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An 80's arcade themed turn-based tactical shoot 'em up. It's your move. DEMO AVAILABLE!
An 80's arcade themed turn-based tactical shoot 'em up. It's your move. DEMO AVAILABLE!
An 80's arcade themed turn-based tactical shoot 'em up. It's your move. DEMO AVAILABLE!
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Demo Update, Bloopers, Happenings


Demo Update

We've had some good feedback about what's been confusing new players and we've implemented some quick fixes to try and help that out.

  • You can no longer drop a weapon reticule on top of the ship. If you do, it'll position it off to one side.
  • Weapon positioning reticules are now diamond shaped instead of circular. Hopefully this will help reduce confusion between ship pathing and weapon pathing.
  • Help text on the Power Core has been changed.
  • The ship now flashes red briefly when taking damage.

You can download it here.

Got any comments on the changes? Use the comment button at the bottom of this update and let us know.

Bloopers Reel

It turns out we're not natural video makers. Shocking, I know, given the seamless video you've already witnessed. However, our first six hour attempt at shooting the video produced one usable sentence and hours of out takes. Here for your viewing pleasure is the a collection of the best of those out takes. It features...

  • Lots of bleeped swearing (I apologise to any lip readers out there).
  • A confession about slippers.
  • Observations on cat behaviour.
  • A man forgetting his own name.

If you're suitably braced, go watch it.

What We've Been Up To

Three days of Develop Conference, that's what. It's a big gaming conference and the perfect opportunity for us to get the word about Mighty Tactical Shooter out there.

We took part in the Pocket Gamer Big Indie Pitch, and although we didn't win a prize there were a few judges who were taken aback by the originality of approach. It's nice to be able to surprise industry veterans.

We exhibited at Games By The Sea, got more great feedback, met great people, played great games. It was nice. Just kidding, it was great! We also had a rather surprising chat with a major console manufacturer about our game...  oh, yeah!

Talked to an ex-colleague who now works at Aardman about how to improve the visual character of the Buddies. Too vague for you? We're talking eyes. No, not big googly eyes, just something that can add some extra expression to their 'faces'.

Shout out!

We don't just run a Kickstarter, we back them too. And there's a particular two that have taken our recent fancy...

TerraTech - "Design and build vehicles out of modular blocks. Fight enemies, discover new parts and corporations, and harvest natural resources."  Modular battle vehicles! You literally pick up the bits and snap them together. You could be doing that right now because... there's a demo.

Radial-G - "Fully immerse yourself in intense arcade races on tubular, twisting tracks versus 32 opponents! Supports Oculus Rift." Literally a new twist on the space racer, even if you don't have an Oculus headset. A demo? There is one! (No, it doesn't require an Oculus)


The Mighty Git

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sam Skipsey on July 13, 2014

      I think the timing issue is the only significant remaining UI issue in the game as well. I'm leaning towards timing markers as the best solution (because, as mentioned in the main comments for the KS, it also helps with unguided missile targetting).

      (Like Liam, I find that I default to taking "single turn" sized steps, for much of the action, just so I can gain the fine control I want. Especially with the less predicable enemies (those snake guys), or trying to line up shots from the main gun, it's almost essential.)

    2. Missing avatar

      Liam Watts on July 13, 2014

      I'm thinking of something where instead of pointing exactly where the collision will happen the ship's path turns red, that way you'd still have to figure out exactly where the collision is and when, time markers on the lines is also a good idea. Despite my complaining i still love your game and i'm really looking forward to new levels.

    3. Johnny Marshall Creator on July 12, 2014

      Liam, it's something I've ummmed and ahhhed about. I want to test out on the alpha testers. My spidey sense tells me that it would detract from engagement because your brain would be doing less work, but it's been mentioned enough that I'd be silly to ignore testing it :) There may well be a middle ground, something that assists but doesn't take away the requirement to create a mental model of what's happening (e.g. making it a short term power with cooldown, or time markers on lines so it's easier to see potential intersections without having to move back and forth).

      Can't wait to test this stuff out on real people! :)

      Thank you for the feedback, it really helps zero in on what's the most important thing to test out. Working in mostly isolation with occasional play tests means I've been guessing a lot up until now. And while I'm happy enough to pat myself on the back, I know there will be places where I'm way off the mark.

    4. Missing avatar

      Liam Watts on July 11, 2014

      Nice helpful update, collision prediction would be nice though, at the moment to play effectively i have to move in tiny steps to get a bullet to hit, and to dodge bullets, collision protection would help gameplay flow.