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1st vinyl LP + flexi-disc postcards from Lame Drivers: free power pop experimentalists since '03.

Hey, we're Lame Drivers.

We've been a band for almost 10 years. We've done a lot of stuff during that time, like toured the country, playing shows with some of our favorite bands. We are constantly writing new songs and releasing CD-R's, tapes, and compilation tracks on great labels like Not Not Fun, Eggy Records, 75 or Less, Dirty Pillows, LCMR and Sleeping Giant Glossolalia. A lot of our music is also available for free download under Creative Commons, helping it reach thousands of people all over the world. But we've never released an actual album.

We have enough new songs for a few albums, so we're asking for your support to release our first-ever vinyl LP along with a separate EP series of five Flexi-Disc postcards. This is the place to pre-order the LP and/or the flexi's, and by showing your support you're also investing in the future of Lame Drivers.

:: UPDATE #1 -- "Other Side" MP3  ::

:: UPDATE #2 -- NEW GOAL: 200 People to Fuel Lame Drivers  ::

Why Hadn't You Already Released Some Vinyls?

The goal of Lame Drivers is to have fun playing the music we want to make. We are inspired by the potential of the Internet and by the DIY ethos, so we take pride in the fact that everything we do—from booking to publicity (or lack thereof) to distribution (free mp3s!)—is a direct connection between us and you.

Vinyl is our favorite format, but it takes an investment that we haven't been able to put in on our own while juggling other projects, working full time, going to school, and playing in other bands like Home Blitz and Get Him Eat Him. Enough of you have been asking us for some vinyl that we decided to do something about it. 

What's a Flexi-Disc?

A flexi-disc is a thin, flexible sheet with grooves on it. Flexi's can be pressed onto magazines, cereal boxes, postcards, even medical xrays. We're working with Pirates Press to print full-color flexi-disc postcards. We wanted to focus on one song at a time, and this'll be the perfect format.

Each flexi-disc will have one new song + specially commissioned artwork by our favorite artists, including Umman Turkoglu, Keenan Marshall KellerSarah Hotchkiss:

(art by Sarah Hotchkiss * click to download a free MP3 of "Other Side" recorded by Matt Tong)
(art by Sarah Hotchkiss * click to download a free MP3 of "Other Side" recorded by Matt Tong)

and this one by Mayuko Fujino:

As you might imagine from Sarah's impossible shape and Mayuko's papercut art above, we have some pretty elaborate ideas for how to package the flexis as part of a zine. The more we raise, the better this project will be!

What Will Be On The LP & EP?

We're working on over 50 new songs. For this project we're focusing on what we feel are the "greatest hits" from this batch including stuff we've been playing live. There might be some overlap between the LP and the EP but at least a couple songs will be exclusive to the flexidisc format and it sorta depends on how much we raise. You can hear us play some of these songs in a live set on WFMU, and read about some of the music that inspires us in Dusted Magazine.

In the past we've recorded everything ourselves, but for these new recordings, we're collaborating with people like Matt Tong (Bloc Party), Sammy Bananas (Telephoned, Fool's Gold) and Ben Greenberg (Hubble, The Men) to make things sound more awesome.

You can hear a bit of Matt Tong's recording of "Other Side" at the end of our kickstarter video—and check out our new keyboardist!!

Where Can I Hear Older Lame Drivers Music?

Our 27-track sampler Cruisin Classics 2003-2010 (free dl) has been downloaded thousands of times and picked up by some of our favorite radio stations. We have more music scattered throughout the web. The songs have also been used in some neat videos under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, like the ones in our video (above)...

We also plan to release our new songs under a remix-able Creative Commons license. Here's some live video of us playing another new song that we'd like to record with a horn section:

How will these funds be used?

Your support helps cover the production of our LP + flexi-discs + shipping costs. It will also help cover some recording costs, and the new artwork we're commissioning for the flexi-disc postcards.

The total cost will actually be significantly higher than $3345, so every little bit counts. We are prepare to invest in the project ourselves with the goal of selling more copies after the fact, but the Kickstarter demonstrates that people are invested in the band to begin with, helping us promote these recordings, book shows around them, and distribute them. Our new goal is to show that 200 people support Lame Drivers. If you show your support now—no matter the amount—we'll be in a good position for the future and you will be rewarded.

We also have T-Shirts.

Stenciled in the font of Times New Roman, and hand-spray-painted by us lames, these yellow shirts are available through this Kickstarter.

Thanks for lending an ear!

Please help spread the word to make the Lame Drivers Flexi-Disc EP + Debut Vinyl LP a reality!

-Lame Drivers


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    "Play The Hits" — We'll record a cover of a song of your choice. --OR-- We'll collaborate with you to write a new song based on your lyrics/melody/rhythm/concept.

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