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An 80's arcade themed turn-based tactical shoot 'em up. It's your move. DEMO AVAILABLE!
An 80's arcade themed turn-based tactical shoot 'em up. It's your move. DEMO AVAILABLE!
An 80's arcade themed turn-based tactical shoot 'em up. It's your move. DEMO AVAILABLE!
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The Future Of Weapons, Multiverses, Wallpaper Samples


Of Weapons Yet To Be

Not all of the planned weapons and their effects are in the demo, and some aspects of the existing ones are not fully implemented. One of the core concepts for weapons in MTS is that they are multi use, even if it's not immediately apparent how. So what can you look forward to? I'll spill some of those beans now...

Particle Beam : You've noticed that lasers aren't affected by gravity. Well, if you've found yourself thinking "I wish they could be", then particle beams are for you...

Lightning : A short range electrical discharge weapon that strikes out at an enemy but then also shorts across to other enemies near by. If the enemies are bunched up you can do a small amount of damage to all of them. Bzzzzt!

Limpet Mines : These aren't directly your weapon, but they have their uses. Enemy limpet mines will attach to your ship and, if they stay attached long enough, will explode resulting in massive damage to the ship. How do you get rid of them? Cause them damage (scrape them on the landscape, bash them into enemies, shoot them by curving back your own missiles). How is this useful? For a short time you've effectively got a physical shield attached to the ship. In fact, a ship covered in limpet mines might even be practically invulnerable for a while...  ...if you're careful.

Lasers : Yes, you've already got them in the demo. Keep focussed on something and the damage stacks up something fierce. But what you haven't yet seen is the effect a Laser has in under water levels...

Mirrors : This one may or may not pan out, but it's something I really want to try. What if there were surfaces that reflected Lasers. And what if you could use gravity to orient those surfaces...

Multiversal Checkpoints?

So you've downloaded the latest demo (updated on the 24th July) and noticed the new text on the checkpoints. I'll be specific, and yet inexplicably vague, in explaining it.... Re-playing the past can improve the future.

Wallpaper Samples

Pipsissiwa has worked up some sample wallpapers. These (and many more) are available as an add-on, just add £2 to your existing pledge (see this update for info about the available add-ons). I particularly like the retro box art.

Sample Wallpapers: Retro Box Art, The Big Bad, Commander and Cake
Sample Wallpapers: Retro Box Art, The Big Bad, Commander and Cake

Eeep! Just 6 days to go!

We've got a fair amount to raise in the last 6 days, but we're within striking distance of success. From what I can see you've been doing a great job of getting the word out there. Each time you or I find a new area to spread the news we see a spike in pledges, so keep doing what you're doing! One big spike is all it might take! (That wasn't supposed to sound like a line from a vampire movie).

I've been contacting (and re-contacting) so many gaming sites that it's all becoming a blur. So much so that when one takes notice I get quite taken aback. Take this Destructoid piece for example:

I really wasn't expecting them to notice little old MTS in amongst everything else, but not only did they notice it's clear that they paid attention and distilled a really nice and clear explanation for the article.


The Mighty Git

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    1. Christian Walde on July 25, 2014

      > scrape them on the landscape

      That sounds great, but it's already very hard to tell whether a movement will touch a wall or not, since it's unclear what the hitbox of the ship is, and what of the background objects is a physical object and what isn't.