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FREEQ is an innovative IPhone game/interactive radio drama, that if funded will now feature the voices of Anessa Ramsey and Teddy Dunn.
Created by

Jesse Vigil

35 backers pledged $12,401 to help bring this project to life.

UPDATE! Stuff is happening!

You're looking at the new in-progress revision to the look-and-feel of the game, which we have decided is going to embrace the bygone era of radio a little more fully. This decision was informed by a couple of early prototyping sessions where we started to lock the story and characters and how a player will actually participate in the story of the game. This is the rear logo of the t-shirt you people we owe a t-shirt can look forward to receiving. We're placing the order this week and very excited.

In fact, now would be a good time to thank our Associate Producer-level Kickstarter backers, one of whom has already played an early version of the prototype and another of whom is on deck to play it once we reach 50% content complete. -- The game has gone through an exciting evolution over the past two months, namely, it looks a lot less like the video posted here... in fact it looks a lot less like anything at all. But it SOUNDS amazing.

The horrible video shot on my aging cell phone shows our first experiments and excitement with a prototype Mike made that does not use much visual component to surf the signals. Instead, you can just tilt and tune the device and use your ears to find a strong signal. Discovering the phantom transmissions is 100 times more exciting, we've discovered, when you stumble upon them using only your ears and we're so totally jazzed about this that we've redesigned a part of the game to capture this experience.

The end result is that you're going to be able to sit on the subway or bus or in your bed and close your eyes and twirl the device in your hand and you won't NEED to look at the screen until you've locked onto a signal. It's fun, it's cool, it embraces the radio metaphor- we're pumped.

More as it happens. We've hired a kickass engineer to make the prototype going faster. T-shirts are about to get ordered, those of you who are getting a peek at our design notes will be getting some PDFs next week, and it is ALL very exciting.

Thanks SO MUCH for hanging in there with us and believing in the game.

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