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The Oliver TwinsBy The Oliver Twins
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The Oliver TwinsBy The Oliver Twins
First created
pledged of £350,000pledged of £350,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, December 21 2012 4:00 PM UTC +00:00

Facing the inevitable

Posted by The Oliver Twins (Creator)

Hi everyone.

This update is a bit of a serious one, and in which we’re going to talk about that with eight days to go, Dizzy Returns in all likelihood won't meet its funding target.

As of today the total amount pledged stands at just over £23,000 of our £350,000 goal - in order to meet that we’d need over £40,000 pledged every day, and realistically that’s not going to happen. There’s certainly no shame in admitting that though, and we believe that rather than posting updates under the pretence that we might hit our target, it’s much better to be honest and upfront with you, our backers.  

We’d also like to apologise for the radio silence over the last few days, and to those of you were expecting a big final push towards the finish line. As we're so far from our target we think that it’s better to acknowledge the situation, rather than to continue when the outcome has already pretty much been decided.

Lessons learnt

When we started the Dizzy Returns campaign we were in the pre-development stage, concepting characters, locations and game mechanics. Many of you have asked to see a demo or some gameplay footage – unfortunately that doesn't exist yet, because of the simple fact that we haven’t begun actually making the game. The majority of video game Kickstarter projects have been in production for some time, with some having been literally years in the making, and of course this wasn't the case with Dizzy Returns. As we have learnt all too well, starting the campaign this early in pre-development has made it much harder to communicate our vision of Dizzy Returns, and there’s no denying that we should and could have done this better.

The future of Dizzy Returns

As sad as it is to see that the campaign will unlikely be successful, the Dizzy Returns Kickstarter has done part of what it set out to do – gauge interest in the idea of a new Dizzy game. Our vision for Dizzy Returns was a very particular one; as has been proved by over 750 backers and all your comments and messages, there is indeed interest in a new Dizzy game, just maybe not at the size or scope of our original idea. There's certainly nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about not being successfully funded; on the contrary we're glad to have had this experience, and have learnt a great deal along the way.

As for the future of Dizzy, Dizzy Returns at least will not be made if the campaign is not funded successfully, as is looking likely. We may revisit the possibility of another Dizzy game at a later date, but the vision of that game would need to be considerably different. 

Thank you

We’d like to say a sincere thank you to each and every one of you for your support and kind comments.  It’s been heart-warming to see all the love for Dizzy that is still out there, and we’re humbled by the fond remembrances of your experiences with the original series of Dizzy games and the part they played in your lives. Regardless of whether we make a brand new Dizzy adventure or not, there’s no doubt that he has a place in gaming history.

So what's next?

We’ll be using time left of the campaign to share the rest of the concept work and designs we have with you, as well as asking for your thoughts about the future of Dizzy. As per Kickstarter's policy on unsuccessful projects, not meeting our target means that you will not be charged a penny.

Thank you once again to all of you - a Kickstarter project is nothing without its backers, and whilst we may not be near our funding target, we couldn't have asked for better supporters. As a small token of our thanks, we'll be putting together a collection of Dizzy Returns digital content, along with some as yet unseen concept art and mock-up pages from the art book, which we'll make available to you soon.

Andrew and Philip Oliver


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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt on


      I have only just heard about this and was overjoyed at the possibility of a new Dizzy game!
      My childhood was filled with Dizzy for the speccy then moving onto the Amiga. I have continued to replay the Dizzy's that have been available on PC and IOS.
      I think this is a game which people will love but possibly more advertising of the kickstarter project could have helped the number of backers and maybe it will be a case of a basic Dizzy game to bring Dizzy back to the limelight before the larger and fully developed "vision" of Dizzy could be realised

      Dizzy fan hoping that we will see a return to the unbreakable egg!

    2. Missing avatar

      Maria Costello on

      HI guys, I, like many of the others definitely feel that a new Dizzy has an audience. I really hope you might launch another funding project in the future. Perhaps, as many have been saying starting the campaign so close to Christmas was a factor and don't forget that you have a group of 700 or so people to spread the word again if needs be in future.

      Here's hoping you'll be making some Dizzy related project in future and thanks so much for all the effort you put into this.

    3. Nicholas Gotshall on

      I think the main problem is that I never saw any attention rallying, though I did arrive late and maybe I missed it. Point is, the only reason I found out about this Kickstarter was because I happened to be looking something up about the series on Wikipedia and did a double-take when I saw mention of Kickstarter. But let me tell you, when the Two Guys from Andromeda did their Kickstarter, it really didn't look like they were going to make it. But they did interviews with anyone who would have them and, eventually, a Reddit AMA. They also made up a series of little mock-demos. Not anything from the actual game, as theirs was in the conception stage as well, but just a taste of "this is the sort of thing you might expect to see when it's done." So you wouldn't necessarily have to have any work done on the game, but if you could pop together a five-to-ten minute three-screen Dizzy puzzle to remind everyone what the stakes are, that would go over very well.

      Another thing was, a lot of the backers campaigned for it. Went onto Twitter and sought out celebrities who they had an inkling would be into that sort of thing. For them it was Zach Braff, for you guys, maybe Yahtzee Croshaw?

      And last but certainly not least, people need access to the old games. The HD rerelease of Prince of the Yolkfolk was an excellent start, but the older games need love, too. I don't know if you guys have the rights to them these days or not, but if you're making a new Dizzy game, I'm going to assume you might. In which case, a release on GoG would go a very, very long way. A couple collections, or what have you. Maybe port Prince HD over to the PC and throw it up on Steam. The more people outside of the core fans who can play the older games, the better. And the more interest you'll gather in the process.

      I've also heard people saying that the Kickstarter community's not really throwing forth all their effort right now, so maybe the time isn't really right, either. In any case, I believe Dizzy Returns can absolutely be done, and the goal could be reached. And I'm not trying to berate the two of you; I'm a Dizzy fan and I'm absolutely glad to see you guys back at it! But just know that a lot of things are going to need to come together to make this work.

      As for myself, I'm planning to send my copy of Fantastic Adventures on the NES to the Game Grumps (probably the most popular Let's Play group at the moment), and maybe that will spark some curiosity in fans? If I'd known this Kickstarter was on the horizon I would have gotten it out the door sooner, but oh well.

      I hope you don't give up on this entirely, as it's completely feasible. Just have to have everyone who's here now, rallying interest when the time comes - and the classics out there as digital downloads for the modern age. Please don't let this defeat keep you down for the count. Dizzy will adventure again.

    4. Deejay on

      Hey all,

      If you haven't all gone and signed up at, I'd strongly urge you to do so. If anything further happens with Dizzy they'll be amongst the first to know, and so they're the closest we have to an exhaustive Dizzy fan mailing list. If there's ever to be another Dizzy Kickstarter we'll need everyone here to jump on it immediately to give it the best start.

      I've no idea what the future holds for Dizzy, but I hope that if there are any further plans then we can use this group as the baseline of support, and grow it from there. Here's hoping we all get the chance to spread the word again some time in the future.

    5. Dmitri Ponomarjov on

      Thanks a lot for the attempt!
      I still hope the new Dizzy will come out some day :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Marc Smith on

      Firstly thank you so much for trying to get this off the ground, at least 10 times a year since 1992 I've wandered "what if" for Dizzy! Such a shame it hasn't taken off as we all hoped but I think the timing didn't help, I'm pretty sure there's lots of work needed to get Dizzy back into the public eye before such project is launched again. However much I search google for Dizzy Returns most results seemed to be about the ios/android POTY from last year! I know a lot of us tried to make people aware this was happening, could do with putting a team of fans together to see if they could push some kind of promotion.
      Anyway Thanks Philip, Thanks Oliver and Thanks everyone else who pushed to try and make this happe long live Dizzy The Prince of the Yolkfolk!

    7. Frodo

      If another (possibly less ambitions) Dizzy Kickstarter is started, I sincerely hope it's not restricted to mobile devices. So many of us don't have an ios\ipad\ipod\whatever. Dizzy belongs on the pc ( :

    8. Mike Watts on

      Really sad to read this but can understand. I'm sure if you had a bit more to show off then you would have got more interest. Also launching a Kickstarter this close to Christmas will have had an effect.

      I'm sure there's still room for another Dizzy game, most likely on the mobile platforms considering the game style. I do hope this isn't the end for Dizzy yet!

    9. Julian G Hicks

      Thank you for the update - sad its not to be...this time :)
      Thank you both for your open honesty.

    10. Steven O'Leary on

      Guess it just wasn't meant to be :(

      Hope to see Dizzy back with a new adventure in some form, even if it is something a bit less ambitious...

    11. Martin Evans on

      Sad news :( still hope to see Dizzy come back one day!

    12. James Jones

      Very well spoken, humble, and gracious. True class acts. I wish you the best in the future.

    13. Demonkid on

      ALSO... if you have a great vision, then you dont have to show that vision in one big game... you could build up over time as the fan base grows... DONT GIVE UP!

    14. Demonkid on

      Dear Olivers, Before now i was simply just hoping that you would be convinced where ever you were to retro release the classics with their authentic graphics and 8bit tunes on iOs. I never expected you to come back with visions of a totally expanded universe. Kickstarter is brutal and in my opinion the Dizzy Returns just sprang out of no where. If it was'nt the fact i was following the guys over at YolkFolk i would not have seen it. If you guys still have the passion for it after this kickstarter to the teeth then its time to start getting Dizzy heard of again perhaps by re-releasing ALLL of the old games on iOS XD. You have your army of devoted fans here now, just gotta figure out how next to proceed. This kickstarter can still be the start of things not the end. DONT GIVE UP!

    15. Nadeem Rasool on

      Ahh such a shame to read this. I have fond memories of Dizzy on the amstrad CPC when I was a teenager. I just hope you do look at making episodic games like telltale did with Monkey Island. It may help you get a smaller funding needed in terms or assets and development. Can't wait to see the artwork

      Good luck to you and hope to see Dizzy soon :-)

    16. Ian Inman on

      Hey guys, really appreciate the honest update and also wanted to add my regret that the project does seem unlikely to be funded. I am optimistic on the comments of the future for Dizzy though, as I genuinely believe there is still a place for him in the games market.

      It may be that the super AAA game you had in mind isn't the best way to reintroduce him to the market and, in any case, Dizzy was not necessarilly all about that. It was a game you could pick up for a relatively cheap price but that still offered plenty of hours of fun addictive gameplay. Maybe doing a new game closer to the idea of the original first is a better way to go? I must admit i am not entirely sold on the idea of Dizzy predominantly on mobile devices.

      Anyway, i will always support Dizzy as he played quite a special part in my formative years of gaming and i really hope we do see him again soon.

    17. Commander Boz on

      Thank you, Andrew and Philip. The vision is a beautiful one, and I'm not certain that you have done anything wrong at all. There has been quite a lot of misinformation out there, as you are probably aware, particularly in making the distinction between the Oliver Twins and Codemasters. Running this Kickstarter so soon after Codemasters released the iOS version of POTY ironically harmed the project, I'm afraid to say. Perhaps when Kickstarter becomes a little more established in the UK psyche you'll try again.... I for one hope so.
      PS - Deejay, we owe you a vote of thanks for keeping our spirits up!
      Never give up!

    18. Phillip L Ward on

      Come on Lotto!!!! Why isn't one Dizzy fan filthy rich??
      Come on lotto numbers!!!!

    19. Andrew Joseph on

      Thank you Andrew and Philip from myself and all at

      I shall quote you on this that I am sure a Dizzy game will return "Never say never..."

    20. Frodo

      Thanks for this update.

      It's disappointing of course - 763 of us that backed you would have loved to see Dizzy Returns being made. You guys gave me so much joy when I was a kid, playing Dizzy on the Specturm.

      Really hope you come back after christmas, with a new Kickstarter campaign, and a new Dizzy game.

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel May on

      Pretty gutted. Guys, next time hit Kickstarter later in the games development, funds permitting. Give yourselves a more realistic time scale as well, a month was way out of touch with reality, especially at the pre-production stage. Don't take it to heart that you were so far off your target and keep making great games. I look forward to seeing what will come of Dizzy Returns in the future and if I were a lottery winner I would gladly fund the rest of the project in return for a small percentage of the sales...but I'm not, sadly.

    22. Phillip L Ward on

      :( It was worth a try, but this time round i think Zaks has Dizzy defeated.
      You always do it 'old school' Keep Dizzy alive.

    23. Ian Garstang on

      I will keep my fingers crossed until the fat lady sings and if I win the lottery on Saturday I will be sure to pledge the rest.

      It's nice to know that Dizzy 'could' return...

    24. Darklord on

      Nooooo We love you DIZZY!

      Real shame. :-(

    25. Phil Jefferies on

      Thanks Andrew and Philip. It's a shame that it won't go ahead, but perhaps in future a much-scaled down non-studio approach might suit a project with this kind of backing fund. I'm sure the 750+ of us would love to see Dizzy emerge again one way or another, even if it's not the grand AAA title you might have initially envisioned. Thanks for the work all the same.

    26. Deejay on

      Thanks for the update guys. I'd be gutted, if I it wasn't for the fact I never give up!

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.