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A brand new Dizzy game by the original creators, The Oliver Twins. Help us create the best Dizzy game ever! Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on December 21, 2012.

A brand new Dizzy game by the original creators, The Oliver Twins. Help us create the best Dizzy game ever!

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Unseen concept art

Hi everyone,

We'd like to start with a great big thank you for all your very kind messages in reaction to our Facing the inevitable update a few days ago -  we couldn't have asked for better backers and supporters, and we're taking all your thoughts and comments on board as to the future of Dizzy.

As promised, in this update we'll be sharing with you as yet unseen art work from Dizzy Returns, featuring character concepts of some of the enemy characters from the game.

First up we have a coloured version of Rockwart the troll (if you haven't already you can check out some concept sketches of Rockwart in one of our previous updates here).

Meet one of Zaks' underlings, a lowly palace guard - we certainly wouldn't want to mess with him though...

Speaking of underlings, here's an Egg Knight, one of Zaks' crack troops (if you'll forgive the pun) dedicated to ridding the world of Dizzy.

Finally, we have Zaks the Evil Wizard himself, Dizzy's arch-nemesis and all-round big bad guy, looking as nasty as ever!

On Monday we'll be sharing some more unseen concept art with you, including some level design work on an area that was to appear mid-way through the game, under the working title of Olivia's Cove. 

Have a great weekend,

Philip and Andrew 

Facing the inevitable

Hi everyone.

This update is a bit of a serious one, and in which we’re going to talk about that with eight days to go, Dizzy Returns in all likelihood won't meet its funding target.

As of today the total amount pledged stands at just over £23,000 of our £350,000 goal - in order to meet that we’d need over £40,000 pledged every day, and realistically that’s not going to happen. There’s certainly no shame in admitting that though, and we believe that rather than posting updates under the pretence that we might hit our target, it’s much better to be honest and upfront with you, our backers.  

We’d also like to apologise for the radio silence over the last few days, and to those of you were expecting a big final push towards the finish line. As we're so far from our target we think that it’s better to acknowledge the situation, rather than to continue when the outcome has already pretty much been decided.

Lessons learnt

When we started the Dizzy Returns campaign we were in the pre-development stage, concepting characters, locations and game mechanics. Many of you have asked to see a demo or some gameplay footage – unfortunately that doesn't exist yet, because of the simple fact that we haven’t begun actually making the game. The majority of video game Kickstarter projects have been in production for some time, with some having been literally years in the making, and of course this wasn't the case with Dizzy Returns. As we have learnt all too well, starting the campaign this early in pre-development has made it much harder to communicate our vision of Dizzy Returns, and there’s no denying that we should and could have done this better.

The future of Dizzy Returns

As sad as it is to see that the campaign will unlikely be successful, the Dizzy Returns Kickstarter has done part of what it set out to do – gauge interest in the idea of a new Dizzy game. Our vision for Dizzy Returns was a very particular one; as has been proved by over 750 backers and all your comments and messages, there is indeed interest in a new Dizzy game, just maybe not at the size or scope of our original idea. There's certainly nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about not being successfully funded; on the contrary we're glad to have had this experience, and have learnt a great deal along the way.

As for the future of Dizzy, Dizzy Returns at least will not be made if the campaign is not funded successfully, as is looking likely. We may revisit the possibility of another Dizzy game at a later date, but the vision of that game would need to be considerably different. 

Thank you

We’d like to say a sincere thank you to each and every one of you for your support and kind comments.  It’s been heart-warming to see all the love for Dizzy that is still out there, and we’re humbled by the fond remembrances of your experiences with the original series of Dizzy games and the part they played in your lives. Regardless of whether we make a brand new Dizzy adventure or not, there’s no doubt that he has a place in gaming history.

So what's next?

We’ll be using time left of the campaign to share the rest of the concept work and designs we have with you, as well as asking for your thoughts about the future of Dizzy. As per Kickstarter's policy on unsuccessful projects, not meeting our target means that you will not be charged a penny.

Thank you once again to all of you - a Kickstarter project is nothing without its backers, and whilst we may not be near our funding target, we couldn't have asked for better supporters. As a small token of our thanks, we'll be putting together a collection of Dizzy Returns digital content, along with some as yet unseen concept art and mock-up pages from the art book, which we'll make available to you soon.

Andrew and Philip Oliver

The results are in! Part two

Thank you to everyone who took part in our second design survey, we've had even more fantastic feedback from you all.

Welcome to the 11% of people who've never played a Dizzy game, it's nice to see new faces as well as old fans. We were surprised at the amount of you who've played a number of the games!

An overwhelming slide to the multiple items choice, in keeping with the later games in the series. It doesn't appear that you were huge fans of the single inventory slot you got in the original game! Feedback from our backers directly impacts our game design, so our game designers will be looking to implement a streamlined inventory system to allow you to quickly access the items you want to use.

This is something we've seen discussed in the comments a lot of the last couple of weeks so we thought we'd poll you all to see if everybody felt the same way. Looks like the majority of you feel narration is the way forward, we'll be chatting with our audio team soon so they'll be able to talk to you about the options.

Quite a close split between story options here, it'll be interesting to drill down into these further. The incidental details choice will mean the game will have a much more linear feel to it as we have to guide the player between areas to keep the story flowing in a natural way. Whereas building the game around the story will give the game much more depth, meshing the story and gameplay together tightly. 

Thanks again to all those backers that answered the questions, we'll be mailing out another survey next week. Keep your eyes peeled for our video update coming soon!

Design Survey #2 - Backers only!


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Mini-update: Meet the team - Stuart Maine

Hi everyone, this week we'll be introducing you to some of the team currently working on Dizzy Returns, starting with Design Manager Stuart Maine!

Please introduce yourself!

Hi, my name is Stuart Maine and I'm a Design Manager at Blitz Games Studios.

What do you do at Blitz? 

Like all the designers here it’s my job to help plan and build the game worlds and the events that happen in them. That means brainstorming, using editors, writing stuff, and lots and lots of testing and tweaking gameplay. I'm responsible for holding and articulating the game’s vision, so that everyone knows what they’re working towards. Of course on Dizzy that vision is in part coming from the Oliver Twins, so my role is to help get that out and into the game.

Are you a Dizzy fan? 

Absolutely! I'm a huge fan of the exploration and puzzle solving aspects, but was always pretty bad at the precision platforming and I got Dizzy killed a lot (this is in fact a massive understatement). I don’t think I ever finished one of the classic Dizzy games at the time; the pressure of getting near the end and having all that progress lost if I died invariably meant I’d fall into a hole / fire / crocodile.

How did you first get into video games?

I think our family’s first games system was a Fairchild Channel F (which was a colour system but we only had a black and white TV). After that came an Amstrad CPC 464 and long evenings of annoying the rest of the family with the endless bleeps and bloops of being chased around The Slimy Lower Maze in Finders Keepers!

When did you first discover Dizzy?

I picked up the first Dizzy game at our local newsagent, as they used to have a little carousel of cassettes for the Spectrum, Amstrad and C64. I bought a lot of games in that shop, and most of them were terrible, but every now and again you’d find a game like Dizzy – a complete little world just waiting on the tape for you to start exploring.

What’s your fondest memory of Dizzy? 

Well, I really enjoyed playing Treasure Island Dizzy with a friend after school (we’d take turns playing after each of us got killed / drowned / trapped). But I’ll have to go with the very first time I played the original Dizzy and started exploring that dark, creepy world of spiders, birds and chained up skeletons.

What are you looking forward to the most in Dizzy Returns

The scope of this project means it won’t just be people that have never played a Dizzy game that get to experience something new. This is the first official game for over 20 years, so this is our chance to add something new to the Dizzy canon. The remakes and fan games have been great at keeping the Dizzy name alive since the last game, but this project is an opportunity for fans to experience a brand new Dizzy game by the original creators!

I'm really looking forward to expanding the world and fleshing out it's its history. For instance we can explain Zaks' origins and why he hates the Yolkfolk so much. We will also be able to expand Dizzy's world to include beautiful and exciting new locations. We've even got a very exciting plan for how to tie Dizzy Returns to the classic games, exploring what’s happened over the last 20 years since his last adventure...

What do you do for fun? 

I'm your typical geek gamer – I love playing video games and board games, painting Dark Eldar models and I'm currently writing a novel, which is just over 40,000 words so far!

Anything you’d like to add? 

I'm really excited to be part of bringing a game from my childhood up-to-date. The plans we have for Dizzy Returns are incredibly exciting and I can't wait to get started on development if we're successfully funded.

I'd also like to say a huge thank you to everyone that’s backed the game so far – it’s you guys that are going to make this game happen!