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By The Oliver Twins
£25,620 pledged of £350,000 goal

Unseen concept art

Hi everyone,

We'd like to start with a great big thank you for all your very kind messages in reaction to our Facing the inevitable update a few days ago -  we couldn't have asked for better backers and supporters, and we're taking all your thoughts and comments on board as to the future of Dizzy.

As promised, in this update we'll be sharing with you as yet unseen art work from Dizzy Returns, featuring character concepts of some of the enemy characters from the game.

First up we have a coloured version of Rockwart the troll (if you haven't already you can check out some concept sketches of Rockwart in one of our previous updates here).

Meet one of Zaks' underlings, a lowly palace guard - we certainly wouldn't want to mess with him though...

Speaking of underlings, here's an Egg Knight, one of Zaks' crack troops (if you'll forgive the pun) dedicated to ridding the world of Dizzy.

Finally, we have Zaks the Evil Wizard himself, Dizzy's arch-nemesis and all-round big bad guy, looking as nasty as ever!

On Monday we'll be sharing some more unseen concept art with you, including some level design work on an area that was to appear mid-way through the game, under the working title of Olivia's Cove. 

Have a great weekend,

Philip and Andrew 


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    1. Frodo

      Fantastic artwork! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    2. Commander Boz on

      Really good designs. I wish some rich fan would happen across this Kickstarter and get this made. . .

    3. Phillip L Ward on

      Fantastic. Love theses designs,

    4. Missing avatar

      Roslyn Rodgers on

      Fab art! Love Dizzy and will be dreaming of the day when Dizzy Returns. I will be setting myself up on game networks, etc, in preparation for the big push 'when' you're ready to bring him back. All the best to you both and your team.

    5. JamieRIOT on

      It would be a shame for all of this early work to be shelved for entirely or for years to come. Hopefully we'll see Dizzy Returns try an alternate method sometime in the (not too distant) future.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ezhovyj Glaz on

      Nice guys :)
      Great Work!

    7. Missing avatar

      db on

      Amazing art. I look forward to pledging if/when this kickstarter is relaunched.

    8. Robert Oleszczuk on

      Thank you. I hope one day we will see Dizzy returs again! Good luck!

    9. Darklord on

      Wow what awesome art! Thanks for sharing! :-D