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It's more than just a microlight...
It's more than just a microlight...
It's more than just a microlight...
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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mansfield 7 days ago

      I was wondering if you could please provide a tracking number for my order?

    2. Leandro Peral on March 14

      Nothing for me yet....can you help
      Out with tracking info?

    3. Mr. Backin' Gadgets on March 13

      @UV Paqlite Creator(s) - Update: The eagle has landed, approx 48 hours past my last transmission, with all the correct contents fully accounted for.
      ...With that said, for the record while we're on the subject, I would also like to report that I have already been getting some good use out of these little guys over the past few days and honestly... these things are awesome! I couldn't be more pleased with the end product! I read a previous comment of someone who was disappointed because they were having a problem with the battery cover not staying in place, so at first, I left the whistle attached and was being real careful with 'em. But, after a day of it feeling a bit too bulky with the keys in my pocket, I decided to remove the whistle and see how it goes. Out of 3 units, I haven't lost a cover yet. So, I'm thinking that backer must have just got a faulty unit or maybe it was just caused by user error because all three of my MSLs are doing just fine.
      All I'm all, I'm very satisfied with this product, I love the creative, unique, and very innovative concept of your brand and product line, I can't imagine the hard work you must have put into these creations and I truly appreciate your ability to not only follow through with the ideas to produce and share these cool products with us but also your ability to keep at it, providing communication and taking care of your backers the whole way through. I eagerly purchased your products in the past when I first discovered your products online, I have gladly backed your recent ideas to help see them through into a useful tool that I now own and will enjoy getting much use out of for many years to come and, I thoroughly anticipate supporting any of your future product concepts and projects.
      In other words... Thank you.

      -Backer 408
      -aka "Mr. Backin' Gadgets"
      -aka Danny K.

    4. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on March 6

      @Mr Backin Gadgets - I'll message you with the tracking details.

    5. Mr. Backin' Gadgets on March 5

      Hi, Backer 408 here. Have all of the items been shipped already? If so, could I possibly bother you for my tracking number? I have not received them yet. Just thought they may still be in route. Thanks.
      -3 Micro Lights (2 white + 1 UV)
      - 1 orb (added-on and paid for at time of survey through PayPal).

    6. Wendy on March 2

      The light won't stay on and will only be on if I keep holding the "ON" button which then triggers the pulse mode then randomly flickers.

    7. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on February 21

      @leandro - your reward was shipped already. I will message you the tracking number.

    8. Leandro Peral on February 10

      I haven’t received mine yet. CN you help?

    9. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on January 18

      @Guan Yang - Great! Thank you.

    10. Missing avatar

      Guan Yang on January 16

      Just received it! Thanks! :) Really lovely product! Works quite well too!

    11. Missing avatar

      Guan Yang on January 16

      Hi, I saw that the product has arrived in Singapore and delivered to the postal agent on the 1st Jan 2018 but it has not been delivered to me as of today. Could you help to check when the product would arrive?

    12. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on January 15

      A suggestion for the battery cover - just fold the battery protection in in two and put it back inside, on top of the batteries, just under the cover. This will give the necessary thickness to keep the cover on.

    13. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on January 15

      @Edgar - I will PM you.

    14. Edgar on January 12

      Guys, I just received my 3 lights. The battery cover is useless. All 3 of them fall by just looking at them. I almost lost one at the supermarket.

      Is it a production mistake? A design mistake? But just now the only way not to loose it is to keep the whistle on all the time or to tape it.

      I am a 3 time backer and was very happy with the other products but not thrilled at all with this one. I expect a clarification form you guys.


    15. Missing avatar

      Ikkin Ecnerwal Oiradnam on January 11

      Hello.. good day.. I would like to know what is the name of my postal agent here in the philippines because I have seen on the package tracker that my parcels have already arrived here in the philippines since january 5th.. but still i havent received my package tnx alot

    16. Shadow Stalker
      on January 10

      Love this company and product, Thanks

    17. Andrew Moore on January 10

      My two turned up yesterday, both working great. thank you very much.

    18. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on January 9

      @Olia Tofu - I'm messaging you the tracking number.

    19. Missing avatar

      Olia Tofu on January 9

      Hello. When will i receive mine? thanks :-)

    20. Missing avatar

      J. A.
      on January 4

      Received mine - thank you. I am looking forward to using them.

    21. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on January 4

      @andres Robinson I’ll see what I find via and the post office. I’ll message you with what I find out.

    22. Andrew Robinson on January 4

      Hi, my tracking number was sent to me 13 days ago and I still have not received the package. I live in California and it said it should have taken 3 days, but the tracking info shows no updated info. Can you please help me figure out whats going on? Thank you

    23. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on January 2

      @Ikkin Ecnerwal Oiradnam - it could take a few weeks to arrive in the Philippines.

    24. Paul Cuni
      on January 2

      Here's my unboxing and review:

    25. Missing avatar

      VIENOT on January 1

      Hi everybody,
      Do you know when the shipments will be done for France? As far as I can see, I have no news from "stamps" in my mailbox. I completed the survey as it was available online (December 11th).
      Thanks a lot :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Ikkin Ecnerwal Oiradnam on December 29

      @creator... I would like to ask when will my parcel be arriving ... I am from the philippines?? tnx

    27. Isheian
      on December 29

      @Darren Yeah mines getting there, rechargeable batteries do wear out.

    28. Darren Starkebaum on December 28

      Received them on Thursday as expected. Very nice product and Great to have them shipped before Christmas. Only problem I have is one of them the back keeps coming off in my pocket no matter what I do it won’t stay. I’ve had it happen 3 times since I’ve had it
      This is the 2nd reward from you. And you always make the time you saw and fast shipping.
      Two of my orbs the charge won’t stay. It runs down with in a day even with out turning them on

    29. Isheian
      on December 22

      Got mine today! Ending putting the purple sticker on the up light so can tell the difference. Not uber bright lights but functional. The white one ought to replace the orb as my pocket light. Don’t forget to pull the tag out of the battery compartment, doesn’t work otherwise. Still loving it!

    30. Missing avatar

      on December 22

      It is Feb 2018.

    31. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on December 22

      There will be a sticker on the package: Purple sticker = UV/Black Light LED , White sticker = White Light LED

    32. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on December 22

      There seems to be some confusion on the "color" - The color you indicated in the survey is for the LED color. The UV/Black Light indicates you wanted to UV/Black Light LED; we do not make a black housing. I'm sorry for any confusion. The UV/Black Light charges the crystals very fast and you'll see that you can still use it as "flashlight" without destroying your night vision.

    33. Scott
      on December 21

      When your reward ships you will get an email titled "Alexis Nagel has sent you a package" from It will have your tracking number. Check your spam/junk mail folder just in case it got filtered there.

    34. Missing avatar

      James on December 21

      Is there any kind of notification of shipment, if I am getting the lights before Christmas?

    35. Missing avatar

      Ikkin Ecnerwal Oiradnam on December 21

      Do I belong on the 237 shipments tnx a lot...

    36. Michael
      on December 21

      Where can I find this video? I haven't completed my survey yet. Not sure which ones to get.

      UV Paqlite 3-time creator on November 14
      @ Andrew Robinson - Sure! I'll work on that today.

      Andrew Robinson on November 14
      Would you be able to provide a side by side lighting comparison video of the brightness between the white and UV light?

    37. Scott
      on December 20

      Wow, two months early? I didn't expect that. nice job!

    38. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on December 19

      237 Shipments went out today!

    39. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on December 18

      We are waiting for the shipments to clear customs... we're expecting delivery any day!!

    40. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Dee on December 15

      Hi. Need to know if you will ship in December. I am on a long vacation and may need to change shipping address.

    41. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on December 13

      The Orb is $20 and the Mule Light V2 is $60

    42. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on December 13

      You can send add-on money to via PayPal

    43. Mr. Backin' Gadgets on December 12

      I have the same question as Frank Tan. I'd like to add $20 for the orb. How do I do that if it's not too late and/or would it be better to just buy one through your website right now as a "holiday special"? Thanks!

    44. Frank Tan on December 11

      I just got the survey question. I says we can add the Orb or Mule Light v2. How much would those cost? I ask knowing that there's a holiday sale at your regular website. Would it make a great deal even better if I get the Orb or Mule Light V2 as an add-on or purchase in your regular store?

    45. Chuck Mudrat Webb
      on December 10

      Sorry, I've been in the hospital. Are they going to ship by Christmas? I got the mule last time around. So awesome!

    46. Missing avatar

      Ikkin Ecnerwal Oiradnam on December 10

      So what are the next steps after the funding?.. do you need some more details from us tnx�

    47. Scott
      on December 8

      You guys deserve another successfully funded campaign. Congratz!

    48. Isheian
      on December 7

      Decided I wanted two. One white and on uv. I like to 2032 idea as rechargeable versions and chargers are more plentiful. If not cest la vie. Love the other two lights of yalls!

    49. UV Paqlite 3-time creator on December 7

      WE DID IT!!! We truly have the best and most loyal backers. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

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