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Last year, we went Into the Wilds on our first adventure. We gained a lot of experience and are ready to Level Up! with AcadeCon 2016.
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Don't get Hangry!

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Hello everyone!

It's time to talk food. I've been to enough conventions to know that good food and sometimes fast food are staples of a good convention.   


If you have a bottle of water or a soda, I don't think they'll be launching tear gas into the room, but T've been told that anyone bringing in outside food will be asked to leave.  Them's the rules. 

We are offering consession sales on Saturday. From around 9 AM until 6 PM, you can purchase items from the DCC and eat them in the room. This is the only food and drink allowed on the convention floor. We had to put a large deposit down to cover the consessions which we only get back if they get sales to equal that amount. So we would ask if possible - please buy something from them on Saturday :)

For the other days, we've put a list together of local restaurants that are within walking and/or delivery distance. You are more than welcome to eat at these fine locations or bring the food back to your hotel room. Or somewhere else...just not on the convention floor! The restaurants highlighted in yellow are sponsors, meaning they gave us money to help our costs. So, if you do decide to go out to eat, we'd ask you consider a yellow restaurant first. VERY importantly, if you do go to one of them, please let them know that you're with our event. Some are offering specials or discounts if you show your badge!  And if you go to a non-yellow restaurant, still let 'em know you're with us. There's always next year!

Lastly, it's not highlighted in yellow, but there is a lounge/bar in the Crowne Plaza, the hotel attached to the DCC. It's probably not the cheapest option for food and drink, but it is very close and convenient.


To clarify, Uno's is offering 10% off from Thursday through Sunday, but if you go on Thursday night and don't have your badge yet, you just need to mention you're with AcadeCon.

Basil's is one of the furthest away, but the manager is a gamer and super cool guy. I really hope a few of you will check out their Sunday Brunch. We have buy one get one free coupons if you do.

Here is a link to the Excel file to make things a little easier to read and there will also be copies in our eProgram guide.



Michael & Caleb

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