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The Oliver TwinsBy The Oliver Twins
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The Oliver TwinsBy The Oliver Twins
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pledged of £350,000pledged of £350,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, December 21 2012 4:00 PM UTC +00:00

More concept art and our first Design Survey!

Posted by The Oliver Twins (Creator)

Hello again everyone!

Over the last few days many of you have been asking to see some in-game footage or demo, a visualisation of what the new Dizzy game will actually look like. As we've mentioned previously, Dizzy Returns is still in pre-development, which is the phase that involves lots of concepting work and experimenting with the look and feel of the game, before taking those designs into full production of in-game assets. Rest assured though that we are hard at work creating something awesome to share with you soon!

In the meantime, here's some of the latest concept work of one of Dizzy's old enemies - Rockwart the troll! Rockwart first appeared in Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk back in 1991, and here's what he looked like in the Spectrum version of the game:

And here are the concept drawings of Rockwart from Dizzy Returns: 


The objective was to keep the look and feel of the original and incorporate that into an up-to-date design. This is true of all the character and location designs we have been creating so far!

You'll no doubt notice that there are a few subtle differences between the sketches above. We'd love to hear what you think of him, so please let us know in the comments below.

Design Survey

We're also very excited to share our first design survey with you in this update, designed specifically to allow you to take an active part in shaping Dizzy Returns! We want YOUR input to help us create the game that YOU want to see. Click on the following link to be taken to the survey:

Dizzy Returns Design Survey #1

Each questionnaire will include two questions covering specific features of the new game, the things you liked (or didn't like) from the classic Dizzy games and other information that will help us to decide upon various design aspects of Dizzy Returns

This first design survey is open to everyone. All future questions will be sent to members of the Dizzy Returns Design Group, which includes anyone who has pledged at the ‘Supporter’ level or above (£20+). We've got some big design questions to ask in the coming weeks, so if you want to be part of that process please make sure you've pledged at the correct reward tier!  

We really hope that you enjoy being part of the game design process and we’re looking forward to seeing the direction that Dizzy Returns takes with your input! 

We'll leave you with the below concept image that you may have seen briefly in the pledge video - it's simply called the Tavern at the moment, although you may be seeing more of it very soon...


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    1. Phillip L Ward on

      As long as we can visit classic locations too I'll be happen, one to represent each game.
      I also read somewhere about a new baddie to rival Zaks.. . i hope not, they already have one from Fantasy World Dizzy 'Wizard Weirdo' Id like to see old stuff developed before new stuff, i feel there's unfinished business with that character (who never appeared on screen)

    2. Deejay on

      @Maxim Yeah, I picked up on that. I only voted for the ones that sounded non-threatening! I don't think Dizzy games need a feeling of tension.

    3. Maxim Mozgovoy on

      Why all the proposed new locations are so sinister? :) Sewers, tombs, fleets of ghosts?..

    4. Andrew Joseph on

      @Deejay Favourite Dizzy Game - Magicland Dizzy. Love it and the first one I completed without looking at hints. Felt fully immersed in the game.

    5. Deejay on

      I think Phillip L Ward's touched on something I'd like to see in a new game - continuity of environments. Rather than having backgrounds just look pretty, it'd be great for the world to have a thought-out geography so that scenery in the far distance in one map reflects an actual location you can visit. This way the background artwork becomes one of the imagination-firing variables in the mix.

    6. Dmitri Ponomarjov on

      Rockwart in ZX-Spectrum version was angry, dumb and aggressive. Trolls from second screenshot are much closer to original, imho, but they lack a bit of bluntness.
      I agree to Phillip L Ward, the troll is a little too cute, it should be more scary.

      The last concept image is a bit too "cartoonish", imho, but it's already a really good start.

    7. Phillip L Ward on

      Rockwart look's alittle 'goofy' i know his a bit dumb but he looks to 'cute' lol
      The two games i loved was Magicland and the original. Magicland being the ultimate Dizzy/fairytale landscape while the original had more mystery, it was kind of haunting in it's tone, I just love that intro screen of Dizzy looking down at Zak's castle from the from the top of that ice cave, something special about that image. (for me anyway, it sums up Dizzy)

    8. Mark King on

      All the Dizzy games were amazing. I wasn't great at the arcade games, my reactions aren't great, I preferred the puzzle games. The later games tended to muck about too much with the formula; so Crystal Kingdom and Fantastic Dizzy weren't my favorites - but I still loved them. I wasn't a fan of Fantasy World Dizzy on the Atari, because the Dizzy sprite was weird and leggy. I really liked Spellbound, although I agree the rock puzzles were a pain - however it was the stunning after large falls that really brassed me off.

      From a new game, the elements I am looking for are an exploration platformers with mystery and puzzles. I prefer quirky weirdness to attempts at humor.

      Zaks has to make a massive appearance.

    9. Ian Inman on

      I am definitely with Jamie on the approach to the 3D models. Dizzy has always been a cartoon adventure, so even with an updated modern approach the graphical style should follow that approach. The concept art certainly seems to have captured that. Just hope that the 3D models and environments and the colour schemes follow suite.

    10. JamieRIOT on

      Dizzy the Adventurer was the game I remember attempting to play as a young child (like 3 or 4).
      As for the Rockwart sketches, I like the top-left one on the foreground page in picture one; perhaps that with some pieces of scruffy metal armour and wider shoulders.
      I'm loving all of the concept art so far, the style is spot-on for me. Please make the 3d models for the game in this stylised, painterly style too! :)

    11. Ian Inman on

      Nice update, although would like to see something like mock up gameplay as i think that is what will get people really backing the project. @Deejay, i spotted blackheart as well. As for the surveyI was torn between Magicland and Spellbound as my favourite DIzzy game. Spellbound was a big game nad had some great features like the swimming, the windy shaft etc, but Magicland really captured that mix of fairytale/fantasy elements that made the Dizzy games what they were.

    12. Deejay on

      Dagnammit, how are we supposed to pick a favourite Dizzy game?!

      Fantastic Dizzy seemed like the most polished refinement of all the games that preceded it, and on that basis it's probably the objectively 'best' game. The atmosphere was nice, it was reasonably forgiving, and the overworld map in the box was an ace touch! The way the locales connected together is something I'd like to see repeated.

      Fantasy World Dizzy was the game my friends and I all had at the same time, and we'd sit around trying to complete it. The elevators seemed like a bit of a cop-out, but the first time we found out you could walk on the clouds we were excited. As we all know everyone loves dragons, and the upside-down land was an unexpected surprise.

      Magicland Dizzy just seemed more polished that Fantasy World, and whilst the Power Pill puzzle was awkwardly out of context, the atmosphere of the rest of it was perfect. The Oubliette and cave linking the well and castle must have struck a chord, as similar ideas ended up in my game! Andrew and Philip - why was there a harpy above the volcano in the Speccy version? It seemed to serve no purpose, but when we eventually found it, we kept trying to see if it had some significance!

      Spellbound was enjoyable, but to this day I've not completed it without cheats. The rocks were a right pain in the backside, and the technology/ore crushers just seemed out of place. I think the flippers really added to the formula though, as we'd assumed that no such swimming ability existed. The windy shaft did work well as an intrigue-provoking barrier. One really nice feature of the design is there was always a little bite more to each area than you thought on first visit.

      Treasure Island Dizzy was my first, and I'll always love it for that. Even if it was tortuously unforgiving! As a seven-year-old I had no idea that the second island existed, and it took us a long time to even get the snorkel. When I saw the second island on a map in Your Sinclair, my mind was blown. I remember later reciting the *entire* solution, puzzle-by-puzzle to a stuck friend at school. Let's not talk about hidden gold coins though.

      Crystal Kingdom was painful. The jump mechanic changed (although in retrospect probably for the better), but the kicker was the 'levels'. It really, really undermined the belief in a fantasy world, instead seeming contrived. Revisiting old areas is absolutely key in puzzle/adventure games in my opinion, much like the concept of callbacks in stand-up comedy. The isolated nature of each level reduced the (bear with me here) size of the narrative possibility space of locations and interactions. Knowing that each area was smaller and unconnected meant there was simply less fun to be had imagining what would happen if you used item X on character Y.

      Man, it's difficult trying to boil these down to chunks small enough to be useful! I really could write a whole book on Dizzy...

    13. Deejay on

      Oooh! I spot Cap'n Blackheart!

    14. Kerrash on

      Great survey guys, thanks for involving us.
      Can't wait for a new Dizzy, my Dad would have loved to see it.

    15. Frodo

      Wonderful concept art, guys! Personally, I prefer the heavy-set eyes in the first sheet - especially the 2 on the left. But they're all fantastic! ( :

      And of course, I completed the survey. ( :