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Dunya. Divided between secular supremacy & religious radicalism."Can You Stay The Middle?" Expand the world of MultiFacet with us.
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CA$ 1,904



I personally just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for those who backed the campaign, and those who told me they want the project to succeed as an anime. Many people will look at the small total and say "what's the big deal." What they don't realize is that this campaign was about building the foundations of a community of fans worldwide. That will grow to the point streaming networks will be coming to our doorstep.

 The project has a new momentum as the anime streaming wars take shape. This is a moment we will all look back at when together we see MultiFacet the anime becoming a household name. That sound you here... well it's the sound of something epic moving.

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This is just the... Middle.

Nadir Shirazi  Dec 1 2017. 


The Vibulare "Reason To None". The Royligio "Believe In The One". They each want the Well: Dunya's last source of water. Only MultiFacet "Stay The Middle"... Barely.
The Vibulare "Reason To None". The Royligio "Believe In The One". They each want the Well: Dunya's last source of water. Only MultiFacet "Stay The Middle"... Barely.


The Seleto's Been Evaporated. Can She Stay The Middle Now?
The Seleto's Been Evaporated. Can She Stay The Middle Now?






Creator/Executive Producer MultiFacet anime in-development
Creator/Executive Producer MultiFacet anime in-development

The journey so far...

In 2013 I sat in wonder on my bed in Toronto, Canada. I had just finished watching Avatar the Legend of Korra Season 1 and had one burning feeling of inspiration, and one deep thought of prediction.

The thought. 
Anime was going to go through a global revolution.

The feeling.
I needed to make one, and be part of that revolution.

So I set out on a difficult 4 year journey with paths I had to create myself. A journey aided by my Co-Creators Paul Wollenzien, Nancy Nor, and Fraeya Pinto of Rune Entertainment Inc. We together are responsible for the trailer (project video above) and the foundations of a story world ( some amazing Kickstarter backers trusted us to create in 2014. I create the source material and find funding for  production through my company Multifacet Diversity Solutions Ltd., and Rune brings to life the animation and elevates ideas and concepts beyond my wildest dreams. We did this all from showing people just 3 seconds of animation.

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Started with this...

The coming anime streaming wars 

Fast forward 4 years and that revolution is at hand. Companies like Netflix, Funimation (Sony), Crunchyroll (AT&T), and Amazon are starting to move from just licensing anime from Japan, and are beginning to fund global creators and their projects. Some of which started with crowdfunding. 

A project I backed in 2014. Click for article
A project I backed in 2014. Click for article

Getting MultiFacet Picked up as a long form anime...

It is my deepest desire that one day you open a streaming network that has a far reaching impact and you see this title image. When you click it you join millions of people who engage with an anime series quite frankly they haven't experienced before.

How Can You Help Make MultiFacet an anime?

By joining the world of MultiFacet of course.


How the MultiFacet Commissions Collaboration Wiki process will work

We invite you to do more than help us pitch the series to streaming networks. We ask you to become our pitch itself. Streaming networks are looking for potential paying audiences. So we would like to show them that our audience is actually embedded in our project

Exclusively for backers of this campaign we are doing the following. Your funding will go towards helping create a MultiFacet Wiki. We will redesign the website and begin to add new source material once the campaign goal has been reached.    


1.Commissions Backers get private access to the the source material through a secure email link communicated by e-mail.

2.Commissions Backers get to add to the MultiFacet wiki and expand the world of Dunya to share their ideas and creativity.  

Unlike other wikis only those who are part of this Commission Collaboration Campaign will be allowed to add their narrative to it with their own wiki pages, while the general public will be able to view it when it launches in approximately one year.*

*We maybe opening the Wiki up sooner to backers, and then to the general public sooner due to community feedback. Stay tuned by following the project

Wiki Concept: For Demonstration Purposes Only
Wiki Concept: For Demonstration Purposes Only

You won't ever have a chance to be part of an anime like this: who knows maybe some of your work could end up should the series get picked up as a long form anime.

So bring your writing, voice acting, composing, art and more to one of the three Facets as they each make a case to control Dunya.

The Royligio Facet who "Believe In The One"
The Vibulare Facet who "Reason To None"
The MultiFacet who "Stay The Middle"


Will MultiFacet become an anime?

Yes, but only if we can show streaming networks there is a deeply passionate and financially invested audience for it. Long form anime costs millions of dollars to produce and requires global co-production. Networks are trying to figure out the global scale of potential audiences and appeal of projects in terms of subscribers or add revenues from shows. So independent projects like ours are being creative to get noticed. 

Will there be more animation?

While it would be amazing to have more animation it is also as mentioned costly. Our team feels confident in our existing trailer as a proof of concept, and will for now use more cost effective transmedia elements (writing, comics, art, voice)  to continue to pitch the series. We never say never so if anything changes backers will be notified.

What is L.I.T.E. anime?

The development concept this project is working off is one coined by Nadir Shirazi called L.I.T.E. anime which stands for

L.ess seconds (create a high concept trailer)

I.nclusive diversities (engage new audiences outside Japan)

T.ransmedia narratives (build story and world through other mediums)

E.conomic experimentation (find financing for the long form anime)

How will you pitch the series to streaming networks like Netflix?

We are exploring both public social media pr campaigns as well as private industry channels and will share more with backers as we progress.

The project has built up a following on social media and in the global grassroots anime community which will only be expanded through this Wiki Commissions Campaign.

What differentiates MultiFacet from other series also being pitched?

Because of the diversity of the story. MultiFacet's story comes from the personal experiences and narratives of Nadir Shirazi a Canadian Muslim post 9/11. It deals with themes like religious and secular extremism, water conservation, and being a millenial of colour, timely topics in our modern day world. Nadir has spent 10 years being in the field of diversity education on issues of multi-faith engagement in public life, and is combining his professional life with his anime and nerd passions. 

The series also features people of colour protagonists both female and male as lead characters. This is at a time when in anime and general pop culture there is a demand from diverse audiences to go beyond Euro-Fantasy and Whitewashing. There are no villains or sheros but just differing perspectives which also makes the series unique.

 Anime itself is going through these same changes as audiences from beyond Japan are engaging with traditional content in different ways, and seeking characters of new ethnicities not seen before.

What genre is MultiFacet in? What age groups is it aimed at?

MultiFacet is an fantasy action adventure anime that blends a very unique special world concept called Lining. Lining is the ability to take prisms and refract light into usable objects that defy gravity.

The anime is aimed at millennials from the 21-40 bracket, and will also find audience especially with 2nd gen millennials of colour as well as allies looking for underrepresented voices in western countries, as well as south asian and middle eastern audiences who stream anime globally.

Why is the goal so small?

To use Kickstarter for its original purpose which is to help creative projects come into life and go on to do big things. So by staying small we can focus on our commissions backers instead of the pressure to hit some gigantic target. 

How will you share the source material with backers of the campaign for the Wiki? How will they contribute to the Wiki? 

Along the way we will be sharing our progress on completing the MultiFacet wiki through the Kickstarter Messaging platform. Once the Wiki is completed a secure link will be communicated by e-mail that lets Commissions Backers get exclusive access to the Wiki.

What types of contributions can backers make to the Wiki?
Voice recordings, writing samples, art, music compositions are a start. If backers have other ideas and they are feasible we are open to them. 

If I can't fund the campaign can I still collaborate on the Wiki in the future?

At this time only those backers who are part of this campaign will be able to participate in the Wiki Collaboration. The Wiki will be viewable however on the web once completed.

Do you have stretch goals?

Not really, we just want to see who is interested in the project and potential series. More backers means we can just make the Wiki that much better with source content and include more people: which ultimately helps our pitch process.

I want to know more about the story, characters, powers, locations and the world. How can I?

Well than back the campaign, so we can show you! Here's a hint though, look at the image below and and ask yourself one question.

"Can You Stay The Middle?"

They await you...
They await you...


Risks and challenges

So this is an experimental attempt. We cannot guarantee that the series gets picked up if you contribute financially and creatively to the Wiki. Ultimately that decision is up to the streaming networks themselves.

We have experience in building animation, art, and websites from our previous campaigns as well as engaging audiences online, and while there are no guarantees our track record gives us confidence to expand the project through the Wiki.

But how do you know unless you try?

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