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I'm back...I'm here! And I am NOT a scam artist...

Posted by Michael Alden + Theory 9 Design (Creator)

I’m back – I’m here! I haven’t abandoned the project and I haven’t scammed anyone!!!

Please bear with me and read my statement….I will try to be as brief as possible…and PLEASE understand I am taking this VERY seriously.

When I posted this project, I timed it to coincide with the closing on my new house. My plan had been to (chronologically):

• Close on the house

• Move into the new digs and get settled

• The Kickstarter project wraps and is funded

• I start on the logos

• I finish the logos while working on a HUGE project abroad for a foreign client.

• Come home at the end of April, all the logos done and delivered, and the big project wrapped up, everyone happy, I get to spend some time reconnecting with my family

What I hadn’t planned on was:

• The closing being delayed over a week

• Having a natural gas line leak in the wall causing us (me, my son, my GF and her two children) to be displaced after we had moved in

• Having the main drain pipe leak between a wall and the ceiling having us displaced TWICE more (if anyone had told me building a new home was akin to Tom Hanks’ The Money Pit, I might have bought an existing home)

• Being worked 16 – 20 hours a day, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK – for SIX WEEKS, leaving me no time to do anything but eat, sleep and breathe that other project, sapping up every ounce of creative energy – and actual time – to do the logos in (what I thought would be) my free time.

Yes…the working trip for that other project was planned. I know how much work volume I can produce and the time allotted would have easily accommodated successful, on-time completion with me working in the evening and weekends (that elusive “free time” I wasn’t actually afforded while working abroad). Since I was going to be somewhere I didn’t care to be and was going to be away from my family, I figured it was the best way to pass my time and make the time go by faster…by knocking out your logos when I wasn’t actively working on the other project.

None of this is anyone’s fault but my own. I assumed, going into the other arrangement (long before I posted the Kickstarter project) that my life would be like it is normally: I arrive at my desk (my workplace)…work 8, 10, 12 hours (max)…call it a day for my long-term client work…produce other projects in my free time. It simply didn’t happen due to circumstances beyond my control. And now, here I sit, with a healthy heaping of egg on my face. Shame on me – and I am ashamed.

So, here I am now, with April all but over…I just returned home after being away from my GF and our children (and for those of you who might inquire, I returned home in the early morning hours yesterday…overwhelmed, jet-lagged and just plain worn out) and many of you are pissed…and you should be. For those of you who are waiting patiently, I thank you! For those of you wearing out of patience and being vocal about it…I am with you…I would be doing exactly what you’re doing, probably more. By all appearances, this looks bad and I get that. But I am back…I am here…and I am ready to get to work happily and dutifully fulfilling my obligations. I love to design J

Given where I am at (where we are), I am clearly going to miss April as a deadline. And, honestly, I have other work scheduled that needs to be done (I am SO far behind on ALL my queued projects – shame on me again). But I can produce at least one logo per day, EVERY DAY, until all backers have been satisfied. There are 68 of you…a handful didn’t follow through with backing the project. So I am looking at a max of 60 days to finish (this is what I had planned originally). There will certainly be days where I get more than one designed – some days I will get MANY more than one designed. I am sure of it. But one will be created and delivered EVERY DAY. I will start this Monday.

I would appreciate your feedback on my plan…and ask for forgiveness for my very poor planning. I am where I am and it is what it is and I can’t change the past. So respond as you wish. I expect to be flamed and chastised and you’re more than welcome to tell me exactly what you think of me and this whole cluster of a mess – I can take it and agree with your aggravation. And I will, once again, thank those of you who sent messages of support. None of you have been left hanging and I am going to make sure you’re all VERY pleased with the logo(s) I produce for you.


Michael Alden


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    1. Matthew Tucker on

      Creativity is a must for me, I was just looking for some feedback and I got it! Take your time Michael, looking forward to seeing your work first hand. As Bret said, Kickstarter Projects are always delayed, the KS Community in general is happy with being kept up to date with the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Thanks for your honesty!

    2. BG on

      My other project I am supporting is 4 months behind... so your doing ok..

    3. BG on

      Sounds good to me. Starting a new idea or company or product needs trial and error. But it needs to be completed. So as long as I get my logo I am happy. Now chill! :)

    4. on

      Yeah please take your time, at least with mine. You can't rush creativity :P

    5. Michael Alden + Theory 9 Design Creator on

      I appreciate the support and look forward to fulfilling my obligations :)

    6. on

      im 100% with ChrisT, don't stress yourself too much, sometimes thats just way things go. And never go over your limits (when it starts hurting STOP). I didn't and have had a couple of bad years because of overworking myself. so just relax, pop out some good logos and everyone will be happy. you can put me to the end of the line (or if you have a super special idea give it to me ;-)), i'm not in a hurry

    7. Chris Thiergartner on

      Honestly, your email Corrects about 98% of the issue i had with this project. I appreciate the honesty. On a side note, at least for me, I would like creative effort over speed. You can loop me to the end of the line, and bang out a design that you feel inspired to do vs obligated from time constraints. Thanks for the heads up, and i am looking forward to see your designs.