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A 3-issue tabletop RPG zine about power suits, giant kaiju robots, and massive teenage angst.
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Second Stretch Goal Hit! More Zines, More Dice, More Rewards!

Posted by Jesse Vigil (Creator)


Hello, Backers! Hello, Reserve Champions. 

You are THE BEST. Thanks to all your support (and we see all those tweets and shares and endorsements) we've hit our second stretch goal!


So this means we're adding one more zine to the mix. This one's a monster manual, a guide to some NPCs, and some other great supplemental information to run a cool version of Champions. Annnnd there will be some bonus secrets. So it's on to the third stretch goal, and this one we're pretty excited about:


Our next stretch goal is a big one. We want to commission a few more artists to generate some attractive art that also makes it easier to play the game. If you listen to the show, you know the game runs on an elemental power system. The players on the podcast refer to it as the "pentagram of power" (Thanks, Nico) but it's become a useful tool for the players to plan strategies. Currently, the one we're using is made of copy paper and a couple of lines drawn with sharpies and it's still confusing.

Mech combat and Ultimate Champion rules also run differently and could use a poster of a giant robot formed of the animal mechas of the Champions that ALSO explains the order of operations and ways to pilot the giant robot. 

We're also prototyping a COASTER??? No promises there but there yet, but watch the updates in the final days. We're hoping to add a reward tier that involves this. 

Speaking of rewards:


We are very excited to announce that the podcast's sponsor Die Hard Dice is AMAZING. So take a look at this beauty:

Thanks to your INCREDIBLE support, we've hit a level of funding where we're going to be commissioning a CUSTOM DIE from Die Hard Dice. It's a two-tone metal die like the one above, but the colors will be Champions colors, and it's special for us. We're working with DHD on the design and will share that news, but the d20 coming to everyone in the Icosaguy tier is SPECIAL AS HECK. Also, because of this upgrade, we can definitely support more, so we're upping the available rewards for this. 

We're also adding one more tier to push our way to Stretch 3 in the final days. For those of you who want to be part of BEACH BAY in a big way, we've added a VERY LIMITED Reward tier - you'll get added to the zine as an NPC and resident of the town (and MAYBE the show depending on where us very unpredictable players decide to wander).  Plus you'll get some customized stuff from the cast and designers that'll hopefully be a fun surprise. 

No matter what happens in the final days, you're all amazing. We love you, we're so excited to have you playing the game this summer. 


Champions of the Earth

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    1. Brit Gnolls on

      I am so happy for you all! This is very exciting!