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£23,372 pledged of £299,000 goal
By thesetales
£23,372 pledged of £299,000 goal

We are thrilled


Hey guys  

Exciting times! We did great so far, for a start. £6.5k ($10.8k) in 2 days! Thank you all! We do what we can to feed the press, first journalists posted very positive news, but we are still waiting for the major magazines and channels. We will know better until Thursday. Slowly but surely. 

We are thrilled to be #1 by "magic" and #6 by popularity under "Kickstarter Discover"! (19:00 CET) What does "magic" mean? We do not know, but we do know that Gandalf is a great wizard. Two top projects end in 2-3 days, which means: we might jump to the top by the time. 

We add an FAQ called "Is your goal too high? Is it too low?" to the FAQs. We are reconsidering the game genre. We'd like to call it: "3D science-fiction sandbox survival" -- because it is easier this way for most people, it seems. We hate genres. But this is how it works. Also, we are on Steam Greenlight now. Vote for us! And, Proven Lands ships DRM free (thanks again!). A Humble Store contact just wrote us. So, we might have our PayPal store online soon!!

An additional surprise are those 4 publisher offers within the last days, all Asian. One publisher is rather big and has only a few big brands. A super well known 10+ year old MMO, btw. What does it mean? It feels good. It changes nothing so far, for many reasons. Just good news.

By the way, we had some fun today. Jeffrey and Rafael. As we are based in UK, Germany and Sweden, we cannot make a photo of the whole team just like that. But, we think it's cool to see some human faces. Let's start with these (quite tired and bearded) strangers here. Rafael (left) and Jeffrey (right). Next time Moritz and Tom. 

Rafael was sort of a Tim Burton's Vincent as a kid. He made his first boad game with 8 and his first C64 game hack with 11 or 12. This is what he did his whole childhood until he found out about friends and girls with 18. He made some money with the dotcom bubble, and then became pro engineer. While working on quite impressive projects, he kept creating game prototypes in his spare time. For instance, a Civilization mod which became a clone with Ogre3D, which didn't make it after two years, years before TIG and IndieDB, but he learned a few things about indies. 10 years later more prototypes, a Moritz, and a Proven Lands, in short. Jeffrey, on the other side, was forced to play political correct board games in a long gone country called East Germany in a galaxy far, far away. He had a passion for painted plane models. After some years as an art student, he followed his passion for games and landed in a rather strange Candy-Crush-game-clone agency. After a quick chat about board games, Alien, Blade Runner and Another World last year they started to play around with Lost Utopia, an IGM game jam game, and then they had that certain feeling that something special is in the air. Whaam. A Proven Lands was born. Or so.

Please share and tell your friends about us. Any help with Facebook would be daymn great.



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