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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 26 2014
thesetalesBy thesetales
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thesetalesBy thesetales
First created
pledged of £299,000pledged of £299,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 26 2014

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    1. René M Jensen on

      Its such a damn shame about this. bah. Sometimes i wish i was one of those billionairs :P but then again, if i was that, i probably wouldn be into playing games. Definitely believe you have something special and unique here.

      I just think most people have many games on kickstarter, might be into a bit of a drought.

      At least nobody cant fault this kickstarter for not putting effort and such into the video and talking about it. it was pretty well done imo.

    2. Nice-N-Simply on

      Yes please inform us if you guys try again or any info about releasing the game alright?

      Also ask the creators of My:Dream. They helped give planets^3 some advice for their kickstarter game.

    3. thesetales Creator on

      never never never never ever give up! ^^

    4. Missing avatar

      Shane Dick on

      Never give up, never surrender.

    5. thesetales Creator on

      until then give this heavily underrated sci-fi film a try: enemy mine (1985) https://www.youtube.com/watch… -- influenced certain parts of our scripted story ;)

    6. thesetales Creator on

      thank you all!!! :) it was a pleasure, really! didn't expect so much help. so glad to had you on board. i will definitely tell you more soon about those publishers, humble/steam, and the game design. we just need some time to think it through, and then we'll see

    7. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      guys, don't give up.
      you should try some other crowdfunding platforms or start your own campaign.

      P.S. and don't forget to tell the backers where to find you. we believe in you. cheers.

    8. Nice-N-Simply on

      Well hope you one day release this game.

      For now I will play this sad violin for this lost game. *begins to play the violin slowly to a tune*

    9. Jakob Christensen on

      It's going to be an amazing game. Looking forward to your future plans. Keep on rockin!

    10. Michael S on

      What a shame. I hope you guys can succeed and get this game made. I'll definitely buy it!

    11. Gelweo on

      So sorry :'(
      Hope you'll find a way... I really want to play to this game.
      So, no more option for plant / creature design as crowdfounders ?
      (sorry for my lack of english)

    12. RagerX on

      Noooo! Why didn't people flock to this? Then even had a demo. For shame non backers, for shame!

    13. Bert Super on

      I backed this game and think it had deserved more. But take your time to think your future plans through...and then make this game see the (green)light!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Gold on

      Merci beaucoup, Gelweo! We don't mind the language you use to spread the word, actually we have some colleagues who do speak french :).

      We try to reach out on as many channels as we can to promote the game at the moment, yet some campaigns tend not to get in motion until their end. It's still a long way to go there, but hope dies last.

    15. Michael S on

      I agree @Christopher, I really like the hard scifi idea behind this game and hope it succeeds.

    16. Christopher Hamilton on

      I can't fathom why this game hasn't picked up some real momentum and received more pledges by now. I hope it makes it but if it doesn't I would readily purchase from Humble Store or PSN :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      Greenlit and backed from me. I really hope this gets some more funding. I am not super encouraged by the numbers so far - I'd love to see it get kickstarted. It seems the fuel behind the kickstarter fire is slowly dying out these days though...

    18. Gelweo on

      Thank you :)

      Well, I have posted something : https://www.facebook.com/Alter.native.webcomics
      (sorry, in french...)

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Gold on

      Hi Michael, having Proven Lands on a portable console,that would be something :)

      Shane, interesting idea, we might consider this.

      Gelweo, thank you. You're more then welcome to share our media and links, infact we'd appreciate your efforts alot.

    20. Gelweo on

      Backed !
      As a comic drawer, specialist of intimist Sci-Fi Stories
      this project is really talking to me.

      Plus, I find your story intro very moving.

      May I share it on my project page ?

      And have trying to talk about your kickstarter campagn and project on TV like No-life ?

      Hope this project can be released !
      (sorry for my bad english ^_^')

    21. Shane Ching on

      I would love to able to play this on more than one platform (ie Window / Android) could we have a pledge levels bonus to support this.

    22. Michael S on

      I'd love to be able to play this on PS4 and PS Vita, and I'm backing this in the hope that Proven Lands gets made. Good luck!

    23. Zmurf on

      I hope you guys pull this game off, looks interesting.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Gold on

      Thanks you all who helped us on Green Light. Beeing greenlit is incredibly motivating. And thanks for the article, I will spread it immediately :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Shane Dick on

      Congrats on getting Greenlit on Steam. I've been trying to spread the word to all my friends on Steam. Hopefully it helped.

    26. Missing avatar

      Matteo Signorini

      Congratulations for being greenlight

    27. Nice-N-Simply on

      Yeah been trying to share it to everyone I can in ever way, but with little luck as it seems. Game seems like a cool idea. I will keep trying, but I am not the best at spreading the word.

      @ thesetales Yeah sorry if question four was confusing. Maybe explain it another time.

    28. ROGUE☆GAMES on

      24 days to go, and barely 10%

      We need to spread the word on this project!

    29. thesetales Creator on


      1) yes. true. i would like to do the humble way then, perhaps, which is in fact the notch way. did you read the last update? there is an answer to what if we fail? we will, even if it means we have to remove a few features and slow down a bit :)

      2) cam? proven lands is a top-down game (diablo 3 cam). but, we already have more tech/cam features than a diablo game which means: you'll be able to switch between cameras. true

      3) there was a multiplayer update a couple of days ago. co-op multiplayer is a stretch goal, but i would love to do it as some point, one way or another. yes. huge potential. and i did multiplayer server (and server in general) before

      4) hm


    30. Nice-N-Simply on


      Well glad to see an update! Though I do have some questions and suggestions to ask.

      1st If the Proven Lands kickstarter doesn't succeed and get cancelled. Will in some way will you try and make it?

      Like how about release it in a early stage to sell the game in early access to others releasing updates over time as people by the game. With more people buying it the more you can work on it. Kind of what Notch did with Minecraft.

      2nd Would it be possible to have a camera option looking over the shoulder in 3rd person rather then an overview of what is being displayed on a map. In some examples like Resident Evil 4, Metal Gear ,or Uncharted games. I like views closer to mine so I can get a view of something I want to look at. (This would also help with your Voxel Engine maybe)

      3rd I would love to have this game is Co-op. What I enjoy more in games like this is having co-op. Read on a few comment post of the game on video game news sites people would like to see the game have co-op. Co-op gives something to share time closer to friends and have a good laugh with and to share adventure and the great times you had with one another. I know its on the Goal list but its rather far away. I would recommend having it more to be included in the game.

      4th (Not sure how you would do a survival co-op game, but here it goes.) I would like recommend an idea like this with co-op for a survival game like this difficulty mode for it. Lets say you and your friend start a co-op game together and chose something of an Iron Man challenge. You first have to find each other lost on the desert planet hopefully neither of you are dead yet on the map. With onto finding each other its important to keep each other alive, because if you or your friend die that character is long gone and no longer exists. Setting them back to make a new one with stats set to zero.

      Though this is your game and I can only give some feedback and ideas. Hope I was of some help.

    31. Missing avatar

      Shane Dick on

      Just backed you guys. Best of luck to you and thank you for also serving as an inspiration for an aspiring indie developer.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Gold on

      Hi, Daniel. Feel free to use all the media you can find here to spread the word :)

    33. thesetales Creator on

      btw, jeffrey/couchmonaut went online on twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/jeffreygold -- watch him live working on items and weapons

    34. thesetales Creator on

      thank you all! :)

    35. Ahmad Khan on

      backed, looks interesting,good luck!

    36. Missing avatar

      Daniel Douglas on

      Hey guys, I was wondering if I could use the pictures, videos and soundracks in this kickstarter page for my first impressions/talking about the game?

    37. terri vellmann on

      Looks awesome, good luck!

    38. Steven on

      Very exciting update. The AI sounds exactly as I had hoped it would function. Now this thing just needs to get off the ground. Fingers crossed.

    39. Cliqist.com

      Hi again! Just wanted to let you know that we posted our preview of the game: http://cliqist.com/…

    40. thesetales Creator on

      new update about "survival, crafting, drones, and weapons": https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thesetales/proven-lands/posts/778145

    41. thesetales Creator on

      next update in 12-14 h! -- about survival, crafting, and laser weapons

    42. thesetales Creator on

      @cliqist: grrreat. thank you

    43. thesetales Creator on

      @benjamin: ha! :D perfect! yes. male aliens can get pregnant. "pregnant with x", and then a spawn of x, technically speaking, but in a very basic fashion. no hospital drama. "local marital customs"? like alien marital customs? well, that's a question. remember that proven lands is a survival game, and i'd like to add many features to it. but we need to focus. but: with the modding tools you never know. i expect great things from the modders

    44. thesetales Creator on

      @daniel: hmm. good point. "space marine"

    45. thesetales Creator on

      @cerulean: <3

    46. thesetales Creator on

      @james: i'm sorry for you. linux is great, for many reasons. but we need to focus and handle the other/more popular gamer platforms before we do linux, unfortunately

    47. thesetales Creator on

      @steven: diplomacy? if diplomacy (like the "presence" skill of your character) then more in a very basic fashion like allegiance to a certain race/category of animals/village (because this is easy with our engine). :) you know, proven lands is a survival game, basically

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