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The OC Supertones are striking back (again!) and are ready to make (with YOUR help of course!) the best SKA album of all time!
The OC Supertones are striking back (again!) and are ready to make (with YOUR help of course!) the best SKA album of all time!
1,058 backers pledged $47,063 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jesse on

      Hey guys! I'm stoked you guys came back, and I'm blessed to have been able to back your "comeback"! I was just wondering when should expect my "Super fan bundle". No rush, I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss something.

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      Aaron Schiffelbein on

      Got mine and LOVE IT. Thanks guys!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Aaron Schiffelbein on

      Just received a message from Chief- mine's on its way. Thanks guys! :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Aaron Schiffelbein on

      Three weeks after the non-signed vinyl copies supposedly went out, still haven't received mine. Any receive their vinyl yet?

    5. David McFarlin on

      Thanks for the update! Can't wait to get my signed vinyl!

    6. Phil metalhed on

      OK, cool Thanx 4 the update.

    7. OC Supertones Creator on

      We finally received the vinyls from the manufacturer on Tues! So sorry for the delay! The non-signed vinyls have gone out in the mail as of today 1/31/13. The signed vinyls will go out asap, but we need everyone to sign them, so there will still be some delay. Thanks for your patience everyone. Enjoy and God bless, Darren "Chief" Mettler for the OC Supertones

    8. Missing avatar

      Melissa Alexanian on

      I haven't received my vinyl yet either. Any update?

    9. Jesper Myhre on

      3rd time commenting on the SAME ISSUE - never got the download-link... come on!

    10. Mike Childers on

      I received the digital download, Great Album! Was just hoping if there is an update for the vinyl delivery.

    11. Monica Fleming on

      Kickstarter is not help to my issue of not receiving my vinyl album. I contacted them and they wrote back it might help me if I know

      " 1. The Estimated Delivery Date on the project page. When did the creator expect the project to be completed? This is listed here, but note that it is an “estimated” date rather than a firm ship date.

      2. Project Updates. Creators should be updating their backers on the project’s progress here. If there’s news this is where creators would most likely be sharing it."

      So the album has been made and the project funded right? What am I missing here?

    12. Missing avatar

      DagurDragon on

      Yah, I haven't received my vinyl yet. :(

    13. Daniel Lohin on

      I still haven't gotten a download link in my mail... How can I get it?

    14. Brian Jackson on

      Just came here looking for that same info David. No Vinyl here.

    15. David McFarlin on

      Wondering if anyone has seen their vinyl yet?

    16. gabebentley on

      I haven't received a letter yet. Anyone else?
      I'm not in a rush, but want to address it in case they've all been sent and mine was lost in the mail, etc. Thanks!

    17. Josh Krady on

      I don't think they mailed the Vinyl or CD's yet, don't know what is taking so long. At least the album came out fairly quick.

    18. Missing avatar

      Alex Warwick on

      havent got my vinyl yet. :(
      anyone else waiting?

    19. Lance Kirkman on

      Glad to hear Jim, I too am getting worried about getting my CD

    20. Missing avatar

      Jim Mohr on

      I got my CD today in the mail! Yeah!!! I was expecting it to arrive before the street release date, so I was kind of getting worried. :) Go Supertones!

    21. MaFt Morley on

      When will the physical CD be posted?!!

    22. Wes Robertson on

      Absolutely LOVE the album! Just wondering, have the physical copies been sent yet? I got my digital code, just wondering when we can expect the CD's. "Fight On" and "For The Glory" are probably my two favorites... fantastic work, Tones! :D

    23. Missing avatar

      Steven Annett on

      I haven't received anything either, and I'm pretty careful to check my junk folder before I empty it...

    24. Missing avatar

      Aaron Schiffelbein on

      I did not receive my e-mail link and I've sent three messages to these response. C'mon fellas.

    25. Brian M. Murphy on

      I'm excited that the project is finished! However, I never got an e-mail link for a download :(

      I'll be excited to receive the physical CD!

    26. Justin Kintzel on

      Dang! My download failed because of the internet, but now I can't access it again. I WANTS DA MUSIC.

    27. Michael Beck on

      My download failed, now I can't re-download it because my code says that it has already been redeemed. I really want to listen to this album.. any way to get a new code?

    28. Missing avatar

      Karen P on

      Far more beautiful just played on Mixology on Air1. It sounded awesome!!! Great job Supertones! :D

    29. Tyson Stegall on

      Any word on what the people who bought Cstone tickets will get since you guys are not going to be there?

    30. Missing avatar

      Daniel Umaña Vargas on

      Hi! I kickstarted the supertones by buying the tickets to the soulfest. I haven't heard from you on how it is going to be sent to me so I would like to know if there are any news regarding this topic. Please let me know to my email


    31. Missing avatar

      David on

      Any more info?

    32. Missing avatar

      John Huffman on

      Okay... so, with everything combined....
      I'm singing "gang vocals" withe the band for the album, which is unbelievably cool of itself.
      I'm getting the CD, too.
      My wife, on the other hand, is getting the autographed skinny tie, and is one of the Fan bundle winners... this is all so surreal...

    33. Nathan Wilson on

      You truly rock Jessica for doing that for your husband!!!

    34. Jessica on

      I'm surprising my husband with the package to go to Cornerstone Festival and meet you guys for his birthday. He has loved your music for years! He's going to LOVE IT!! Thanks for your testimony and staying faithful to Scripture. Thank you also for giving God all the glory with your music and lives. It is a huge encouragement.

    35. Jonathan Nation on

      congradulations on
      - a successful campaign
      - having over 1,000 backers
      - reaching over $45,000 in pledges

      I look forward to more songs ranging in style, energy level, and deep lyrics.

    36. Missing avatar

      John Huffman on

      Woohoo!! So who are the other "gang vocals" singers? (I'm one.)

    37. Missing avatar

      josh on

      Well Well... Looks like we're doing a record boys!!

    38. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    39. Missing avatar

      James Lambert on

      28 more in 3 hours, time for the procrastinators to come through =]

    40. Missing avatar

      Zach Rickman on

      Very excited about this! Been a fan since strike back!

    41. Missing avatar

      John Huffman on

      @Joshua- you can manage your pledge using the button labelled as such on the right --->

    42. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      I am not in a really good $$$ position now but I have to be part of this, The O.C Supertones have been a blessing in my life for so many years. I am so Happy i am being part of this.

    43. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      Super excited! Can't wait! Absolutely my favorite band!

      One Note: I backed the $65 t-shirt, physical copy and download... somehow looks like I got entered to only get the physical copy and download. :(

    44. Missing avatar

      Conor Sturgess on

      Yiewwww! Can't wait for this album :D

      Y'all should tour Australia.

    45. Zach Ruege on

      So happy that I could contribute to this project! Keep preaching the word and spreading the name of Jesus!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Jesse Spanogle on

      Creation Northeast!!! Can't wait to see you guys again! How much you impacted my faith as a teenager! Now my youth group will be the next generation of Supertone Fans! UNITE! See you guys in June!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jim Kunkel on

      @John Huffman - Oh, I totally agree, if you see in my comment I said I would love to do that... which means I am not. :-( Being from the Mid-West makes it tough just like for you and Zac. It was more of a "I wish I could"...

    48. Missing avatar

      Zac Olsen on

      @ John Huffman - Other people, like me, live in other countries. I'd be looking at thousands of dollars on top of the pledge to do any of the more expensive things. Otherwise I'd be right into them! So you are very much correct, wanting is not the issue haha!

    49. Missing avatar

      John Huffman on

      @Jim Kunkel- Some people, like me, live on the opposite coast. A round-trip, two-night stay is anywhere from $500 to $1000 a person, not including the rental car. WANTING is not the issue.

    50. Missing avatar

      Jim Kunkel on

      I can't believe more people don't want to do the gang vocals, if I were anywhere around CA I would love to do that...

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