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I'm an ordinary guy hoping to create something extraordinary, capturing the beauty of Pikes Peak in photographs every day for a year.

I'm an ordinary guy hoping to create something extraordinary. Capturing the beauty of Pikes Peak in photographs every single day for a year, writing about my experience each day ~ and sharing that with the world in a beautiful coffee table book.

Pikes Peak is the most visited mountain in North America and the second most visited mountain in the world behind Japan’s Mount Fuji. And over a half million people reach the summit house every year by the Pikes Peak Highway, Barr Trail or the Pikes Peak Cog Railway.

My commitment to you ~ to capture the best possible image of Pikes Peak every day for a year starting June 1st, 2010, and publishing a coffee table book.

This isn't something I plan to do, it is something I am doing now and have been doing for over 300 days and will continue until all 365 are completed. Please check out the website at and become of the fan page on Facebook at

How the money raised on Kickstarter will be used: I decided early on in this project to self publish the book, and there are significant costs to going that route. I am only willing to self publish if I can give you a quality book that I will be proud to sell, and you will be proud to own. If I can't raise enough funds to do that, the project wont fund and no money will change hands. That is why I love this all or nothing concept. I either get enough to do it right, or I find another way to do it.

Why self publish instead of sign a book deal with a mainstream publisher? Self publishing will allow me control over the images and gives me the freedom and opportunity to give back to charity, my community and you the fans. And, I get to do something like this where the fans get the chance to own a signed first edition before it ends up in national distribution.

The funds raised through this Kickstarter project will go towards fulfilling the rewards, and funding the book launch.

Thank you for considering supporting my project!

The Pikes Peak Guy

The Fine Print The price of each reward includes shipping and handling. Please keep in mind that the project ends on May 31st, 2011 and it will take time to create and edit the book, and time for the printer to do their job. I will keep you posted on every step of the way but current expectations are that post cards, calendars and books will be ready to ship in October 2011. Canvas prints take about 2 weeks to be created and shipped.

Now go out in the world and do something extraordinary!


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    THE BOOK "365 Days of Pikes Peak~The Journey" - The retail price of the book is being set at $99.99 but I want to give early supporters a real reward! I am offering a limited edition, signed and numbered, first edition copy of the book at a significant discount off retail. This special price is only available on Kickstarter. (Please know that I will never charge extra for a signature.) This is a limited number, first edition and only 500 books will be printed in this first run. The book will be hard cover with high quality glossy images inside (VERY NICE!)

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    Picture of the Day Photo Canvas - Own a Piece of America’s Mountain! (Not literally, I promise no rocks will be shipped to you) Each photograph in this project will be for sale, but in a VERY unique way. Only 1 photo canvas print of the "Picture of the Day " will be sold. Your name will appear in the book "365 Days of Pikes Peak ~ The Journey" as the one who bought that photo. (A great way to immortalize a special day) If you chose a Picture of the Day, it will come to you on a 24 x 16 Professional Gallery Wrap Printing on Canvas.***YOU MUST CONTACT ME TO CHECK AVAILABILITY BEFORE YOU SELECT THIS REWARD***Please email me at to guarantee the print you would like to have is available.

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    The Big Kahuna! A Picture of the Day Photo Canvas and 1 copy of the Book. *** YOU MUST CONTACT ME TO CHECK AVAILABILITY BEFORE YOU SELECT THIS REWARD *** Please email me at to guarantee the print you would like to have is available.

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