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Following a hometown tragedy, a grieving family and their friends seek vigilante justice after several of them gain mystical abilities.
Following a hometown tragedy, a grieving family and their friends seek vigilante justice after several of them gain mystical abilities.
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For Your Consideration: Cool Independent Creations!

Posted by DaiQuan Cain (Creator)
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Hello, everybody! Thank you all so much for your support and love over these past few weeks pertaining to The Silent Descendents. I've been truly humbled, not only by the support of friends and family, but also from my fellow independent creators who've shown me guidance and encouragement over the course of this very first campaign of mine.

That said, I believe that indie creators should stick together, especially considering all of our mutual obstacles on the road towards making comics, and that's the reason why I'd just like to take a moment to share with you two very awesome campaigns running at the moment under the care of my friends Sean Mack and Kyrun Silva respectively.

1. "Vigilance" - Page:
Project Information: Vigilance is a strong female hero that can stand on her own away from the shadow of any male counterpart; Michael Watson and Short Fuse Media Group felt so strongly about this need that they made Vigilance the strongest character in the entire Freestyle Komics Universe!

Product Guarantee: Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. has made it a habit of making sure #WeAlwaysDeliver. In 2017, they've done four Kickstarter and delivered on ALL of them as their GUARANTEE is to begin shipping rewards the week that the campaign ends. "Vigilance" will be the next project in that trend from us!

2. "
Xob: The Lightning Wielder" - Page:

Introduction: This is the second series created by Kyrun Silva (Shaman’s Destiny, Big Tree Comics). It is written by Silva, with line art provided by David Jaxon, colors by King Bola and letters by Nikki Powers. Xob is a throwback of sorts to superhero books, mixed with a bit of fantasy.

Synopsis: "Being a college student can be tough. Being a college student, that helps support the family is even tougher. But being a college student, that also has to be a superhero is the worst! Meet Tracy Lor, a college student trying to do her best to balance school with her personal life. Between work, school and helping her widowed mother around the house, Tracy thought things couldn’t get any more stressful. That all changed one night when she finds out that inside of her lies an ancient force of nature called Xob. Now armed with with super strength, flight, the ability to control lightning and her magic lightning ax, she must use these gifts to stop the evil Lord Eklips from taking over our world."

Project History:
The inspiration for the book comes from a Hmong diety named Xob who controls lightning and is said to have had a magical ax. Kyrun did a lot of research of the Hmong people before writing the script. Not wanting to dishonor anyone, he took great pride in molding the characters into something interesting.



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