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Top This! is a fun-filled, strategic & dexterity board game of pizza making. Manage your toppings and flick them skillfully to win!
Top This! is a fun-filled, strategic & dexterity board game of pizza making. Manage your toppings and flick them skillfully to win!
Top This! is a fun-filled, strategic & dexterity board game of pizza making. Manage your toppings and flick them skillfully to win!
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    1. laycelin

      "We have no involvement in this project"
      This is Game Salute final answer.....

      And UniForge Game never give me any progress and confirm where is my package!!

      Still wait my package.....

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Chan on

      I would like to second Brian's suggestion of contacting GameSalute. Michael was quick to respond and very helpful.

    3. Brian DiMarco on

      In case anyone is still waiting and has not directly engaged with Game Salute, after my three year wait for Top This / FrankenDie an email to Game Salute: was able to get the ball rolling and get this resolved for me. Kudos to Michael at their customer support for getting this across the finish line!

    4. Chris Schock

      I wish we could get another update regarding where the additional copies were.

    5. Chucklinus on

      Hum... Still waiting for my copy... :(

    6. laycelin

      What the hell!
      Still Nothing!!!Nothing!!!Nothing!!!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Sir Psycho on

      And.... nothing!

    8. laycelin

      Still Nothing!

    9. Chris Schock

      Local store has copies. Very annoying.

    10. Daniel Chartrand on

      Good, at some point though they should just send the games in 2 deliveries, it would be bad if they miss this Christmas delivery while they are sitting on the games and waiting for some Frankendie.

    11. Missing avatar

      erak on

      After a few emails with no response, I gave them a call and got some encouraging news:

      The delays are due to the fulfillment company awaiting the next round of Frankendie. Once they have that, the next wave of shipments can be made, including those who, like me, didn't order the combo and got unfortunately lumped into this wave.

      I'm glad that he had quick responses to my questions--it tells me he's still on top of everything despite all the craziness going on behind the scenes at UniForge.

    12. Eugene Loh on

      In Singapore and awaiting multiple copies of both Top This and Frankendie.

    13. Michel Cloutier on

      I have the combo and I am on the right side of the border... When will I receive my 2 games?

    14. laycelin

      I didn't back the combo with FrankenDie but still have not received Top This, too!

    15. Missing avatar

      Sir Psycho on

      I didn't back the combo with FrankenDie but still have not received Top This! Your message today makes it seem that only backers that included FrankenDie were waiting for their package. What's the deal?

    16. Chris Schock

      I can appreciate that you are trying to get the games out, but the radio silence is what's killing us.

      Furthermore, it would be courteous if you would instruct your partner (Game Salute) to not begin selling retail copies until you had ensured backers received their copies.

    17. UniForge Games 2-time creator on

      What's happening? We are working on getting the remaining Backers who pledged with a copy of FrankenDie their packages. We're trying to get our fulfilment partner cases of FrankenDie across the border to the US. We haven't forgotten you.

    18. Brian DiMarco on

      The update from 2 months ago had a kiss off/"we're out of here" tone and now the creators haven't logged in for a month so it's clear they've washed their hands of this. Game Salute... I don't know... I held off on backing Poseidon's Kingdom until this was fulfilled, and now even that campaign is over. I don't now what the hold up is but I don't think the creators or anyone at GS is losing any sleep over it.

    19. laycelin

      When I will receive my copies?

    20. Daniel Chartrand on

      Still waiting for Top this and the Franken DIes in Canada

    21. Philippe Beaudoin on

      Never received my copy. How can I track this?

    22. laycelin

      Still waiting.....WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY COPIES??
      Game Salute almost on stock!

    23. Chris Schock

      Game Salute announced that Top This would be in stores on 10/3, and we haven't heard anything about when we'd get our copies.

    24. Chris Schock

      Still waiting in Arkansas. What's the deal?

    25. Michel Cloutier on

      Still waiting for my game too in Canada!!! Who do I have to contact???

    26. Missing avatar

      Bill Valonis

      Still waiting here in Texas.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris Schnick on

      @Brian- yeah, no doubt. I am at least still hopeful for this project... Kinda.... I've had about 4 other projects that went seriously bad! I quit kick starting projects almost 2 yrs ago now because of creators skipping out on delivery of a product... I am still just trying to collect on the other outstanding projects. It's stuff like this that made me stop wasting my money.

    28. Brian DiMarco on

      @Chris, Yes waiting here too. I wonder if the dubious decision to add on FrankenDie has held this up. Either way, count this US backer as still waiting….

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Schnick on

      Yep, still waiting......................................

    30. laycelin


    31. UniForge Games 2-time creator on

      Yes, thank you Luds for the post -- We sent yesterday emails to all Ottawa-Gatineau backers with the option to pick-up their package or shipped. The games arrived on Friday at our Games for All Store & Lounge.

    32. Luds on

      For local backers, check your email/junkmail, I received a notice that the game was at the gamesforall lounge ready for pickup.

    33. Missing avatar

      Adam Brant on

      Posted on July 30th by Uniforge
      "Hey local Ottawa-Gatineau backers -- We're receiving our bulk shipment of Top This! from Game Salute this week, we will send out a note to you once we have it at the store for pick-up or if you'd like us to ship it to you from the store."

      And yet here it is in week 3 of August, and I STILL don't have my game. I live in the same town as the designers, and yet people in Malaysia have theirs? wtf.

    34. Jonathan Tang on

      I'm in Malaysia and I just received my copy.

    35. Melissa D. on

      Got my copy yesterday. Very nice components!! Will definitely buy more discs for the veggie pack when/if available.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jungle Jim on

      I am dissapointed by the delay in this project, but I am very happy about what I have received. The game delivers what it promised, it is a fun, light flicking game with some interesting tactical and risk-taking elements. With all the delays and cost problems, corners could have been cut, but the material is top-notch (especially the sturdy board, that could have been game-breaking if too cheap). I don't understand the fuss about the extra discs, since the game was designed for 5 toppings and it is what I got. I played it a couple of times and I do not recommend using 6 toppings. All in all, it took longer than I hoped, but it is just a game and I am very happy with what I got!

    37. laycelin

      No Tracking Number, No Package, No Message.
      I just want to know when I will get my package!!!!!

    38. Pete Sellers on

      Is there a way to get a different board? The one that came with ours has issues with the edges!

    39. Greg Sawchyn

      Received my copy yesterday in MB.
      P.S. I'd love to get more [identical] disks (even if I have to buy them) so I can swap the veggie pack in and out depending on the preference of the players.

    40. Missing avatar

      Paul Strauss on

      My copy arrived yesterday in BC.

    41. Spooky

      I still haven't received my copy !!

    42. calledgestewdent on

      P.S. Let us also not forget the gift for lateness that we also haven't received. Unfulfilled promises abound.

    43. calledgestewdent on

      @Yves - I completely understand what you are saying. The issue is that UniForge said in 2 updates that we would receive extra discs in this pack. We've received very little information / updates throughout this overdue project. To be told about the missing discs after the games had already shipped is rude, and a perfect example of UniForge's lack of communication on this project.

      I have a vegetarian friend that I would love to have the veggie discs available for from time to time but I don't want it to be a permanent arrangement. I want to be able to switch the discs according to my audience and that's currently not an option.

      UniForge's lack of comment to our strong disappointment on this issue is not surprising. I haven't even opened the game b/c I don't want to feel pressed to make a decision. I continue to hope that UniForge will offer the discs in some secondary market. I always hope that hobby game companies will do the best for us as this is a community.

    44. Yves Tourigny on

      Hi folks, not speaking on behalf of the publisher, but I did want to clarify one thing about the Veg Substitution (not Expansion) pack. The intent was to make a set of cards and stickers available for those for whom meat is not appealing on a pizza (I am in that camp, and so are a lot of my friends). The idea is simply that you can use the spinach instead of the pepperoni on the discs, and use the spinach order cards to replace the ones that have pepperoni. The game was designed with 5 toppings, and 45 discs, in mind -- using 6 is certainly your prerogative, but it wasn't the intent, and you won't get the experience you paid for. What UniForge promised is a separate issue, but your game is "complete", as designed. The other two expansions, which as far as I can tell are complete, can be added at your discretion.

    45. Michael Jean on

      You need identical discs because then you'll know it's spinach on the other side.

    46. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    47. Byron on

      But seriously UniForge, what was the suprise gift for the super late delivery that was mentioned in updates #15 and #22? I'd like to know.

    48. Richard Sandberg on

      Received mine yesterday. Like others I have mixed feelings. Glad to finally get it and what I have looks nice. Obviously being 2 1/2 years over due is pretty bad (actually the worst delay I have had on any kickstarter project I have ever backed and that is something). I am very disappointed that I paid extra for the veggie expansion and can't use it with the rest of the game. Late ends as soon as it arrives... incomplete lasts forever. I second the idea of making them available on BGG as I think you owe at least the effort to the backers who have been very patient (a lot more patient than a lot of other late projects I have seen) for a complete game. Regardless this is my last kickstarter from this company.

    49. Missing avatar

      Kari Herrington on

      A lot of people are taking it well and showing sympathy with offering to buy the disc or generating variants to make it work. Usually, when it comes to delays with kickstarter I fall in the sympathetic group and am understanding that these things happen... However, leaving out a component entirely with absolutely no communication about the change in plans or asking the backers beforehand? That's strait up deceiving and it's mind boggling that anyone with any plans to continue to publish games would think that it was a good idea and that they could still have some sort of credibility after that. At least when other companies have run into severe difficulties and sent things out super late everything that was promised to be in the box was there, or in the extreme events where it wasn't really feasible to have all that was promised/somethings needed to be changed, that company at least communicated with supporters and asked for suggestions.
      Hopefully Uniforge will throw in the towel after this or at least stop using kickstarter. That way they won't have the opportunity to take advantage of their backers again and they won't give a bad name to all the other small start up board game publishers that use kickstarter.

    50. calledgestewdent on

      Get the veggie discs on the BGG store and I can at least save on shipping when I finally pick up all of the other promos I need to buy.

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