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We want to make it fun and easy to own a plant. We need your help to commission amazing artists to create containers for our plants.
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Gwen Blevens

193 backers pledged $12,632 to help bring this project to life.

125 Backers & Counting! + Thimble Planter & Photoshoot

Hi, Kickstarter crew!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve passed 70% of our goal, and just got our 125th backer! Which of course means that we have 30% to go … with 12 days left. Definitely doable, right? We think so, especially with support and help from all of you. Please keep spreading the word by emailing friends, posting on facebook, tweeting, standing on your sill and screaming out the window – whatever your style!

For those of you that backed at the $100 level, we received the sample of the "thimble" planter that we're having made by Pigeon Toe (just for you, by the way).

You’ll have to excuse the iPhone photography skills. Haven’t quite mastered the art of consistent lighting. If you can’t tell, the thimble planter is teeny, tiny, and totally adorable. Approx. 2” diameter & 1.5” high. The exterior of the pot and the drainage saucer are lovely sanded porcelain, and the interior is glazed in a beautiful soft orange, terracotta-esque color. The thimble planter is pictured with a small succulent potted within. We think a tiny air plant would also be right at home in this piece, and would allow you to show off more of the glazed interior color.

NOW – to put our bad iPhone photography even further to shame – we have a few snapshots from the first The Sill photoshoot to show you! Over the weekend we photographed a couple of our containers that you’ll recognize, plus a couple new artist prototypes, and traditional terracotta.  Keep in mind these are hot off the press, and not final. We just had to share, though.

We'd love to hear what you think. We can’t wait to reach our Kickstarter goal (fingers and toes crossed) so that we can commission more artist pieces for the collection. The more artists we meet, the more we want to meet! Their passion, enthusiasm for the project, and unbounded creativity is what keeps us moving toward our goal – beautiful homes for happy plants. :-)

Gwen & Eliza



    1. Creator Fidela SJ Blank on April 3, 2012

      The plants look great! No need to apologize for iphone photography. They sell themselves! And those pots are simple but sophisticated - it would add a lot to a room's ambiance.