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An 80's arcade themed turn-based tactical shoot 'em up. It's your move. DEMO AVAILABLE!
An 80's arcade themed turn-based tactical shoot 'em up. It's your move. DEMO AVAILABLE!
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The Eyes Have It, Vox Robotuli

Posted by Johnny Marshall (Creator)

Just Days Left!

It says 3 days left on the big countdown and 78% funded on the progress-o-meter. We're close, but time is very much against us. Work those social medias, talk to your friends and colleagues, make some (polite) noise about MTS anywhere you think more potential fans may be. If you're able to increase your pledge a bit that would also help immensely. 

Enough money talk! Let's talk game design...

The Eyes Have It

In an earlier update I talked a little about trying to get more character into the Buddies. There were two things we wanted to explore. The first is giving the Buddies eyes, and Pipsissiwa kind of went to town on the task...

Gun Buddy - mean and moody
Gun Buddy - mean and moody
Shield Buddy - generally concerned
Shield Buddy - generally concerned

We'd like to know if you think this adds character. Please use the Comment button at the end of this update to let us know what you think (and tell us any particular eyes that you really like or dislike). It'll be quite an effort to get them in, but if you think it's worth it then we'll do it!

Vox Robotuli

The other option is to give them voice. We couldn't possibly afford to fund voice over, so that's out. Robotic voices from using a text-to-speech system (with some tweaking) might just work.  MrNoyj worked up a sample WAV file...

Perhaps we'd just use voice for really critical Buddy text. We may attempt to use it for all Buddy speech, but I have my suspicions that while exclamations will be fine, nuanced Buddy banter will seem too flat.

Your input and feedback on Buddy voices is appreciated. Use the Comment link at the end of this update.


We took part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday. Some of the answers even surprised me. Check it out here.


The Mighty Git

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    1. Johnny Marshall Creator on

      Christian, you're a mind reader! Eyebrows are on our list of things to try out.

    2. Johnny Marshall Creator on

      Neil, if we go for full speech I don't think we could use a person (or persons) because there's so much script. It would also make it v difficult to change the script or add content in the future. However, if we only use speech for certain stock phrases then getting the community to help could work out nicely :)

    3. Christian Walde on

      I think the eyes as they are right now aren't all that expressive. I have a hard time mapping what i'm seeing to actual emotions that the buddy wants to express. Maybe you can use the green/red pips to give them eyebrows akin to the ones the robot in Short Circuit had?

    4. Neil Elcome on

      Not quite sure on which eyes are best but they certainly add some character and personality to the drones.

      About voices... what about asking a member of the community to try some voice acting? I'm sure that you would have a lineup of volunteers for that (including me) :)

    5. meganothing dread bard of torment BOSB on

      Second Ruis comment. The robotic voices are a perfect fit. Make them very different and the player will know instantly who said that his battery is leaking.

    6. Johnny Marshall Creator on

      They'll definitely be animated and will react to what's going on in the game :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Rui Castro on

      Its hard to pick the best eyes. I would say have many of them as animation or even have 3 type of eye to represent the level. Makes the buddies more alive.

      Yes the text to speech will do, very cool. Perhaps each buddy have there voice type