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Last year, we went Into the Wilds on our first adventure. We gained a lot of experience and are ready to Level Up! with AcadeCon 2016.
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The future (dates) of AcaeCon for 2018 and beyond, a survey

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Hello everyone,

It should be no surprise, if you listen to our podcast or follow me on twitter, that the dates of our event have been a concern.

 We are currently on the same weekend as another tabletop convention in Ohio and the week after Metatopia and now we're the week before PAX Unplugged and we're also really close to the Thanksgiving Holidays. We've wanted to move our event for a while, but are struggling to find another weekend that works. Every weekend we find is either close to or on top of another convention (Origins, GenCon, CincitiCon, CincyCon and on and on) or the DCC is already booked in the rooms we want/need. 

We have narrowed down a couple possibilities and wanted to survey last year's guests for your input. Staying put or moving, either way, is a big decision for our show and the future of AcadeCon and as with all things here at the Academy we value our guests/listener's input. It's possible, even likely, that there is no GOOD option, only a BEST option and we'd like as much information as possible before we make a decision.

Michael, Caleb and all the Faculty.

Here's the link to the survey:

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