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A KILLER Logo Project by Michael Alden + Theory 9 Design. Pledge a little, get a Logo! Pledge a bit more, get a whole lot more!
68 backers pledged $4,478 to help bring this project to life.

A loud "HEY" to my Rockin' Kickstarters -- THANK-YOU!!!

Posted by Michael Alden + Theory 9 Design (Creator)

Wow! Success...thank-you so much for believing in me and making my project a smashing success :)

I'm already getting emails from folks anxious to get started -- and I can hardly blame you! I am chomping at the bit myself. Here's a quick overview of what you can expect going froward from here...

  • First, I will be posting a questionnaire for you to fill out...just a customary form seeking details about the logo you want me to create for you. I will be posting this within 48 hours -- I know, the sooner the better :)
  • As the questionnaires start rolling in I will be tackling these logos in the order you backed the project! It just seems like the most fair way to approach things. So, the first backer will get their logo first. Second backer, second. So forth and so on.
  • Please keep in mind that many of you backed the project seeking multiple a single backer might be getting a few of these gems along the creative process. Rest assured I will be getting your logo done as soon as humanly possible!
  • With 68 backers this project might well take me into April to fulfill...but I will be cranking on these every waking hour to try and get them all out to you sooner.

Once again, thank-you for believing in me and I'm really super excited to be working with you! And keep a keen eye out for that's coming!

Michael =]


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    1. Stuart on

      I was backer number 1 and I still haven't seen a logo...

    2. Jack Haines on

      Seconded... an update would be nice!

    3. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      Some sort of update would be nice since it's mid-April.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Anthony on

      Hi Michael,

      How are they coming?