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The Safe Maker is a film about friendship and redemption, told with a heist in the backdrop. Inspiration drawn from Flannery O'Connor.

“Films not only teach you about how to approach a situation, but sometimes also how not to approach situations. In short, this is one of those stories that needs to be told. If The Safe Maker doesn't give insight into decision making, it gets a conversation going about it, and that's half the battle.” --Alex Peacher, writer, director and producer

If you love films that leave you enthralled, waiting for the next detail to reveal itself then The Safe Maker is the film for you.

Logline: Through parallel storytelling and the backdrop of a thrilling heist, The Safe Maker evaluates the meaning of friendship, morality and betrayal.

Synopsis: A 30-minute narrative film, The Safe Maker highlights and evaluates those small decision-making moments in life that ultimately define one’s character. The dramatic film is filled with a sense of intrigue commenting on the value of friendship.  Through over dramatized scenarios—several characters pulling off a heist—I will use crime as the backdrop to my story.

The plot closely follows Eric, the protagonist, who throughout life has had to make decisions that signify his loyalty to his friend, Fernando.  Exploring the relationship between Eric and Fernando adds a new perspective on how an individual can approach decision-making.  Through the use of parallel storytelling, The Safe Maker reveals Eric, as an adolescent and as an adult. In the film, Eric is forced to make decisions that directly relate to the type person he becomes. I want to show moments of grace.  The moments when God allows one to consciously realize that the decision they are about to make is quite important.

Inspiration: I am drawing on the particular belief of Flannery O'Connor, that in showing distortion you show Truth. By presenting distortion the viewer is able to recognize that there is distortion, and thus begin to deduce why something is distorted. Just being able to identify what is distorted, the viewer gives a clear sign that he/she recognizes it is not Truth or Goodness.

Also, O'Connor employs the Christian view of redemption in her stories. This is not the notion that the characters choose redemption at the end or are redeemed, but an observance of those moments in life when the grace of God becomes available to an individual, it is the decision to choose or dismiss grace. Her stories constantly show the small moments in life when a character recognizes a part of his/her life that has been distorted, and the glimmer of hope that ensues for the possibility of a change. However, in O'Connor's stories, it usually happens that a character does not choose to change.

Production Details: The Safe Maker will be shot in Boston, Massachusetts during the month of July 2011. Post- production will take place through the fall and winter, providing a completion date in March 2012. The Safe Maker is written, directed and produced by myself, Alex Peacher. My short film In Loving Memory that I shot in 2010 is a good example of what The Safe Maker will look and feel like; highly stylized, emotionally driven and meticulously composed.

The Funds: $8,000 is the minimum amount to get this film produced in the way I envision. I'm very hopeful I can raise more than this amount, to really improve the quality of the product. The funds raised for this film will help cover production (travel, storage, equipment, etc), post-production, and will provide a video download to those that pledge $50.

Production team: The crew consists of many talented and experienced filmmakers from very different backgrounds. Many of the members of the crew are students at Emerson College in Boston, Mass. The crew is unpaid and working on the film because they believe in the story and director’s vision.

Alex Peacher (Writer/Director/Producer) Originally from Texas, Peacher is a filmmaker whose work sheds light on human relationships. He is currently in his third year of the MFA in Visual and Media Art program at Emerson College. After studying printmaking at the University of Dallas, Peacher worked as a TV graphic designer at the NBC affiliate in Boston. Peacher’s experiences as a director of fiction narratives have taken him to Los Angeles where his film “In Loving Memory” was chosen for the Emerson Film Festival.

Elaine McMillion (Co-Producer) McMillion is a second-year MFA student in the Visual and Media Art program at Emerson College and is interested in directing/editing non-fiction film and producing both fiction and non-fiction. McMillion uses storytelling techniques gained through writing, in addition to experience in research, audio/video production and photography, to express a story visually through film. She has worked on many long and short format films in the past and is currently in post-production of Lincoln County Massacre, a film she shot, edited and produced about corruption in the West Virginia State Police department. She was a freelance videographer for The Last Mountain, which premiered at Sundance 2011 in the documentary competition.

 Shaun Clarke (Director of Photography) Clarke is currently in his third year of the MFA in Media Art program at Emerson College.  He attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts for his undergraduate degree in film.

Ericka Nelson (Location Manager) Nelson is currently in her second year of the MFA in Media Art program at Emerson College.

Thanks for looking, your support is invaluable!

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