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£23,372 pledged of £299,000 goal
By thesetales
£23,372 pledged of £299,000 goal

Greenlight, Forests and Swamps, Science-Fiction, and Videos, Cancellation, PayPal


Hey guys,

busy days. We’ve been working on the new terrain engine as well as on your feedback, on different platforms at the same time. Phew. We collect and priorize all the feedback now. 

Steam Greenlight 

This was an amazing experience. Proven Lands has been greenlit within a few days thanks to your help, and on the last day we jumped from #100 to #50 within some hours. Thank you all. 

Forests and Swamps 

Forests, swamps, jungle and tundra are the terrain types (or biomes) where we are heading at the moment. The desert biome is just the beginning. We will add more biomes by the time, but I hope that huge and rather dark forests and swamps are a good start which might expand your view on sci-fi sandbox games a bit. The forests in particular will be populated by many aliens and are a home to an array of plants. 

Technically speaking, it is the same procedural engine. Instead of hills we place huge plants and trees. We add smaller flora and fauna to it, and there you go. I think that those forests will influence the camera a bit due to its height, but I believe we will have a lot of fun with that. 

Reasonable Science-Fiction 

What does reasonable science-fiction mean? It means that we are neither Firefly, nor Star Wars (except for the colors), nor Apple. We are rather influenced by movies like Alien, Star Trek, The Black Hole, Outland and Nausicaä, and real physics and biology, real magazines like Nature or arxiv. We have some scientific background and a scientific advisor. We take sort of a retro-contemporary-sci-fi path here. It took us a while to get to this point, doing some research on what direction of retro sci-fi we should go, but then we had it, and by the time we found our own style. 

Reasonable science-fiction means that we do not have FTL drives. No thruster sound in space. No huge laser beams, even though we have laser weapons. No half-naked female aliens. You do not become a scientist after 10h in the game. The universe is less populated than in common games. We focus on more or less scientific exploration of the flora and fauna, as well as minerals and resources. When you meet aliens you have a huge language and translation problem. No universal translator. No Babel fish. You fight real medical problems of space exploration – like radiation or visual impairment due to intracranial pressure (huge NASA issues, btw). So far it is great to “scan” the stuff around you. In the future the analysis of items before you eat them is more important due to the potential risks of intoxication. As you probably already know from the demo, each skill has its own skill tree, like “biology” and “physics”. There is no huge galaxy war. You are an everyday guy without special skills. Even the aliens around you are not special ambassadors or scientists. They won’t even care about you for some time due to their own cultural past with strange alien races. This all means: We keep it as reasonable, down-to-earth and hard sci-fi as possible. We will add such things asset by asset to the game, and you'll be able to watch it thanks to the alpha/beta. 

See below for some very old concepts. 

New Kickstarter Video 

We just made a small update of our Kickstarter video, with extra footages and the new UI. 

New Survival Gameplay Video 

I will make a Let’s play of the survival and crafting gameplay until Monday with some comments. 

Possible Cancellation 

As mentioned before, we still believe that it is best to make a cut as soon it makes no sense to go on. We’re doing great so far. We just need another push within the next week and the week after next. Now that the Titanfall and GDC blast is more or less over. And then we will see, right? "If you don't reach the goal, will you still go ahead with development? " Yes. There is always a plan B and C. But Kickstarter is so far the best choice for us.

If you like Proven Lands as much as we do, please tell your friends about us! :) 

PayPal and Humble 

As mentioned before, we still like to wait for a while before we introduce another store in order to be fair to the backers. Because Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing thing while Humble an ordinary pre order. 

Multiple Copies 

It’s been asked if it is possible to buy copies for multiple platforms of Proven Lands. Not now, obviously, and I cannot alter the pledges anymore. But, let’s talk about it in a week, ok? We see the point.


Cheers, Rafael

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    1. Alex Ting on March 22, 2014

      Yay! No add-ons! ;)