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A brand new Dizzy game by the original creators, The Oliver Twins. Help us create the best Dizzy game ever! Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on December 21, 2012.

A brand new Dizzy game by the original creators, The Oliver Twins. Help us create the best Dizzy game ever!

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For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

The end!

Hi everyone,

Well, there you have it - the Dizzy Returns Kickstarter campaign is now at an end and sadly we haven't reached our funding goal.

As we mentioned in the update last week, development will no longer continue on Dizzy Returns. Sad as this is, we're very glad to have had this experience and we've certainly learnt a great deal over the past 30 days. Regardless of whether we make a new Dizzy adventure or not, there’s no doubt that he has a very fondly remembered place in gaming history.

We're also incredibly grateful for all the kind comments and support we've received from you all throughout the campaign and as promised, by way of a small token of our thanks, we have collated some exclusive digital content that we're making available only to our backers. Watch out for a backers-only update very shortly in which will explain exactly how you can get it. 

Thank you once again to everyone who backed the campaign, and especially to those of you who took the time to share your views and opinions with us. Rest assured we are collating all your feedback and thoughts about the future of Dizzy, and now that the campaign is over you can email with any other comments or feedback you'd like to share with us.

We're heading off for the Christmas break now, and so we'd like to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

More Concept Work

Hi all,

This will be our last update containing concept work from Dizzy Returns, and we hope you've enjoyed a glimpse into the world that we had imagined for the game.

Each of the areas were designed with a large centrepiece, an interesting object or feature that drew the eye and created the focal point of that level. Below is a concept drawing that illustrates this point; it forms part of the Crystal Cave, with a giant crystal formation hanging from the roof:

Similarly, Olivia's Cove features the giant stone head in the cliff face, which not only serves as an attractive centrepiece, but also plays an integral part in 'solving' the level!

Below we have two images of the day and night-time versions of Olivia's Cove which you may have seen in our last video update. Altering the time of day makes a big difference, with items, enemies and puzzles changing with time, as well as the way in which Dizzy can traverse the level.

The next image forms the underwater part of Olivia's Cove, which Dizzy could explore only after completing certain puzzles in the main area of the cove. Successfully navigating this watery level in turn leads to an underground cave system complete with lava, where the story continues!

We leave you today with a short video which shows a 'fly-through' of Olivia's Cove as a work-in-progress 3D environment. 

The Dizzy Returns Kickstarter campaign is due to end mid-afternoon this Friday, and we'll be posting our last update then. See you then!

 Philip and Andrew

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Olivia's Cove

Hi everyone,

As we mentioned last week, we're using the time remaining in the campaign to share with you some more of the Dizzy Returns concept work.

Today's design focused video update, filmed mid-last week, gives an insight into a level that was to appear midway through the game, under the working title of Olivia's Cove. The level also introduces a puzzle mechanic brand new to the Dizzy games - the ability to turn day into night!

We'll be back on Wednesday with our last post containing concept work. Until then!

Philip and Andrew

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