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FREEQ is an innovative IPhone game/interactive radio drama, that if funded will now feature the voices of Anessa Ramsey and Teddy Dunn.
FREEQ is an innovative IPhone game/interactive radio drama, that if funded will now feature the voices of Anessa Ramsey and Teddy Dunn.
35 backers pledged $12,401 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Earl Scioneaux on

      According to this article, the people behind this game are Sam Roberts, Mike Stein, and Jesse Vigil:

      With a little poking around, I believe I've discovered their twitter handles:

      Sam Roberts - @ashtonesq
      Mike Stein - @mikejstein
      Jesse Vigil - @jesseRvigil

      I figured this might be useful just in case anyone wants to tweet to them. They don't seem to be responding here.

    2. Manu

      Hello! Anyone here? Is the project still going?

    3. Earl Scioneaux on

      It's been a year since the last update. Any progress?

    4. Dahlia on

      happy holidays!!!

    5. Dahlia on

      Wicked excited! hope you guys are going strong!!

    6. Dahlia on

      Wicked excited! hope you guys are going strong!!

    7. Manu

      Loved the video, indeed great voice acting. Can't wait to get my hands on a beta.

    8. Jesse Vigil Creator on

      @Brent, you're the third or fourth person to ask about an Android version, here and in messages. If it goes over big enough on Cupertino's platform, it seems like the Android people are super into this. I kind of want a Droid myself, so there ya go...

      For now, though, we're going to play a rough paper prototype tomorrow night. We made schedules and budgets and are gearing up, so it's been a super-exciting week already.

    9. Brent Rose on

      Congrats, guys! Make a version of this app for Android, too!!

    10. Missing avatar

      oulfis on

      All right! 8 hours, only $60 to go! At this point, you oughta pledge yourselves some money just to make sure it goes through!

      I'm so excited!!

    11. Dahlia on

      awesome!! Cant wait!! If i could contribute more i would.

    12. Jesse Vigil Creator on

      Hi Dahlia!
      It's kind of a "Back to the Future Part II" mechanic, in fact, you sort of guessed it. Partway through the game you gain the ability to be sort of a temporal switchboard operator, putting characters in different times in touch with each other, hijacking radios to play news broadcasts from 30 years in the future, and in a few instances, using a version of an EMP spike to PREVENT certain characters from ever communicating with any other part of the timestream again.

      The future obviously changes and there are a few opportunities to get it quite right, but the super cool part is the story engine that powers this system (which gets its first test next week - gawd I hope we make our goal!) has the ability to change more than just the outcome of the game -- all the actions you take and stories you influence have an effect on which characters are the ultimate heroes, villains, love interests and more. So it's not the Holy Grail of Story in Games, but it's a very promising step towards a very personalized game and story experience that SHOULD be in line with your personal aesthetics.

    13. Dahlia on

      So this is wicked super sweet... I just have a little question... HOW do you actually manage to change the future with sound bits? Like, is it a listen to this clip then replay it during this other clip and the people talking in the second clip hear it and change their mind???? Super exciting!!!!!!!!!

    14. Manu

      This is a refreshing project, and I'm chuffed to be able to contribute in my own small way. I really hope you can reach your goal and make it happen. And kickstarter is such a cool service!

    15. Jesse Vigil Creator on

      Assuming we can get even this first version up and running, we definitely would like to expand the platform options!

    16. Rob Barba on

      Sounds like a fascinating game; I'm a sucker for old radio dramas, as they allow the use of the imagination in ways that visuals cannot. Do you guys plan to have an Android port of this?

    17. Jesse Vigil Creator on

      Yikes - Kickstarter didn't send me a comment notification. Our apologies for not noticing there were unanswered questions here.

      The designers are veterans of major publishers with combined experience at Slamdance, EA, Vivendi-Universal Games, and 42 Entertainment and have held producer, designer and writing positions on board games, alternate reality games, video games, and the odd film and theatrical production.

      FREEQ is built around graduate thesis work from two of the designers while they attended USC's prestigious Interactive Media program that has and continues to spin off some very cool and very radical games into the mass market.

      One thing we'll talk about more in an upcoming update is the story system that drives the narrative, but the short version is that there is a hero in the game and a villain and a love interest and a few other archetypes but WHICH of the characters in the game will end up filling each role will be determined by how you play the game. Not black-white moral choices, but the overall history of your actions.

      That's one of the cool things we're excited about. We'll post more, but we started by sharing an amusing little radio drama over in our first update that we produced a few years ago. FREEQ started out as an idea for another radio drama until we realized it would be more fun if the drama was constructed as the result of playing a game.

    18. Hurricane Films on

      Sounds fantastic! Really cool to see a game that abandons what has become the defining feature of many iPhone games (touch controls) to try to do something really original (or at least, isn't Flight Control 2)!

      Would be interested to know more about the developers' background etc. - who is it that'll be making this? Reassure us how cool it's gonna be :-p