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A KILLER Logo Project by Michael Alden + Theory 9 Design. Pledge a little, get a Logo! Pledge a bit more, get a whole lot more!
A KILLER Logo Project by Michael Alden + Theory 9 Design. Pledge a little, get a Logo! Pledge a bit more, get a whole lot more!
68 backers pledged $4,478 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sean Blechschmidt on

      As someone who made a significant contribution to the project, I would have expected an update since June 4 as to how things are proceeding....

    2. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      I got my refund today. Nothing more to say really.

    3. Chris Thiergartner on

      Just an update, Mr. Alden was very responsive to my inquires when I decided to end my participation. I decided to go with the Amazon gift card, after i directly contacted him and let him know my decision. he accomodated my request within 24 hours, with an apology. I encourage all of you still participating to hold fast, he is just really swamped. I do not doubt his sincerity or regret for the delays, and re-affirms my faith in small ventures like this. hope this helps someone.....

    4. Jack Haines on

      Still no updates, huh? You are kinda testing my faith in Kickstarter...

    5. Michael Gajda on

      Can you at least update us on your progress by posting on as you said you would? This would really restore some of our faith in this project.

    6. Justin Riehl on

      I took the Amazon gift card option as well. I received it within an hour of the email exchange which was courteous and professional.

    7. BG on

      Got a refund for a amazon gift card (my request). Was sent in one day. So he is very helpful if you want a refund. Just ask. At least he is not a scam. Just got too busy.

    8. BG on

      This is awesome, By the time I get my logo I won't need my logo.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Gunderson on

      ANY communication would be preferable to none.

    10. Joshua James on

      I do not think the project owner can send more than a single survey.

    11. Justin Riehl on

      "As a matter of fact, I plan to send out a survey by the end of the coming weekend, polling backers in the $25 and $50 levels if they want a refund, encouraging them to take one. "

      Was this survey posted? I haven't seen anything. Hey I'm not a complainer and I understand S**t Happens but the lack of communication / follow through is a deal breaker.

    12. Brian Connelly on

      I received the refund today --so thank you.. So I'm out. Good Luck on your future endeavors.

    13. Josh Sorenson on

      @brian I got my refund today, send him a message back with your amazon paymets email address.

    14. Brian Connelly on

      Email from Michael direct to me:

      Michael Alden + Theory 9 Design
      Wednesday Jun 13, 11:37am EDT
      Hey Brian,

      I assume, by your post, you would like a refund? If so, I understand completely. As a matter of fact, I plan to send out a survey by the end of the coming weekend, polling backers in the $25 and $50 levels if they want a refund, encouraging them to take one. That leaves me with only a handful of other logos to complete -- and complete them I will.

      I know you're in the $150 level and I have the desire to do those logos. If you can bear with me, I should be on those next week, provided the folks in the lower tiers take me up on my offer. Let me know how you would like to proceed.

      Sorry for the way this project has gone. My true window to get these logos done was while I was working abroad. My current project schedule is simply suffocating and I can't live with myself having so many people left hanging any longer.

      Please let me know if you can hold on another week - 10 days or if you've maxed out on your patience threshold ;-)


      ( I responded that I would like the refund -- however I have yet to see a survey or a response.) At this point I will give him a couple of days then I will figure out what my next move is.

    15. Missing avatar

      Sandeep Sebastin

      Hi Michael,

      I have not heard back from you after the first design. I backed you, paid you and have waited for quite some time and feel that you have not kept your side of the bargain and have let me and the other 67 of your backers down.

      Like Bryan had suggested previously, you should post the logo's on the website as they are finished. That would be a visible progress indicator.

      I would also like to hear from anybody that has received a logo from Michael and is pleased with it.

      Michael I would like my money back...Life may be tough for you, but it is for us also...please do the right thing. Thank you.


    16. Missing avatar

      giuliano carlini on

      Hi Michael, as long as you make steady progress, I'm okay with waiting. Though I hope you can do more than 1 a week ;->

      An update telling us where you are on "the list" and how any projections on how many you hope to do per week would be appreciated.

    17. Brian Connelly on

      At one client per week or so average it will take over a year at this rate. Is there any way you can do the right thing and refund back all funds if requested? The money I pledged could be more useful elsewhere instead of waiting for you to get back on track.

    18. Michael Alden + Theory 9 Design Creator on

      And, John, I have you listed as #9, FYI

    19. Michael Alden + Theory 9 Design Creator on

      Hey guys...I am here...I'm just SWAMPED. Josh -- I should get to you this week...John -- I finished your initial design last week but just checked and it's somehow stuck in my Outbox -- sorry! I will try and get that properly sent to you now.

    20. John Mendez on

      Funny, i was backer number 8 but now i see the list and I'm further down. I received a message that i was next about 12 days ago but haven't seen anything yet

    21. Josh Sorenson on

      err sorry, further, then that but still.

    22. Josh Sorenson on

      haven't gotten anything here and I'm backer number 10

    23. Brian Connelly on

      So how many have you completed ? Where are you on your list?
      If you have received your logo -- Please leave some feed back. Would like an idea of how long it will take to do the work.

    24. Michael Gajda on

      Hi Michael,
      Just wondering how the project is coming along. Maybe some new updates?

    25. Josh Sorenson on

      Glad to hear your back on, looking forward to seeing my logo.

    26. Missing avatar

      Sandeep Sebastin

      Thanks Michael...that sound great.


    27. Michael Alden + Theory 9 Design Creator on

      Hey Sandeep,

      I am a bit behind but it's because I am going the extra mile for everyone due to the circumstances surrounding my poor handling of the project. But rest assured, I am working on logos every day. You can expect to see a draft for yours in the next couple of days :)

      Thanks for all the support!

    28. Missing avatar

      Sandeep Sebastin

      Hi Michael,

      Please let us know what is happening...I am sure you can spare one minute a week to update us.


    29. Missing avatar

      Ashley M on

      Thanks for the reply Michael, good to see the project back on track.

    30. Michael Alden + Theory 9 Design Creator on

      Hey Ashley...I did one yesterday, delivered it to the gentleman and I am awaiting his feedback.

      I am currently working on logo #2.

      As I said...I plan on one a day (or better) :)]

    31. Missing avatar

      Ashley M on

      So, its now past Monday, when work on these projects were ment to start, maybe... Has anyone had their logo completed yet?

    32. Michael Alden + Theory 9 Design Creator on

      Thanks, guys...I appreciate the many comments of support and the numerous emails I am receiving both through Kickstarter and privately. And I hear you, Giuliano =]

      Brian...I "get it" -- I understand where you're coming from. Like I said, I would be feeling the same as those of you with strong, less-than-positive comments. But here I am and here we are...and the logos are underway...

    33. Missing avatar

      giuliano carlini on

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the reply here, and that you sent me directly. I'm willing to give this another shot. And I'm patient, very patient. But you need to communicate. You've lost the trust of a lot of folks. Hopefully as you knock these logos out, those receiving them will be able to help you restore that trust. Good luck. And I remain excited about the work you will do when you get a chance to work on my logo.

    34. John Mendez on

      Great to here from you. I underdtand that life happens and obstacles are always present, usually when everything is going according to plan is when i start worrying the most cause stuff most always come up. I wish you and your famly the best. I don’t have issues with delays or extended deadlines within reason as long as we are notified and kept up to date and thats my biggeest issue. I’m sure if this was a mayjor project for an important client you would have kept them informed of what was going on regardless of what the consecuences may be. Anyway it’s good to here your back on the project. Is there anyway i can change the name for the logo i’ll send you a private message. Thanks

    35. Brian Connelly on

      Thanks for the update -- but I have to say this is a major let down -- and I'm with a lot of the other backers this still feels a bit like fraud/deceit at its best. Start knocking out what you promised or refund the monies -- that is the only thing to do at this point. If you have a job that is wonderful -- but we did not donate to support your other job -- it was for the Logo project.

    36. Michael Alden + Theory 9 Design Creator on

      I’m back – I’m here! I haven’t abandoned the project and I haven’t scammed anyone!!!

      Please bear with me and read my statement….I will try to be as brief as possible…and PLEASE understand I am taking this VERY seriously.

      When I posted this project, I timed it to coincide with the closing on my new house. My plan had been to (chronologically):

      • Close on the house
      • Move into the new digs and get settled
      • The Kickstarter project wraps and is funded
      • I start on the logos
      • I finish the logos while working on a HUGE project abroad for a foreign client.
      • Come home at the end of April, all the logos done and delivered, and the big project wrapped up, everyone happy, I get to spend some time reconnecting with my family

      What I hadn’t planned on was:

      • The closing being delayed over a week
      • Having a natural gas line leak in the wall causing us (me, my son, my GF and her two children) to be displaced after we had moved in
      • Having the main drain pipe leak between a wall and the ceiling having us displaced TWICE more (if anyone had told me building a new home was akin to Tom Hanks’ The Money Pit, I might have bought an existing home)
      • Being worked 16 – 20 hours a day, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK – for SIX WEEKS, leaving me no time to do anything but eat, sleep and breathe that other project, sapping up every ounce of creative energy – and actual time – to do the logos in (what I thought would be) my free time.

      Yes…the working trip for that other project was planned. I know how much work volume I can produce and the time allotted would have easily accommodated successful, on-time completion with me working in the evening and weekends (that elusive “free time” I wasn’t actually afforded while working abroad). Since I was going to be somewhere I didn’t care to be and was going to be away from my family, I figured it was the best way to pass my time and make the time go by faster…by knocking out your logos when I wasn’t actively working on the other project.

      None of this is anyone’s fault but my own. I assumed, going into the other arrangement (long before I posted the Kickstarter project) that my life would be like it is normally: I arrive at my desk (my workplace)…work 8, 10, 12 hours (max)…call it a day for my long-term client work…produce other projects in my free time. It simply didn’t happen due to circumstances beyond my control. And now, here I sit, with a healthy heaping of egg on my face. Shame on me – and I am ashamed.

      So, here I am now, with April all but over…I just returned home after being away from my GF and our children (and for those of you who might inquire, I returned home in the early morning hours yesterday…overwhelmed, jet-lagged and just plain worn out) and many of you are pissed…and you should be. For those of you who are waiting patiently, I thank you! For those of you wearing out of patience and being vocal about it…I am with you…I would be doing exactly what you’re doing, probably more. By all appearances, this looks bad and I get that. But I am back…I am here…and I am ready to get to work happily and dutifully fulfilling my obligations. I love to design J

      Given where I am at (where we are), I am clearly going to miss April as a deadline. And, honestly, I have other work scheduled that needs to be done (I am SO far behind on ALL my queued projects – shame on me again). But I can produce at least one logo per day, EVERY DAY, until all backers have been satisfied. There are 68 of you…a handful didn’t follow through with backing the project. So I am looking at a max of 60 days to finish (this is what I had planned originally). There will certainly be days where I get more than one designed – some days I will get MANY more than one designed. I am sure of it. But one will be created and delivered EVERY DAY. I will start this Monday.

      I would appreciate your feedback on my plan…and ask for forgiveness for my very poor planning. I am where I am and it is what it is and I can’t change the past. So respond as you wish. I expect to be flamed and chastised and you’re more than welcome to tell me exactly what you think of me and this whole cluster of a mess – I can take it and agree with your aggravation. And I will, once again, thank those of you who sent messages of support. None of you have been left hanging and I am going to make sure you’re all VERY pleased with the logo(s) I produce for you.

      Michael Alden

    37. Stuart on

      I was backer number 1 and I still haven't seen a logo...

    38. Chris Thiergartner on

      last post was february, and nobody has heard anything. i give him to the EOM before i am concerned though.

    39. Missing avatar

      Sandeep Sebastin

      Hi Michael,

      Any Updates?....

    40. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      I assume we wait two more weeks before declaring that he missed his "April 2012" estimated delivery? I hope KickStarter hasn't paid him yet and he's skipped town.

    41. Brian Connelly on

      Any Updates ? Where are you on the list ? How many have you churned out?

    42. Josh Sorenson on

      I have gotten no logo but March 9th he responded to a message of mine and said he would be starting shortly.

    43. Matthew Tucker on

      Michael, how about an update... Have you started sending out logos. I'm #8 on the backer list and I haven't seen anything yet... Looking forward to see what you've come up with!

    44. on

      Nothing yet ... anyone?

    45. John Mendez on

      This is not looking to good i sent him a message almost two weeks ago and no response. came here and no updates. so has anyone received there logos or heard anything?

    46. Josh Sorenson on

      Any updates at all?

    47. Henry Barnes Jr. on

      When can I expect to hear something about my logo? It's been almost 2 months.

    48. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      Will you be posting the logos on as you complete them?

    49. Josh Sorenson on

      Thanks, looking forward seeing my logo.

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