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Last year, we went Into the Wilds on our first adventure. We gained a lot of experience and are ready to Level Up! with AcadeCon 2016.
221 backers pledged $8,900 to help bring this project to life.

AcadeCon 2017 Campaign is live.

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Hello everyone!

Our campaign to fund AcadeCon 2017 is now live. If you're considering coming out to play games with us again in 2017 the KS is the cheapest way to get your badge and it helps us tremendously with having funds for deposits and up front costs.

Here is a link to the new campaign.

Hope to see you there!


In addition - as a backer of our AcadeCon 2016 campaign you have some virtual rewards still due.  Here is the first one.  It's an adventure written by Will Hindmarch for the Night's Black Agents RPG system.  It is going to be available for purchase later this year, but Will has offered it as an AcadeCon backer exclusive months ahead of retail sales.

Here is the link to download your copy.

We're still working out the details for the Battle Bards sound tracks and adventures from City of Brass but hope to have those available to you soon.


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