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"The Raven: Series" is a 6-part web-series that follows the misadventures of an accidental hero.

The Raven: Series will be a six-episode web-series produced by Rinky Dink Productions, Ltd. The pilot episode has been produced and premiered ( to great accolades.

We are preparing for our next episode, but are in need of support to budget for cast and location expenses. All funding acquired will help to finance the talent needed for episode 102, as well as location expenses for the production of this next episode.

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At this time, the challenges we face tend to be acquiring the necessary funding to complete this episode in a timely manner. As with most independent films, there is a risk of funding taking too long and previously established cast members needing to take on other film roles. As well as locations pre-booking before Rinky Dink Production can reserve them. This is why financial support in a timely manner is our biggest obstacle.


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