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With your support, Durham’s own handmade ice cream bus will be expanding into a brick-and-mortar location!
443 backers pledged $22,724 to help bring this project to life.

We made it! (Now what?)

Posted by The Parlour (Creator)


443 backers, $22,724.50!

Wow. Thank you so much, everyone! We’re really thrilled by everyone’s support for and confidence in our business! And special thanks to everyone who helped spread the word! Not only did you help reach our Kickstarter project goal, but all this attention has led to our busiest month of sales ever!

What’s next with Kickstarter?

Amazon should be starting to charge people’s credit cards right around now, and they make the funds available after 14 days, so we will be watching to see as the individual pledges get verified. Kickstarter provides some tools to help creators with reward fulfillment, but it doesn’t make them available until the project ends. In the next few days we’ll be creating surveys for the different reward levels and working out how to track which ones have gotten fulfilled. We’re also still working on getting our stickers and shirts made. 

Between waiting for all the pledges to come through and making sure we have a good way to track rewards, it’ll be a few weeks before they start going out.

What’s next with the shop?

We’re hoping to sign a letter of intent within a few weeks, which would be followed by several weeks of negotiations. If that goes well, we would be leasing a space around September/October and building it out as the mobile business is slowing down for the fall. Our goal would be to launch around December, so we could get the hang of running the shop well before prime ice cream season.

The whole time we’ve been looking for a space, we’ve been concentrating in two Downtown districts: City Center and the Central Park District (a/k/a the DIY District). We’ve essentially narrowed it down to one frontrunner in each neighborhood, so unless something else amazing comes up and soon, we’ll be moving forward with one of them in the next week or two. We’ll reveal the neighborhood when we make an offer, but we’re going to keep quiet about an exact location until the lease is actually finalized. Both spots (and both neighborhoods) are great, but their pros and cons are very complementary, so it’s a tough choice.

So. We’re taking a week off from the bus and the kitchen. This will give us time to catch up on administrative stuff for the Kickstarter and give a long hard think to the location question. It’s possible we’ll even relax the teeniest bit. We hope to see lots of you when we return to action for Motorco’s Food Truck Mash Up 2!


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