can't THE AND continue as it has been without going global? That's something that the campaign page failed to really express to me.

    13. Missing avatar

      Joylan Jones-Solomon on

      I love you guys and what you are doing! I hope you guys aren't too discouraged. Try again! Please!

    14. Annie

      Love you guys!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Kerry V on

      Love The And! Thanks for making it. There could be some other cool rewards, things like: add a question (or more) of your choice to the printed deck (subject to approval), be on the real show with a person of your choice, get to watch a filming (with permission of the pair), 100 bonus questions for the printed deck for people who have already run through the current one, targeted to different types of relationships like friendships and family, Skype chat with the team about filmmaking or about their favorite stories... Personal experiences that go along with the spirit of the show.