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SWEAR AND SHAKE is a musical adventuring quartet from NYC. Help Adam, Kari, Shaun and Tom bring their artistic dreams to fruition.
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Maple Ridge Physicals

Dear Friends--

Everything was running perfectly on schedule to have your records in the mail this week. Unfortunately, when we went to FedEx headquarters and opened our first box of CDs, we were extremely disappointed with the manufacturing and print quality of our packaging. After much disheartened deliberation-- weighing out the pros and cons of getting the discs out right away and hoping people don't care or notice, verse taking another two weeks, spending a little more money and delivering a product that looks as good as the record sounds--we've chosen to send all of our discs back to the plant and work with a different company (specifically, the one that made our EPs (lesson learned: don't fix it if it ain't broken). CDs that look good will always be invaluable to an act like us, that makes most of its gas and food money by peddling merchandise on the road. We feel that all of you who reordered the record and waited this long only deserve our very best. 

With that said, please accept our apology, and know that your CD will be delivered approximately three weeks later than we had originally promised. Thanks the world for your patience. I promise that you won't be unhappy when you hold the final product in your hand. 



Swear and Shake


The first live performance where CDs will be available is July 6, 7:30 p.m. at Mercury Lounge, NYC. Special guests include These Animals and Tall Tall Trees--Both amazing acts hand-selected by yours truly, Swear and Shake.


    1. Creator Dean Mayes on June 2, 2012

      Totally understand this guys. Had a similar issue with a first print run of books and I couldn't put them out into the marketplace as they were. Here's hoping all comes together with new run.