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The world’s most sleek and practical stands for your Macbook, iPad and iPhone. Perfect for any laptops and smart devices.
The world’s most sleek and practical stands for your Macbook, iPad and iPhone. Perfect for any laptops and smart devices.
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The Ridge Pro Plus with 15” MacBook Pro

Posted by NewBee Design (Creator)

Hey backers,

Want to get an idea of how the Ridge Stand Pro Plus works with a 15” MBP? Here we go.

Position #1 ↓

15"MBP Rest stably on the Ridge Pro+
15"MBP Rest stably on the Ridge Pro+


View from back and side
View from back and side

 Position #2 ↓

By this position you can put larger laptops on the stand and stably and safely. It allows you to type on without an external keyboard if you bend the stand lower!

Carrying case!

Like our previous products, every Ridge Stand+ and Ridge Stand Pro+ will be included with a carrying case.

Thank you for your support again!

The Ridge Stand Team


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    1. NewBee Design 3-time creator on

      @Tomislav and @n4Sphere, sure it also holds the laptop in position #1. When placing your laptop by this position, you'd better adjust to the best angle before using.

      The Ridge Pro+ is redesigned from our original pro stand with a better structure and we provide a sticky pad so that you can place it at the bottom to ensure safety.

    2. n4Sphere

      i'd also like to know if it holds the weight if opend and if bended more horizontal

    3. Tomislav on

      And if you were to open the screen while in position #1... would it hold?